Warriors live chat during Wednesday’s game vs. Timberwolves, 5 p.m.

Join Marcus Thompson II for some Warriors talk during the first quarter of Golden State’s game at Minnesota, beginning at 5 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • Stan

    If I was Lacob- I would be worried about Jacksons very poor end game coaching. Tonight it was obvious that the Warriors needed to foul with less then a minute in the game. Jackson didnt.
    This is one of many games this year where Jackson had the wrong strategy,or no play ready. He’s not NBA ready. And the man who hired him isnt also…

  • P diddy

    Games like tonight I hope they were tanking because that 4th quarter was hard to watch.

  • See you then! In the meantime read how Don Nelson built the Warriors then destroyed them then came back to build them up and destroy them again…http://trappedingoldenstate.blogspot.com/2012/04/life-and-times-of-tortured-fan-trapped.html

  • Also, if your all in on the tanking game we’re playing..and I am as all in as I can get give this one a read…http://trappedingoldenstate.blogspot.com/2012/03/warriors-incompetence-finally-paying.html

  • See you tomorrow at 5!

  • Ewok

    Coach Jackson is a good coach for now. But he is on the road to become something special. He can be really great… but like everyone else, he has to learn from his mistakes.

    What i like about Jackson so far is that he is ahead of the situation, very rarely he gets caught flat-footed, A great motivator and communicator, and a natural Player’s coach. It’s so easy to decipher his wisdom which is defensive accountability without excuses, yet he does come up with a variety of plans to execute his attacks..

    His Philosophy revolves around prioritizing defense and create situations from there.

    If Phil Jackson relies on creating situation with his vaunted Triangle Defense creating mismatches, Mark Jackson likes to create offensive situatons by making defensive plays.

    He however, is far from not perfect. Not yet an elite coach. But he does have the leadership, discipline and potential to become elite.

    He does have a few mistakes too. My peeve about him was when he took Earl Barron to the line up while he had a chance to get Chris Hunter who did well as Warrior in the past.

    Just be patient with this guy. He has yet to make his signature in the league. Other people can coach, but Mark Jackson was born to coach.