Warriors Coach Mark Jackson’s Job is Safe … OK, Not Exactly Breaking News

Admittedly, it sounds a little ridiculous. Who would fire a coach one year into a three-year contract – after they doomed his chances in his first year by trading away his best player.

But, for a team struggling to get 25 wins, nobody is 100 percent secure. Not to mention a couple headliner head coaches may become available, which might make the Warriors want to nab one while they can.

Nonetheless, I’ve assured by a couple team sources that Mark Jackson is safe – as safe as could be expected anyway. They won’t say that publicly – Joe Lacob, who would play the role of Donald Trump should Jackson be fired, offered only a no comment. Still, it’s understood among management that Jackson will be back and Golden State executives like the job he is doing. Someone high up will say as much at season’s end.

That doesn’t mean if someone like Eric Spoelstra became available, the Warriors wouldn’t go exploring. But it would take something of that magnitude to end Jackson’s tenure. And that may not be enough.

Marcus Thompson

  • Marcus,
    You have to have content and write about these things. I understand that. What is always overlooked in this type of an analysis is the quality of the roster and injuries. A Head Coach’s primary skill set revolves around leadership, motivation and presence. ( realize interrelated). No one doubts those things about Mark Jackson. On top of that he has the best assistant coach in the league on his staff in Malone, and Mark does not let ego get in way in delegating to his very strong hand-picked staff. Even if Malone were to get a HC job, you plan for those contingencies. Trust me we’re all on top of that.
    Nice piece

  • David K

    Just one correction in my opinion. Monta Ellis was not the Warriors’ best player. Highest scorer, yes. Best player, no. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ellis is really really good. That said, Curry (ankle issues aside) and Lee are both better players. Check out any advanced metrics and they’re unanimous on this.

  • deano

    Mark Jackson’s success this season in getting a depleted team to play hard and be competitive against more talented competition is no doubt due in part to the presence of Mark Malone. What happens if Malone is offered a head coaching job this summer? Would Lacob consider offering Jackson’s job to Malone? Probably not; but Lacob’s faith in Jackson would have to take a hit if Malone bolts. It would be cruelly ironic if GSW’s “success” this season caused them to lose a key coach.

  • Buddy

    It is only a matter of time before the Warriors start tuning Mark Jackson out. His rants on the team are counterproductive especially when you consider Mark Jackson was one of the WORST defensive point guards of his era. A fraud is a fraud is a fraud. Think a west coast version of Isiah Thomas.As for Lacob, how long till he gives his son a coaching position. I am starting to miss Cohan. At least he never over promised nor was nepotism an issue. The losses were cleaner and less emotional (sans Spreewell).

  • Spolestra? I’ll stick with Jackson…if Popovich comes available i’m ALL in…

  • Stan

    On a scale of coaches,I would say he’s been a Tom Cable serviceable. He can improve..will he?

  • If Jerry Sloan or SVG (or JVG for that matter) become available, sure, “explore” the possibilities. Otherwise, probably best to give Jackson another year to demonstrate he can coach a team with some real talent. If Bogut and Curry are healthy, and he can’t lead them to at least an eighth seed, then start looking at a new direction.

  • Derek

    Eric Spoelstra, please get real, that scrub is no better than Jackson. Mark Jackson has done an excellent job with the limited team he has. Jackson has installed a defensive mindset and seems to work well with young players.

    The retarded management team need to look at terminating themselves as all they do is screw up. Mark Jackson’s not the problem, in fact he may be one of the solution. The primary problem is Larry Riley and any idiots in management supporting him.

    Fact; Phil Jackson couldn’t make a playoff run with the Warriors roster.

  • Derek

    Jerry Sloan is 100 yrs old, let him rest SVG is a decent coach but nothing special, where has he won a championship.

    The Warriors had Adelman and lost, its not the coach it’s the scrub teams the terrible mangemt teams put together. It all starts in the front office and in that area the Warriors have sucked for approx 35 yrs.

  • Dubs

    Give Jackson next season with the condition its playoffs or he’s fired. He’s the one that was preaching playoffs before this season, so its time to get results or go back to commentating after next season.

