Lamar Odom is on the Warriors Radar, But Landing Him is a Long Shot

It’s a long shot. He would probably have to take less money and turn down a chance to be on a contender. But the Warriors have an eye for Lamar Odom to fill out their starting lineup next season. File it under the would-be-nice list (Not exactly on the what-are-you-smoking list that was once topped by Dwight Howard hopes).

The Warriors have four spots in their starting lineup, on paper, set for next season. Stephen Curry is the point guard. Klay Thompson is the shooting guard. David Lee is the power forward and Andrew Bogut is the center. It would take something major for those four not to be starters next season. That leaves the small forward position as the only place in the starting lineup semi-available for upgrading. Lamar Odom would be an upgrade of the current quartet of Dorell Wright, Dominic McGuire, Richard Jefferson and Brandon Rush. Mostly because Odom provides what they don’t. Even with this atrocious season he’s had, Odom’s career averages are 14.6 points on 46.5 percent shooting with 8.6 rebounds and 3.9 assists.

The Warriors would loooooooooove that kind of production at small forward. Multiple team sources told me Odom would be a good fit. He’s someone on their radar.

What’s more, Odom gives them another creator on the floor, another person to run the show in transition. Because of the four set starters and four SFs on the roster, only Curry and McGuire can consistently create for someone else, have enough ball-handling and vision for Mark Jackson to feel comfortable with them having the ball in their hands a lot. Based on the four starters penciled in for next season, the Warriors desperately need a playmaker at small forward (presuming Klay Thompson will take some time before he can be a consistent creator). Bogut helps because he has a back-to-the-basket game and he can pass. But he’s not going to run a break or make a play out of nowhere. You need at least two playmakers.

Perhaps that’s the best lure the Warriors would have for Odom, a chance to be a centerpiece in the offense, to get back to his playmaking roots. And a chance to stick it to the Lakers four times a year.

Odom is set to make $8.2 million next year. But Dallas has a team option. If they cut him, only $2.4 million of that is guaranteed. Golden State wouldn’t have money to outbid anyone. They’d have the mid-level exception (about $5.6 million this season) to offer Odom and hope he just wants to play with the Warriors. (Of course, a contender may want to offer Odom the mid-level as well. Or a team with cap space could through $8 -10 million at him.) Of course, with stories like these out there, he may wind up happy with a full mid-level offer.

The other option is a trade. But then, Golden State would have to come up with a package Dallas would want. Fortunately, Dallas won’t have to decide on Odom until after the draft, meaning he can be moved in a draft-day trade.


Marcus Thompson

  • Gummy

    Any word on which SF’s would be on the roster next year?
    Do they plan on keeping Beans (for backup) and C.Wright?

  • Ewok

    He will be a good fit for Mark Jackson’s system. It will compliment with David Lee’s playing style, It might compliment Bogut and Curry’s playing gamestyle as well.

    But for the money he will command that should be commensurate with his experience, we might not be able to afford it. We’re probably better off with a new big guy in the draft.

    But most definitely, we can use Odom’s athleticsm and leadership in the team.

  • Longshot sure, but not impossible. Players want to win – so if the W’s can sell him on being a playoff team (LOL!) – and are close to home, and the money is right…

    With Odom’s family in California – either the Lakers or Clippers – would be ideal for him. But after that – why wouldn’t he want to stay near home? It’s not like Phoenix, Utah, Portland, or Sacramento – will be contenders.

    Odom could also play a similar role to that with the Lakes – SF/PF. His size/unique skills would really help this team. Lots of passers on this team. Would be a fun team to play on.

  • StephsMouthGuard

    Just get rid of Dorell Wright. Guy has fell off so hard from last season. It’s painful to see his pathetic ball handling, then stop, pump fake— pass. Odom would be a breath of fresh air, too bad the Warriors didn’t keep Jackson’s expiring contract, which means they could have offered Odom more, great move Warriors!

  • Maybe Dorrell Wright (and his reasonable contract) would be enough to win those sweepstakes..Who’s going to offer more than that? If you could land him and keep Mcguire, in that case letting rush walk, i think you’ve made a SLIGHT upgrade…but an upgrade none the less…

  • Ewok

    I would like to comment on Dorrell Wright’s game. It’s great his name was mentioned in this discussion.

    I feel the guy’s offensive game became stagnant because his game doesn’t compliment with Lee.

    Having said that, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with David Lee’s style of playing and demeanor… But Dorrell Wright’s game is not just about three point shots alone, he likes to slash as well to score and this is how he gets lit up..

    Missing this part of his game affected his approach as David Lee likes to post and slash as well. It seems his game couldn’t take off as much as we want it to break out because he lost his inside game.

    Defensively, he is still descent as ever.

    I think the solution to Dorrell’s game slump is for David Lee to facilitate him his touches in the early part of the game to warm him up and establish his rhythm and confidence.

