Both Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut to Have Surgery Next Week

The Warriors announced Saturday morning that both Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut will have arthroscopic surgery next week.

Curry’s surgery on his sprained right ankle will be Wednesday. Bogut’s fractured left ankle will be scoped on Friday. Both will be performed by specialist Dr. Richard Ferkle. As a result of the surgery, Bogut has been ruled out of the Olympics.

“Now is the time to do it,” Warriors general manager Larry Riley said. “You don’t want to get into July and August and say we should’ve scoped this thing.”

By season’s end, he will have missed 40 games. Riley said Curry’s last examination, which was held on April 16, raised a red flag. Curry, usually a quick healer, still hadn’t fully recovered from the right ankle sprain he sustained on March 10.

As a result, all of the doctors agreed — including Ferkle, Dr. Bob Anderson from OrthoCarolina in Charlotte (who performed surgery on Curry’s ankle last May), and Stanford’s Dr. Tim McAdams — arthroscopic surgery was the smart next move. On April 18, Curry said he was hoping not to have surgery and doubted it would be needed. But Riley said Curry, his agent and his family are all on board.

“You get a good read from an MRI,” Riley said. “But that’s what it is, a good read. … His last examination just confirmed the fact it was a good idea to go in there. We did everything we could not to do the surgery. None of those guys are knife happy.”

Curry’s timetable will be known once the surgery is completed. Best case scenario, surgery confirms what MRI suggests — everything is going well. That assurance would help Curry get a working plan for how to go about rehabbing this summer. It also would help expected contract extension talks, as the Warriors would certainly feel better about extending Curry if his ankle situation was handled.

But Riley said the surgery is completely ensuring Curry is ready come training camp in October.

“Nothing about the surgery is tied to the contract,” Riley said. “Both sides have said we can discuss a contract later. Getting the ankle right is the issue.”

Riley said the same goes for Bogut. He’s had three MRIs since joining the Warriors. It’s been suspected he would eventually need surgery to remove particles and scar tissue. The decision was made to do it now to help ensure he’ll be 100 percent for next season.

Despite the need for surgery, the Warriors contend Bogut’s fractured left ankle – which he sustained on January 25 as a Milwaukee Buck – is healing properly.

“This just puts us in a position where he can report to camp without issue,” Riley said.


Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    The Bucks have lost 4 or 5 lately. Monta has had 31 and 35 point games in two of those losses.
    Milwaukee IS the new Golden State.

    Next year,GS will not be. Heck,soon they might not even be in Oakland.

  • Stan

    I meant soon they won’t be in Oakland..

  • Couldn’t we have done these things like 4 weeks ago to give an extra month to heal or did we just need them sitting on the bench to watch our tanking progress? The season ticket holders would rather have them recovering at home then wasting time on the bench in street clothes…Think these guys will be healthy in time to move to SF at least? http://www.trappedingoldenstate.com/2012/04/moving-day-coming-for-golden-state.html

  • Pick n Roll

    Trapped give up your schilling for your website.

  • dan


    Can you ask Riley if the W’s have a plan B for next season? It is not a guarantee that Curry can come back even if the surgery goes well

    They better have a plan B.

  • Grey Warden


    And the Warriors have lost 7 straight with Thompson averaging 24 pts in the past 5 games. And the Warriors core players are still injured. Keep buying what the Warriors are selling, because they got you hooked without producing any results for it.

  • Niners in 2012

    You gotta be blind if you can’t see this team has bright future.

  • Grey Warden

    And when have the Warriors ever had a bright future? “Just wait till next year!” Same Warriors motto every season. Keep on drinking that Warriors koolaid.

  • Ewok

    I think the move is right. I think this team is headed to the right direction now that we finally have a front office that is aggressive and has a strong vision. Something that is missing before..

    Next team will have a great tandem in Bogut and Curry, a tri combo in Bogut, Lee and Curry and a Back up Tandem with Nate Robinson or Jenkins and the next draft pick(hopefully, Davis or Drummond) with/and/or a developing Jeremy Tyler. This is a strong frontcourt with a promising back up just in case the injuries flare up. Now we have two more picks in the coming draft and that will be very helpful.

    Add into the equation Kyle Thompson, BRush, DMcguire, and RJefferson, then were set not just to compete but to shine.

    The only factor we may have to worry about is the Injury factor.

