The Warriors’ Options at No. 7 Are Aplenty

The draft’s heavy hitters are now expected to come through downtown Oakland. So far, Golden State’s workouts have been filled with second-rounders and a few options at No. 30. But now that the Warriors have the No. 7 overall pick, you can expect the notables to come through.

General manager Bob Myers said a few agents were waiting to see how the draft order played out. But now, Myers said he expects his phone to ring off the hook. Landing at No. 7 opens up a huge window of options of the Warriors. Myers said he hopes to workout every player he can.

“We’ll get in as many people as we can,” Myers said. “I see no reason not to. Put them against each other the best you can. Hopefully they’ll come. I think they will.”

Myers said the depth is at the forward spot, and that is where the Warriors’ greatest needs are, so many of the top options are now on the board. Here is a look at 5 players the Warriors could take. The question is do they go for need, best player available or the player they fell in love with most.

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GM Bob Myers Says Warriors Now Have a Plethora of Options; Who’s Greatest No. 7 Pick Ever?

Warriors general manager Bob Myers was nervous. Way more nervous than he thought he’d be. He was trying to psyche himself out with the out-of-my-control speech. But it didn’t work.

“They played the intense background music and you look around the room, you can just sense the palpable tension in there. That is hard to overcome. So my heart was beating pretty fast.”

But once he saw Toronto went No. 8, the tension was replaced with relief. That meant the Warriors were in the top seven and was going to keep their pick.

“So we’re excited.  I don’t want to overstate the excitement because just getting a pick doesn’t mean we’re going to go where we want to go. There is work to do and a lot of good options to explore.”

Myers said all options are on the table. Trade up in the draft. Use the pick as trade bait to get a veteran. Take a shot at one of the prospects they like at No. 7. Well, maybe one option isn’t on the board. To learn what that option is, and see a list of the last 32 No. 7 overall picks, you just have to keep reading.

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Warriors Get the No. 7 Pick, Keep Their First-Rounder

Golden State fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The Warriors landed the No. 7 pick in Wednesday’s NBA draft lottery, which means they’ll get to keep their first-round draft pick this season.

Golden State hasn’t moved up in the lottery since 1995, when they won the top pick and selected Joe Smith. But the Warriors were just happy they didn’t fall back. If the Warriors had dropped below No. 7, the pick would have gone to the Utah Jazz based on a previous trade.

Golden State finished the season tied with Toronto for the seventh-worst record in the NBA. But the Warriors won a tie-breaker performed by the league that slotted them No. 7 and the Nets No. 8.

Keeping the pick is a big boost for Golden State’s offseason plans. The Warriors will have a crack at some of the better prospects in the draft — such as North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes and Baylor’s Perry Jones. Perhaps more important, the Warriors now have four picks including a lottery pick. That makes pulling off a trade for a difference-maker much more possible.


Warriors Talks with Utah to Secure Lottery Pick “Probably Not Going to Happen”

Looks as if the Warriors will just have to face the odds. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but talks between Golden State and Utah are all but dead, according to a league source.

The Warriors had been working diligently to secure a first-round pick heading into Wednesday’s NBA draft lottery, according to multiple sources. Golden State gets to keep its pick if it lands in the top seven. If it’s No. 8 or lower, the pick goes to Utah as part of a previous trade.

The Warriors head into the draft lottery, scheduled for 5 p.m. on TNT, slotted at No. 7 —which means they have a 72.66 percent chance of keeping their pick, based on the odds released by the NBA. It also means Golden State has just shy of a 28 percent chance of falling out of the top seven and losing the pick.

The talks with Utah were designed for the Warriors to keep the pick in the event they fall out of the top seven. But the source said at this point “that’s probably not going to happen.”


Former Richmond High Star Wendell McKines: “I’m Built for This”

Wendell McKines was headed to Stockton for a barbecue at his grandmother’s house. It was a celebration for getting his degree from New Mexico State. But then he got a call perhaps worthy of another celebration.

