Warriors GM Larry Riley on PG Stephen Curry: “He’s Making Progress But He’s Still Not 100 Percent.”

Warriors general manager Larry Riley said point guard Stephen Curry is likely done for the season.

Curry’s sprained right ankle, which has kept him out of the lineup the last 22 games, was re-evaluated Monday night. Riley said Curry’s ankle, though it is showing signs of progress, still isn’t 100 percent.

“It doesn’t appear he’ll get there by this (coming road) trip,” Riley said. “So it’s doubtful he’ll return this season.”

The three-game road trip, which starts Friday inDallas, was Curry’s last chance to play a meaningful stretch of games this season. Even if Curry were 100 percent when the team returned from the trip, Riley said he sees “no point” in playing Curry for just the final two games of the season.

“He still wants to play,” Riley said, “but he understands he’s not 100 percent.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Ewok


    He is making progress in giving the team better chances in the draft. That draft could mean the future of the Warriors in Harrison Barnes, Andre Drummond, Anthony Davis, Perry Jones, or Jared Sullinger.

    Stay Injured!

  • Ryan

    I hope he make a full recovery. I really hope the Warriors luck into a top 7 pick, and that they use it wisely. Hopefully the luck into the 2nd overall pick and get MKG.

    CT: Bogut/ Biedrins/ Gladness
    PF: Lee/ Tyler/ McGuire/ C. Wright
    SF: Kidd-Gilchrist/ Jefferson/ D. Wright
    SG: Thompson/ Rush
    PG: Curry/ Robinson/ Jenkins

    The idea would be to trade Jefferson’s remaining 2 years and a pick for an impact player.

  • tank being Frank

    I dont care who they put out there till next season! I hope they win the draft lottery!

  • TooTall



  • Ken

    Ryan says: “The idea would be to trade Jefferson’s remaining 2 years and a pick for an impact player.”

    LOL – we traded an impact player for Jefferson and a pick.

    Also, your roster assumes that we re-sign 5 free agents, when I cannot remember one Warrior player who became a free agent on July 1st and was re-signed by the Warriors.

    The Warriors are already close to the salary cap limit and now must plan for extending Curry’s contract (assuming Doctor Ankle’s care actually heals him). So, I expect Rush to receive an offer sheet that the Ws will not match. In actuality, Rush is a #13 pick in a deep draft, and is going to be a starter in a team with cap space. Klay Thompson has been given the slot that Rush would normally take, and that is really as much about cap space as anything, since Klay will be on rookie scale until after Biedrins and Jefferson are off the books.

    I could also see DWright packaged with our 1st round pick, in order to move up in the draft. With Monta gone, DWright is now our big trade bait, since not only is he an NBA starter, but he is also an expiring contract.

    Also, I would expect the mid-level exception to go to either Odom (whose mentor is a Ws coach) or Jamal Crawford, who has expressed a fondness for the Bay Area, and is currently paid less than the Ws mid-level 5.6m, and supposedly would be enticed by a multi-year offer.

  • Ken

    BTW, I forgot to mention that it seems clear that Indiana traded Rush to the Ws, because they replaced him with someone else, and also did not want to pay his likely veteran salary this July.

  • Shasta_503

    With Piston’s win tonite … Do I read this right ? The Warriors are tied for 6 in race to top (bottom ) 7 draft pick. Keep it up Warriors.

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  • Derek

    The Warriors can’t enter to draft with Riley making personnel decisions. The guys a worthless GM. the absolute worse in the NBA. Jerry West also hasn’t been that great drafting. I worry they’ll blow the pick AGAIN. Riley will draft a 2/3, or a lightweight 4, while allowing the team to lose some of their better bench players. That’s his pathetic history, why expect anything else.

  • Stan

    Rusty was spilling the beans on West,on the radio. Said,that West has done very little,and hasn’t been asked of much anyways.
    When he bought the team..Lacob laid out a plan. And he never followed it. A bad assistant coach made for a “win for me to get a job”, year. A bad GM was retained..who then passed on Monroe. If Riley is a GM for another 20 years..he might have another good year,otherwise he’s not the man for a stable winner.
    1.6 mill to Jerry West,then cut Lin who made 700 grand to save money.
    Next year,all those with an injurie history have to be what they haven’t been. Can you not be you?..oh boy.

  • Stan

    Monta ave 20.5 ppg for the Bucks,down 4 points I think then with the W’s. They’ve lost ground with him..not much..just more of that limbo purgatory that Ellis seems to create for a team. The Warriors just wasted years trying to build around him.

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