Surgery for Warriors PG Stephen Curry Deemed Successful

UPDATE: Warriors announced surgery was successful Wednesday night. According to the team’s release, Curry is expected to return to on-court basketball activities in 3 to 4 months.

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry underwent successful surgery on his right ankle Wednesday in Van Nuys, according to a source with knowledge of Curry’s surgery. The exploratory arthroscopic surgery, performed by Dr. Richard Ferkle, revealed no structural damage.

Dr. Ferkle just cleaned out scar tissue and a few bone spurs. No torn ligaments and the previous surgery — performed last May by OrthoCarolina specialist Dr. Bob Anderson in Charlotte — held up.

Warriors team doctors and specialists are conferring with Ferkle about a rehabilitation plan. A timetable is not yet known, but the results of the surgery were received as good news.

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    Well,IF the previous surgery held up..why did he sprain his ankle 8 times just this season alone?
    My gut feeling is..Curry is no weight room guy. And he didn’t do hundreds of hours of reps on the ankles after the surgery.
    This year,maybe he will do the exercises that aren’t fun.

  • Stan

    ..but,no matter,Curry better avoid rounded twigs and pebbles for the rest of his life. They still scare me after my own B-ball days and sprains..

  • I get nervous every time I see his name in print or online…We need him to stay healthy even if I don’t think he is the point guard of the future, just like Monta, he may be worth more to us in a trade then on the floor… obviously he isn’t worth much sitting on the bench…unless you’re tanking which i hope we don’t have to next season…This season has been a bitter hose sized pill to swallow! http://www.trappedingoldenstate.com/2012/04/stephen-curry-not-golden-state-or-san.html

  • Pick n Roll

    Glad it was successful! Lookin’ forward to next season Steph!

  • and now David Lee? all i know is that these guys better not get out of bed for anything but rehab this season!

  • Ac

    I think it’s bad news they didn’t find anything. Inexplicable how he constantly hurt his ankle doing normal basketball moves. Leads me to believe he will never get the ankle good enough to be a full time player

  • dew

    strange deja vu moment here… i could’ve sworn i read about a successful ankle surgery on stephc last year… must be a glitch in the matrix or something.

  • dahnb2000

    Stan says & Dew- previous surgery held up. The ligament they didn’t work on was the problem. And Stan, your gut is crazy if it’s telling you that Curry didn’t do re-hab, unless your gut has proof?

  • Stan

    5 sprains isn’t something to ignore. Does Curry look like he is a weight room guy to you?. I can add things up.
    And,it sounds fishy to say that its a surprise that the OTHER ligaments caved in. Usually Dan,that means your feeling something in what had the surgery and favoring what wasn’t..and then,snap!..it gives. So,Curry’s problem now covers a larger area. Right?

  • Stan

    ..and that gets back to,IF Curry had done real re-hab on his ankle,he might have seem more strength in the part of his ankle that he was favoring. Sabe?

  • Ken

    The answer to Stan’s original question is “because he would not wear the ankle brace”.

    After seeing Dr. Ferkel – a real ankle expert – Curry has announced that he will wear an ankle brace next season.

  • Stan

    Well,that was just dumb of Curry not to wear a brace..and even stupider of the ORG. to not make him wear it. Curry should have worn that brace 24/7 for weeks..
    It sounds like I was right. Curry gave a half ass effort to recovery and it bit him there too!

  • dahnb2000

    I’ve had 3-3rd degree sprains of my left ankle. I did my rehab & wore my brace & then tight wrap when I played b-ball or tennis. Wearing the brace 24/7 would slow healing. To not wear it when doing the thing that caused the injury is stupid for Curry, stupider for management, and stupidest to the doctor for not insisting on it. That’s a whole lot of stupid.

  • Stan

    Its hard to wear them with the swelling at night,but after that…Why he didn’t wear them during the game or during daylight..yes, was VERY stupid. So far,I don’t feel refuted,but vindicated..although we are getting more detailed. And,its more of my Curry didnt give it a full effort..and THAT was FOOLISH.

  • Stan

    And Dan-I’ve had sprains that felt like near death,and made that horrific “Riiiiip” sound as I went down a few dozen times over the decades. Nothing anybody can tell me about sprains I don’t know.

  • Derek

    Why didn’t Chris Wright get more playing time this year, even the guys on TNT marveled at his play. They identified the fact he’s a baseline player. The guy scores inside and looks like a young Maggette (minus the ball hogging). Wright is a well built, controlled, high flyer who can and does rock the spot. I hope the Dubs don’t do the usual and lose another unrecognized jewel.