    Just my 15 cents.

  • Damon

    Lam Lam likes to play power forward, not SF I thought

  • TheGoat

    Please take Lamar Odom! As a mavs fan I can tell you one thing. Being on a contender is not important to him as you could tell this year. He was on the defending champs which I don’t believe you can get on a bigger contender than that. Donnie would give you guys lamar odom for a bag of doritos! But since a trade we want players Dallas would love to take Jefferson in a swap for odom! Starting lineup would be dwill roddy Jefferson dirk and Kaman with Kidd jet Marion off the bench

  • Dan

    I really don’t see the Ws making this move. Why take a huge chance to screw up the locker room for a 32-year-old coming off a garbage season? Sure, if it’s the Odom of a few years ago, you take the chance. But it’s not, and his abilities are only diminishing. Marcus – he’s never even going to come close to averaging those career stats again. The risk/reward here just doesn’t add up.

  • reppinwarriors

    trade dorell, filler, 2nd rd draft pick for odom..better getting something for him than nothing for dallas. always thought lamar was a good fit for some time now…now it depends if his head is right

  • Ultra-Humanite

    Are you serious? With a headcase like Odom, it’s impossible to tell which Lamar Odom you are going to get. It’s definitely a case of what are you smoking because you’d have to be smoking some insane weed to think signing Lamar Odom will end positively.

  • Ultra-Humanite

    And also for the love of all that is holy I am sick and tired of know-nothing fans bashing Dorell Wright.

  • Joseph

    I don’t want Odom on this team.

    He wants to play in LA. If he wasn’t happy playing for Cuban and the defending champs, he’s not going to be happy playing with the Warriors.

    The guy is a headcase. And we don’t need the circus of his reality show overshadowing our team.

    I know to the owners, who are both from So Cal, this is probably a great “marketing” idea. But it doesn’t make a lot of basketball sense.

  • Ron

    Management looking to improve the team is a good thing.

  • Derek

    Lemar Odom is an old washed up head case. Dub fans stop settling for garbage. Richard Jefferson is a better option than Odom at this point. Sure an upgrade would be nice, however Odom is NOT that guy.

  • JayTee

    Why would we want him as a starting SF, when he’s not comfortable in that position? Bring him on, but as a backup PF for Lee, and he can resume his role as a the 6th man. We don’t really have a backup PF with Udoh gone. Rush or Jefferson are a better option for SF right now.

  • Regina Falange

    As a mavs fan I can say please take him. He’s worthless, if he’s not motivated to play on the defending champs he won’t work with anyone. He’s a spoiled baby who shows up late to games and meetings when he lives one minute away. Worst attitude in the league

  • fotd

    Odom wants to play the 4. He’s unhappy and unstable. We don’t need him.

  • Don

    Odom is emotionally unstable and would not be a positive on the W’s.

  • gunkata

    Ain’t gonna happen. I thought one of the reason why he didn’t like playing for Dallas was because he wanted to play more 4 than 3? And that’s why he flourished with the Lakers off the bench because he would either sub in for either Gasol and Bynum and play the 4?

  • Grey Warden

    Warriors management thought they could change Biedrins. What makes them think they can change Odom back to his good self? Last thing the Warriors need is another no confidence basketball player.

    They must be smoking something good. Might as well try and bring back Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson while they’re at it. /sarcasm

  • dale

    odom is one of the least productive small fowards in the league. he would be a major downgrade

  • Chris

    I say we start McGuire. We can put him on the other teams best offensive player. Everyone else in the starting lineup can score, we dont need another scorer at the 3. He can play a Bruce Bowen type of role for us. Wright is too in love with the 3, and cant create or defend, and RJ lost it two years back. I say start McGuire, along with Bogut means we’ll have at least 2 defensive guys in the lineup, since the other 3 would definitely not be. Not to mention he would be the cheapest one to resign. Trade Wright in the off season, and just use RJ as the back up 3.

  • http://www.trappedingoldenstate.com/2012/04/2013-look-ahead.html

    Check out my 2013 look ahead since this season is over anyways outside of our draft slot…talk about Draft, free agents, trades and predictions…like it or rip it all feedback is appreciated…

  • dootise

    But then we’d have to hear endlessly about Khloe Kardashian’s emotions and electrolysis.

  • RaptorJesus

    This would be a horrible signing. Just re-sign Brandon Rush please. Odom is a headcase who is on the downside of his career.

  • joneg

    Due to this quote in the espn article you linked to, this post makes no sense.

    >> Odom continually said he wasn’t comfortable playing so much small forward, a position he never played with the Lakers in his seven seasons. With Nowitzki, Odom’s preferred power forward position was taken.

  • According to the BSPN article Odom would be miscast playing the small forward position.

    If Lee were to flip flop he would loose his quickness advantage over rival small forwards & his lack of three point range would allow the opposition to “pack it in” against the W’s.