It was his agent. McKines was a late add to the Warriors’ workout the next day.

“Alright. Let’s do it,” McKines said, recalling his immediate thoughts. “Can’t eat too much barbecue.”

McKines was all too happy to take part in Golden State’s two-part, 12-man workout on Monday. The former Richmond High star played in the second session and sparred against three other, bigger, power forwards: Stanford’s Josh Owens, West Virginia’s Kevin Jones and Baylor’s Anthony Jones.

The odds are against McKines getting drafted. But, then again, he isn’t new to long odds. And the fact that he made it to this stage, with a chance to fulfill his NBA dreams, might make a team think twice about doubting him.

McKines could very well be that annual example of how measurements and one-on-one workouts allow some valuable players to slip through the cracks. He is endeavoring to prove his intangibles far outweigh his shortcomings.

“I just want to prove I can do different things, that I have a foundation to build off of,” McKines said. “My competitiveness. I can shoot the ball a little bit. I can get to the rack. I can finish. I can compete at the highest levels. (The Warriors) gave me the opportunity to show myself. I feel as though I did that.”

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Stanford’s Josh Owens Trying to Pull Off a Landry Fields

It would be no surprise if power forward Josh Owens were the smartest guy in the gym, since he’s a Stanford guy and all. But him being the best athlete in the gym, that may come as a shock.

That explains why Owens’ is getting more attention during NBA draft workouts than he did during his five-year Stanford career. Two years after Stanford forward Landry Fields rose from anonymity to second-round sleeper, Owens is trying to do the same.

“I would love to be that guy this year,” Owens said after working out for the Warriors at the team’s downtown Oakland practice facility on Monday.

Owens — who averaged 11.6 points and 6.1 rebounds combined his junior and senior seasons with the Cardinal — wasn’t even invited to the famous Portsmouth Invitational, the combine where lesser-knowns usually make a name for themselves. But Owens announced his presence boldly at the Brooklyn Nets combine May 19 and 20.

His physique and athleticism were on full display before dozens of NBA general managers. Owens measured at just under 6-foot-9 (with shoes) and 230 pounds. His 7-foot wing span was average for his height, but his vertical measurements really dropped some jaws.

He registered a 40.8-inch standing vertical, the best in the camp — and higher than what Rudy Gay, Tracy McGrady and Jason Richardson posted as draft prospects. Owens also had a combine-best 21 repetitions on the bench press (185 pounds).

“He’s an incredible athlete,” said one NBA executive who’s seen Owens workout.

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Stanford’s Josh Owens, Washington’s Tony Wroten, Vandy’s Jeffrey Taylor Highlight Warriors’ Double Workout Today

The Warriors are holding a couple workouts today. The two sessions will feature a slew of 6-7 types, several second-round possibilities, and two locals. There are a couple likely first-round candidates: Washington’s Tony Wroten, Vanderbilt SF Jefferey Taylor, who is projected towards the end of the draft, where the Warriors hold a pick. Here is a breakdown:



PF Draymond Green, Michigan State

6-7, 230 pounds

Projected: early second round

PG Tu Holloway, Xavier

6-0, 190 pounds

Projected: middle second round

PF Kevin Jones West Virginia

6-8, 260 pounds

Projected: Early second round

PG Scott Machado, Iona

6-1, 180 pounds

Projected: middle second round

SF Wendell McKines, New Mexico State (Richmond High)

6-6, 230

Projected: Undrafted

PF Josh Owens, Stanford

6-8, 240

Projected: Late second round to undrafted



PF Anthony Jones, Baylor

6-10, 195

Projected: Undrafted

SF Kris Joseph, Syracuse

6-7, 210

Projected: Middle to late second round

Khris Middleton, Texas A&M

6-7, 217

Projected: undrafted

SF Jeffrey Taylor, Vanderbilt

6-7, 225

Projected: Late first round

PG Maakik Wayns, Villanova

6-2, 200

Projected: undrafted

PG/SG Tony Wroten, Washington

6-5, 205

Projected: middle to late first round