It Was a Matter of Time Before Warriors Replaced Larry Riley with Bob Myers, But Why Now?

That the Warriors replaced general manager Larry Riley with protege  Bob Myers comes as no shock. The big surprise is the timing.

Why now?

According to multiple team sources, a few factors came into play. The coming draft, and all the ensuing prep work. The pending free agent season, which kicks off July 1, and the Warriors’ need to woo someone though armed with nothing more than a mid-level.

But perhaps the biggest factor, per the sources, was Myers’ as assistant general manager. It was part of the plan for Myers to succeed Riley when they lured Myers from the player agent side of the business a year ago this month. But at the time, co-owner Joe Lacob said Myers was in line for the job after Riley retired “in a few years.”

It’s been 12 months.

In that time, Myers, according to sources, has proved to  Lacob he is ready now. Lacob is impressed with Myers’ connections around the league, his negotiation skills and the relationships he’s built in the organization.

With the draft coming up, followed by an offseason where the Warriors need to add some key pieces, the decision was made to make the move now.

Lacob, Riley and Myers sat down and discussed the transition. According to one source, Riley wanted to see through what he started. But the source said Riley understood the move and was grateful the Warriors kept him around.

With Myers now the main guy, Travis Schlenk, the other assistant GM, becomes the No. 2 guy. The next in line is Kirk Lacob, the owner’s son and director of basketball operations. But he’s been given the task of running the Warriors’ NBA Development League franchise and facilitating the possible move to Santa Cruz.

Sources said there are currently no plans as of yet to promote someone else or bring in another member to  the front office. But the basketball operations staff will meet soon to map out the next steps.

Marcus Thompson

  • Grey Warden

    Riley should’ve been fired, not demoted.

  • deano

    GSW takes yet another step away from the national nightmare that was the Chris Cohan Era.

  • Scrub

    I wish I could say that I feel bad for Riley, but I don’t.

    I just hope the lottery gods are going to give the Warriors some love with the ping pong balls.

  • Ken

    Riley wasn’t the Chris Cohan era, he became GM at the tail end, and managed to fix all sorts of things – removing huge salaries of Maggette and Crawford, drafting Curry, Klah and Udoh, getting rid of Randolph, trading for Rush, signing Nate and McGuire, and trading for the #3 center in the NBA.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Why now? Because of the embarrassment in Minnesota.

  • EdLouie

    ken….riley fixed things? what about trading crawford for speedy’s expiring, and then throw it away for nothing….or trading jackson for raja and then cutting raja and losing his bird rights….or using the amnesty on chucky bell…..or drafting udoh over monroe…or nabbing lee instead of love….dude was a yes man that was in over his head.

  • Silverstreak

    Riley also spearheaded the release of Lin and used the amnesty on friggin’ Bell (Not Biedrins).

  • Stan

    C’mon,Riley also passed on Greg Monroe-a type of player the franchise has turned inside out to get and still lacks. Lin? the pure point guard they also made no bones as a must have..and Riley GAVE him away to the team in the largest market in the WORLD.
    Lacob should have listened to me..because these moves are what I said two years ago. I couldn’t have been more clear that Smart was a terrible choice as a temp,that Lacob needed to clean out the front office asap..NOT two years and two drafts later.
    I was Lacob’s Gordon Ramsay!..he shoolda listened.

  • John

    Sorry folks, but thinking that the GM had the decision making authority to use the amnesty on Biedrins’ contract is beyond silly. That was clearly a multi-million dollar ownership call.

  • Niners in 2012

    Larry Riley is 100% responsible for losing our pick this year. He lowered the protection on the pick from Top 11 to Top 7. That is a fireable offense by itself.

  • Steve

    Stan,I can’t believe Lacob hasn’t signed you to a muti-year contract yet. Maybe it’s your vivid imagination when it comes to facts that makes him somewhat hesitant? LOL

    Lin was waived by GSW and subsequently was signed by the Rockets. Maybe Houston could use you as a consultant? I’m sure they’d be more than thrilled to find out they’re the largest market in the world. LOL

  • commish

    Larry Riley also supported Don Nelson to get his stupid, meaningless record in 2010 in order to lose Cousins to Sacto at #5,then drafted Udoh (6) over Monroe (7). That left us without a serious center for the future, which in theory might have helped us dump Biendris with the amnesty clause this season. Then, in order to get a true center we had to trade Ellis. Riley was the lowest paid GM in the league for a reason: he stunk it up and was a suck up/clone to Nelson, Rowell and Cohan. He deserved to be fired for many reasons, not just demoted. He still reeks of the Nelson, Rowell, Cohan era and why Lacob would keep him around is as unimaginable as the win vs Minn. Just typical, horrible Warrior basketball.

