Andrew Bogut Out 3 Months After Successful Surgery on Left Ankle

The Warriors announced Saturday center Andrew Bogut is out three months after successful arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle Friday.

Dr. Richard Ferkel cleaned out loose particles and bone spurs in the ankle. Bogut, who fractured the ankle on January 25 while with the Milwaukee Bucks, is expected to be ready in time for training camp in October. He will not play for his beloved Austrailia during the Summer Games in London.

Bogut, acquired by the Warriors on March 13, is the third Warriors starter to have surgery this week. All three are expected to be ready for camp. Point guard Stephen Curry had his frequently sprained right ankle cleaned out on Wednesday, also by Dr. Ferkel. Forward David Lee had successful surgery Thursday, performed by Dr. William Meyers in Philadelphia, to repair torn abdominal muscles and abductors.

Marcus Thompson

  • DW

    If it’s 3 months why did they wait so long to do it?

  • moreaufan2

    Hopefully he can be ready by the time the season gets going next year. We will see!!!!

  • Ken

    DW – the broken ankle was actually not that long ago. You have to wait for it to heal before you can do a “clean up”.

  • Ken

    Also 3 months is the end of July, which is obviously plenty of time to get back in shape before the start of Training Camp.

  • PJ

    Just threw up in the back of my throat thinking about Harrington, Branden Wright and CJ Watson…. Good riddance. Are you making a list of the an depressing journey-man team? These guys have no trade value. A dime a dozen.

    Kawakami left a couple of facts out of his article. You could use any of the players he’s discussing as an example. I’ll look at Branden Wright:

    Hard to say Brandon Wright is in the playoffs when he didn’t even get off the bench for the Mavs, a number 7 playoff seed, in their opener. Why don’t we just agree that until he logs 20 minutes total in a playoff series he’s not a playoff player. I’ll give you 20-1 he doesn’t help a playoff team win a single game or log any significant minutes in the playoffs for his career. That the trajectory his career has been on and continues to be on.

    Silly to argue that Riley didn’t get fair value for Wright. If Branden Wright has so much trade value why could the Nets get nothing in return for him?

    Hard to say If Branden Wright so talented as Kawakami has written many times. He signed a $915,000 contract with the Mavericks. Isn’t that the veteran minimum? By that contract Wright is a journeyman veteran. He’s not a young promising 4. He hasn’t been that since his first shoulder injury. He’s a long, quick, 4 with good touch around the basket with his left hand, who otherwise provides a team with minimal presence in the post on offense or defense.

    A few other things that are super obnoxious….

    Riley wasn’t the guy who traded Jason Richardson for Branden Wright. He also didn’t write a column saying what a great trade (Kawakami did). Riley also didn’t write a column saying the Warriors should take Wright over Joakim Noah (Kawakami did).

    Also let’s maintain some perspective on the Greg Monroe miss. Monroe is better than Udoh. He’s got excellent skill and agility for someone his size, but he’s still a 1-dimensional player who’s athletically challenged and can’t defend the 4 or 5. He’s a solid player, a little bit better than Udoh, but it’s not like the Warriors would be any better off had they drafted him.

    Also Anthony Randolph has done nothing at all in the NBA. Not sure why but that’s the fact. The Knick’s traded him for Corey Brewer and Eddy Currie’s expiring deal. Not a huge haul. David Lee is overpaid but he’s still an 11 million/year forward (imo). His average salary is 13.8 so he’s about %20-25 percent overpaid. In terms of salary it has some negative impact but it’s hardly the catastrophic mistake Kawakami makes it out to be. He’s also way, way, way better than Randolph will ever be. So on talent Riley got over on that trade.

    Bottom line is that Riley, was dealt a super crappy hand by Mullin. He did some good things and some bad things but the Warriors are in a much better than they were when Mullin left. In three years that’s a pretty mediocre job by a GM. It’s time for a new GM but Riley can honestly say that the table has been set for the next guy. Unlike Mullin who squandered way too many draft choices and salary moves.

    And finally the trade Riley made to lower the protection on the lottery pick was idiotic. But the greater crime was the trade Mullin made for Marcus Williams was infinitely dumber – and oh yeah – guess who wrote a column saying it was a great move. Tim Kawakami. Also Riley never wrote a column titled, Patrick O’Bryant – He’s my guy. Kawakami did. And he never wrote a column called “The Case for Jordan Hill.” Kawakami did. He also never wrote a column saying that the warriors had to sign Andris Biedrins for 10 million a year. Kawakami did. He also never proposed trading Monta Ellis for OJ Mayo, Kirk Heinrich, Samuel Dalembert+Thadeus young, Yi Jianlian,+Terrence Williams+ Rafer Alston, or DeMar DeRozan + Marcus Banks. (Kawakami did). Talk about some funny archives… Weird how those never get mentioned, especially by a journalist who loves to insert himself into the story! Ellis + Udoh, for Bogut+Richard Jefferson’s salary+1st round draft pick was the best deal Warriors were EVER going to get.

    So Kawakami needs to knock off the holier than thou tone. If Riley is the village idiot Kawakami proposes who never had the vision to get a big man, and all of Kawakami’s pathetic second guessing is worse than Riley’s results, doesn’t that make Kawakami the bigger idiot? Or is that too mean for all of the Kawakami apologists?

  • Stan

    PJ..is that you Bob?..well,I would agree that Kawamkami has a strange side that he wont acknowledge. He’s sure defensive while claiming he “can take it”. No he cant, and in fact it doesn’t take much to get him to add to his enemy’s list.
    Although Bob,I mean PJ, its not true to say that Riley left the team better off then Mullin had. Mullin had built a playoff team,that Nelson hijacked and then after that one playoff-Nelson smashed that team into pieces.
    And why Nelson who did that twice to the Org. in separate eras is pretty much hated by fans. Nelson can move the players he’s given to win…just never let him control what players come and go was learned far too late.

  • Dave

    With the Knick’s replacement or Lee, Amare Stoudemire, making $20 million a year and Lee making $13 average, Lee is a bargain. Amare has been a bust for the Knicks and is is done for the Heat series after punching his hand through a glass panel of a fire estinguisher. What a waste! The Knicks would love to get David Lee back.

  • Dave

    for Lee

  • Stan

    Oh,he did post this twice. Oh,shoot. Then I said Kawakami is strange twice too?..eh,overkill..lol..

  • Stan

    And PJ..wouldnt refuting Kami been better on his blog? Or are you part of the army of the banned..even as TK says “I can take it”…lol,sure.