  • SVG is crap…He’s had a good record because he’s had good players but none of his stars ever wanted to play for him…what happens if Lacob does get us a superstar one day? I know it ain’t gonna happen but either way SVG loses his teams after a few years at best…

  • Grey Warden

    #8 There’s already some people here (and esp on Adam’s blog) that think Curry’s a superstar already lol

  • moreaufan2

    Maybe you all don’t agree,but we should have kept Keith Smart, and gave him a chance with a full season and not last minutre give him the job, but have the time to put everything together, u cant even judge him noe is Sac, cuz he was given the job in the midst of the season. Jackson was a good player but We dont even trap teams or anything defensively to keep teams off balance in my opinion. When you watch teams like Chicago and OKC and Miami who play defense much harder, it makes you wonder how did he think we would truly improve if we dont give teams different looks other than 2-3 Zone!

  • moderate voter

    Jackson has done a solid job – I got no complaints – the team is playing good “d”, he is bringing along the rookies nicely. Don Nelson – who just made the hall-of-fame, couldn’t coach young players and couldn’t get his players to pay any defense, so MJack looks pretty good to me. The teams sub-par record has nothing to do with MJack. they needed to revamp roster, make some changes, and these changes will lead to the playoffs next season, I’m sure of it.

  • moreaufan2

    Yeah we arent doing any better than we did last season, dorell wright not playing well. and we actually have more weapons then last year. Keith Smart did a better job to me, the teams we beat this year that are good, we beat those same teams last year and others! We need to make team uncomfortable when we play defense in my opinion, we never trap or press at all just to give a different look, and zone wise we only play 2-3 never anything else to make the other team make big adjustments.

  • #9 I’m definitely not one of those…winning the skills challenge at all star weekend doesn’t make you a superstar…lol

  • Stan

    A rookie owner who hires a rookie coach and a rookie half manager-Meyers- adds up to a lot of learning curve. And when you keep the builder GM of small ball in Larry Riley, its no wonder so many big trades fell through.
    If next year is win one,lose one,this franchise is going to have to clean house in the FO.

  • Ewok

    It’s obvious Mark Jackson has improved the little details and he has done well but it is a bit too soon and unfair to expect W’s at this point especially if you lose two elite players in the middle of the season for a player who is still in sickbay. Jackson has established the right work ethic, the right approach, the right chemistry and the right common goal of winning.

    Let him get his pieces… Let him execute his philosophy and great things will surely happen… What we need to get in the draft is a bigtime player, (Perhaps Drummond) in the front court or (Harrison Barnes)as a swing, and a good back up big 4-5 athletic biggie and not a stiffie.

    Once you get the elements, we have a team to move on with.

  • robert rowell

    Let me get this straight – a winning coach only does so because he’s got talent, not for anything the coach has done, but yet Jackson is a better coach (than svg or spolestra) because he DOESN’T have talent and is losing? Sounds like Larry Riley logic to me. Give me ‘scrub’ coaches who win any day over this no excuses clown we have now.

  • Ned

    Mark Jackson came into training camp a week after a lockout agreement was settled and without and did not knotime to run practice on defensive schemes

  • Mick

    Eric Spoelstra is not a great coach. He coaches great players. I’d go for Nate Mccmillian. A stoic with past success.

  • How about after last night? still totally secure? I’m pretty sure PJ, Brian Winters, Dave Cowens, Musselman, the Geiko lizard, the E trade baby or that dancing squirrel on you tube could have coached us to a 40 point loss! trappedingoldenstate.com

  • Ron

    Pluses for Jackson. The team has played hard every night (except last night) and has put a better effort forward on defense. Minuses. Small ball insistance. Just a recipe for losing. Insistance on starting Biedrens for so long. Maybe on orders from above? End of game strategy in close games. I think his weakest area. Just seems helter skelter with last play strategy alway’s being someone going one on one. Shouldn’t a prepared coach have a few end of game plays in his pocket?

  • Ewok

    Mark Jackson is no clown.

    The problem of this team is still predicated on the front office. Having said that, i am not saying the front office we have now is incompetent. But it’s much better to realize now that we finally have a front office that is willing to address the problems of this team, that is willing to spend more for the sake of winning, and is more than willing to facilitate a positive change in the right direction.

    The Fans provide their support and their role is certainly essential. But! There are Fans who know nothing but criticize despite limited knowledge in Basketball.