  • Ewok

    line up next year,

    Curry, Thompson, Rush or Jefferson, Lee and Bogut.

    in case of injuries on Curry and Bogut, we have Nate Robinson and Jenkins on the helm with Tyler, DPick, and Lee.

    I like what i see.

  • PWW

    The Warriors need to get creative and find a way to get Williams for the Nets. As I count it, Curry has had nine ankle sprains in two years this is not someone to build the future of your team around. Curry’s defense is suspect, he’s not strong enough to stop the more physical guards from posting him up. And he is a high risk one-handed passer with a high turn-over to assists ratio.

    Curry cannot post up his opponent, what he does do well is jump shoot, guys like that are very common in this league. It may sound like I’m a Curry hater, but I’m not, it just the cold hard facts. A combo of a big man like Bogut, and a point guard like Williams would get me more excited about the Warriors future.

  • Yoda

    I don’t miss Monta Ellis. Not even slightly. I spent the last three seasons wishing he was gone, for a simple reason. He’s not a winner, doesn’t make the team better, and takes up too much of the offense and too much of the salary cap. Oh, and his defense sucks.

    You can’t even assess that trade until next year, and that’s just fine. Now lose out, add some talent in the draft, and maybe we can watch a legitimate NBA team next year for the first time in a long time.

  • Grey Warden

    #11 PWW,

    I’m sorry but DWill nor any other “superstar” of his caliber would want to come to the Warriors. There’s no way he’s going to stay in NJ unless Dwight Howard goes there (and he won’t since he’s decided to stay 1 more year in Orlando). DWill wants to go to a well established playoff/championship contender and the Warriors are not even close to that. Even if there was a 1% chance of him choosing the Warriors, the Warriors don’t have the cap space to sign him.

  • PWW

    #13 G. W.

    Well if the Warriors would have taken the opportunity to relieve themselves from Biedrins contract with the one time exemption, they would have an extra 9 million to play with. And perhaps then they could get creative with a package deal to offer the Nets something for Williams, instead of getting nothing for him because of free agency. Hey if the Clippers can get C. Paul, even the Warriors should be able to do something creative at point guard.

  • Stan

    grey- Didnt you notice this team was IMPROVED by Kwame Brown?..if Brown could make that impact, a HEALTHY Bogut should be huge. Klay is 79% the scorer of Monta..and Klay will improve..Mark Jackson as coach SHOULD improve,but I cant promise!. Next year’s fresh team will be playoff contenders Grey,but will they stay unhurt? THAT I cant say.
    I DO know that the small ball,Monta’s 40 point outburst in yet another loss, had to be killed off as a Warrior tradition.

  • Grey Warden

    How can you say they will be playoff contenders when you don’t even know if the core players can even stay healthy? All it takes is another ankle roll by Curry and/or Bogut (yes Bogut has had freak injuries, but you know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall) to put the Warriors’ season in jeopardy. Until they actually get into the playoffs, then you can say they are playoff contenders. But to say they are an instant playoff caliber team that has yet to prove themselves is just foolish.

    And as TK had said earlier in his blog:

    “And if you’re paying attention closely, any follow-up surgery labelled “exploratory” months after a previous surgery is never a good sign.

    This comes after Curry recently admitted further surgery was a possibility and suggests that the Warriors and Curry’s camp STILL DON’T KNOW what exactly is wrong here.”

  • Stan

    How can you predict they wont stay healthy? Its all a guess right now. TK usually is way off with the Warriors..if he’s excited (like his West idoltry) it turns out to be hyperbole.

  • Stan

    ..and who knows? that 7 pick out there could be a stupendous find. Just can only wait and see.

  • Grey Warden

    Yes, that 7th pick could be a find, just not for the Warriors. Don’t assume they’re going to get that pick (Warriors just won today).

  • Grey Warden

    Warriors win! The gift that keeps on giving!

  • Stan

    Eesh,a bad win. Well,I did say it wasn’t a given Jackson would grow as a coach. When or if, he’s fired in two or three years,Mark will look back and see he was one player substitute in a late season game from building a strong team. Or,after his once again losing season the weary Mark will think ” If I had only been a better coach then to win a meaningless game”..

  • Stan

    As far as West? If that’s all Lacob wanted he could have hired St Jean or Steinmetz or me, to say “Cool idea”. I woulda took far less then 1.6 mill and been satisfied with my lot in life!