Warriors to Sign C Mickell Gladness For Remainder of Season

Rookie center Mickell Gladness will be sticking around after his 10-day contract expires. He is expected to sign with Golden State for the remainder of the season on Sunday, in time for him to play against the host Los Angeles Lakers.

“We’re going to move forward with him,” coach Mark Jackson said after Saturday’s practice at the team’s downtown Oakland facility. “We’re excited about what he’s been able to do in a short period of time.”

Gladness has played six games with the Warriors. He’s totaled 12 points, eight rebounds and six blocks in 44 minutes.

“Not to sound cocky or anything,” Gladness said after Friday’s loss to New Jersey, “but not too many big men can do what I do. Block shots. Rebound. Run the floor.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ewok

    Jenk-insanity is getting real!

  • I’ve liked what i’ve seen, he may beat out Tyler for the back up minutes next year…the rest of the year is just an audition anyways…i’m interested to see Benson too, i heard about him tearing up the D-Leauge so nows his chance…

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  • Stan

    I’ve got GLADsanity! after seeing David Lee play center..Glad is making me glad all over for an improvement.
    Next year with the new guy at center and Curry healed..I expect a fast start to Golden States year..I mean,dang it was good this year until Kwame (I’m no clown) Brown went down.

  • ChuckDurn

    We need to be realistic about Gladness. He averaged 5 points and 4 rebounds per game in 81 games in the D-League. Read that again – 81 games. So it’s not just a couple of bad games, he clearly has very limited upside. Admittedly, he looks like he can play a little defense with the blocks, but nothing is going to come from him offensively.

    I really hope we see more of Benson here before he’s let go. He averaged 15 points and 8 rebounds in the D-League. He needs to beef up, but he can provide some offense that Gladness clearly can’t offer.

  • deano

    Break out the Cream: I Feel Glad.

  • Dubfan

    Well if he pans out for the rest of the season and we end up keeping him for next season we need him to put on a little weight and keep doing what he’s been doing by giving us productive minuets especially in the back up roll to bogut

  • MoreauFan2

    Wow, we are some of the most gulible fans ever! We should be more worried about making sure we keep the few people we have that play defense like Brandon Rush and Dominic McGuire! Not impressed with Gladness at all for long term. Overall good to have bogut, but the bottom line is we have to learn to defend.