  • Todd Fuller

    Well said Steve!!! Stan is a BOZO. He comments on the A’s blog all day to himself. Stan is the Nostradamus of Bay Area Sports. Beane should of signed Stan to a multi year deal as well

  • Young

    Best news of the year!

  • Young

    Gotta wonder why this is happening now tho. We all know its not bc of the reasons they are saying. I think its bc the warriors won a game they should have lost. Lacob could have just waited 1 more game…

  • WorriedWarrior

    This year’s scapegoat: Larry Riley. Next year’s scapegoat: Mark Jackson.

  • Richard

    Jerry West gave Brian Cardinal a $35 million dollar contract. Lacob hired West. That syas it all.

  • Stan

    Hey,post all you want Todd Fuller-man. Its a free country and I never demanded anybody take your free speech away. I STANd by what I say,and have a damn good record to back me up. eh,Todd’s another bitter republican…ain’t they all?..lol

  • Stan

    I considered the Houston time Steve..I really did. But,the bottom line is he went to NY,and..

    Just like the Warriors had Derrick Fisher..and Nelly decided he wasn’t good enough for Nelly ball. So,off went Derrick to LA and TWO more World Championships.
    We gave LA-the SECOND LARGEST..lol..ya get the rest.

  • Richard

    Lacob wants wins and he fired the winningst coach of all time. Was that a SMART move or a dumb one?

  • Stan

    Oh,and Thanks Todd about the Nostro guy comparison. If you have doubts email Lowell Cohn..or Steve Berman@bay area sports guy. I did my magic for them too.

  • marc

    Is it Stan Kawakami, Stan Poole, or Stan Dickey?

  • Stan

    I think over the last three years..I bested them all.

  • Stan

    Kawakami got so flustered he couldn’t handle the truth.. I got banned for being right when I said Tim’s over the top reaction to Jerry West being a consultant was more Tim reliving his glory days as a 1993 hot shot writer for the huge LA Times,then what West could do in 2012.
    I guess it hit a nerve.

  • Grey Warden

    TK can never really handle criticism, even though he says he can. He’ll delete your posts if you criticize him too much, or block you on twitter even if you’re being civil with him. He has as many people on his block list as he does tweets.

  • Derek

    That fool (Larry Riley) should have been fired long ago. The guy is/was nothing more than a pathetic boot licking yes man who had no business being a GM in the NBA

  • Ewok

    I would rather concentrate on the good things he did. He inherited a circus and had little time to fix it but still managed to clear the way for the next owners and management. I don’t think we all know better than Lacob. Lacob reinstated Riley for a reason and he knows the guy has contributed a lot. I think the same way too.

    But its time to pass the torch to the next guy, Bob Myers, a guy who can move mountains with his connections.

  • Ewok

    Lin wasn’t an easy problem to solve. It was a Dilemma. I sincerely believe if Chris Jenkins was the guy who went to New York, he would’ve performed in the same fashion. Maybe a tad less or a tad more but he would’ve made the same impact for a different version. Jenkinsanity!

    New York was in dire need of a PG! any talented streetballer would have gained this break and accolade with all the minutes he got. Don’t get me wrong, Lin is a talented guy and he belongs in the league but seeing what he got over Jenkins is a hard to see decision. What guarantee this guy from Harvard would pan out? On the same token,Would anyone take interest over Jenkins? A rookie?

    Lets just move on.

  • Mr. Mean

    Yes, let’s just move on and be in present time.

    It has been said that Riley is a good scout, so why not demote him ? He was loyal and went with the flow no matter who else was around so it is good for the league to see how the new regime takes care of their own, no ?
    Honey entices better than vinegar.

    Great to see Myers where he should be. Mellow, articulate, intelligent, should provide us with someone who can finally, consistently, make the good trades and entice the better players here. Has great rapour and many contacts.

    The new age in Golden State basketball has finally arrived !