Warriors D-League Squad Could be Headed to Santa Cruz

If the Santa Cruz City Council approves the funding of a 3,200-seat temporary facility downtown, the Warriors NBA Development League team will move to Santa Cruz for next season.

The council will officially be introduced to the project on April 10.  If it approves, the council will submit a final proposal to the Warriors and the NBA.

The plans call for Santa Cruz would loan the estimates $2.5 million cost of the project. The Warriors  would provide $500,000 in basketball-related equipment and guarantee half of the loan, which is expected to be paid back in full through revenue from the D-League team.

If City Council approves, the facility is expected to be ready in time for the start of the 2012-13 D-League season. The Warriors would sign a five-year lease and begin looking into a new, permanent arena.

 If the project is not approved, the Warriors will stay in Bismark, N.D., until they find other options.

Not only would the Warriors’ have a D-League squad closer to the NBA franchise, allowing local fans to see developing youngsters such as Jeremy Tyler and Chris Wright. But Golden State would also be willing to play a preseason game in Santa Cruz.
Why Santa Cruz, you wonder? When the Warriors first acquired the Wizards, talk was of them moving to San Jose. But Santa Cruz provides a unique opportunity.

• Santa Cruz can support a D-League franchise – and judging by attendance of local hoops, likely would

• There is nothing else to do in Santa Cruz during winter months

• No similar venue exists, which means Santa Cruz could become a location for other events, such as concerts 

Marcus Thompson

  • That would be sweet. A little out of the way for a D league game but if I’m headed out that way I would love to stop and catch a game. Like you said, there isn’t much else to do out there during the winter so it might be a pretty good draw.

  • “There is nothing else to do in Santa Cruz during winter months.” Having just graduated from UCSC, ain’t that the truth.

    As a Warriors fan this makes me excited. I live in San Jose and visit SC often. Could be nice to see some possible NBA prospects. And this is especially good for the team so that call-ups and players sent down don’t necessarily have to travel so far. Hopefully city council approves.

  • deano

    Could this possibly be a territory carve-out by Lacob, prompted by a fear that Larry Ellison may want to buy a NBA team and move it to SJ?

  • Incredible

    San Jose would be better, but SC is cool too.

  • Good thought Deano…But wouldn’t the original San Jose thought be a better play if thats the case?

  • surfpap

    Santa Cruz would be a perfect fit the the W’s.. lets do this!

  • Not You

    “There is nothing else to do in Santa Cruz during winter months.” Having just graduated from UCSC, ain’t that the truth…..A-Mark

    Ha! Get a life. There’s plenty to do in Santa Cruz if you get yourself outside, EVEN IN THE WINTER MONTHS!! May I suggest you stay in San Jose instead of cluttering the streets of SC with your academic doldrums.

    D-League play would only be a bonus, and a good one at that, for those that know how to use the splendors of the winter months in Santa Cruz.

  • Niners in 2012

    Santa Cruz Wizards?

    Santa Cruz Hippies

    Santa Cruz Surfers

    Golden State Warriors of Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz Skunkweed

  • chris

    as an SC local and avid Dub fan, I couldn’t be more stoked with this possible transaction.

  • Tired Fan

    If I understand the setup. 1) Cost $2.5mil 2)Dubs only guarantee $1.25mil 3) If all goes as planned (ha) Dubs will pay all $2.5mil from 5 years’ revenue. 4) At the end of 5 years they can go wherever they can get the best deal.****Sounds like a deal written by the Maloofs.**

  • Got anything to say to Warriors brass? Check out the open letter to Joe Lacob and add your own! http://trappedingoldenstate.blogspot.com/2012/04/letters-to-joe-lacob-from-fans-trapped.html

  • moderate voter

    It looks to me like maybe Kirk Lacob didn’t like those Bismark winters. I also would think Bismark is a little boring to boot, had to be torture for players in off hours. I do think this is a great idea, but we need immediate name change. Get that hideous Wizards name off franchise. If you have a contest by Santa Cruz residents to name team, that would maybe bond the team to community. I actually think this community will embrace minor league b-ball, SC is an offbeat place, I recall them being a little nutty for b-ball in Santa Cruz. pete Newell’s kid used to be a coach at one of the high schools, they turned out pretty good players.

  • gary

    Put me down for season tickets. Absolutely!

    Team naming by the locals is a great idea.

    How about tie-dyed uniforms / sweats?!

    How about the Santa Cruz MaryJanes or Santa Cruz Tokes?

    I’m serious… season tickets, baby!

  • Tired Fan

    Lookout for what you wish. Remember the UC team is called the Banana Slugs.

  • Following from Folsom

    Beachin’ news for South Bay hoop fans.

    I like the would-be team monikers others have suggested.

    With due credit to UCSC Athletics, I’ll chime in with the Santa Cruz Super Slugs…?