Would you want to see Jason Kidd come home (and backup/mentor) Stephen Curry?

Wouldn’t you like to have Jason Kidd as the Warriors backup to point guard Stephen Curry?

Sounds like a long shot on the surface. But it makes a lot of sense for several reasons. 

* The Warriors need a certain type of backup. He needs to be a floor general. He needs to be OK with coming off the bench but ready to start in case … you know … something happens with point guard Stephen Curry.

* Jason Kidd is a future Hall of Famer who said he wants to play two more years. He said he is willing to be a backup before riding off into the sunset.

* The Warriors’ success hinges largely on Curry having a breakout year. Warriors GM Bob Myers basically said he wanted Mark Jackson to bring out the point guard in Curry. How helpful would it be to the face of the franchise to be mentored by Kidd? Kidd’s forgotten more info about the position than most PGs these days have ever known.

* The Warriors need veteran leadership pretty badly. Kidd is a winner with a ring and three Finals appearances on his resume. The team IQ would jump immensely just by having him in the locker room.

* Can you think of a more fitting end to his career than coming home? Kidd would be adored in the Bay Area, where he was raised and first emerged as a hoops legend.

* Kidd is a free agent at season’s end and may be available for cheap considering he’s playing for the love at this point.

Of course, there are some obstacles to the possibility.

First off, it presumes the Mavs land Deron Williams in free agency (or some comparable PG). Kidd is up there in age, but it would probably take someone special to unseat him.

Even if that happens, it would take some convincing on the Warriors’ end. Kidd has already said he’d be willing to back up Williams. And you gotta figure with Deron and Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavs would still be a pretty good team. And since Kidd already has a good thing going with Rick Carlisle, he probably would prefer the comfort and familiarity of Dallas. 

But if somehow the Warriors want Kidd (gotta believe they’ll at least look into it this offseason) and can get him to buy into the new-look Warriors, the issue of salary comes up. 

Unless they get waaaay under the cap with some miraculous maneuvering, Golden State would have to use an exception to sign Kidd. With a big need for bigs and potentially an upgrade at SF, it’s doubtful they’d use the MLE on Kidd. That leaves the vet minimum or a sign-and-trade. Maybe the bi-annual exception will be a possibility.

The Warriors likely won’t be willing to pay Nate Robinson what he can get on the open market. And they may not think Charles Jenkins is ready for such a big load yet. Going after Kidd would make a lot of sense. There are other options, but perhaps none would feel as right to the Bay as Kidd coming home.

Marcus Thompson

  • Twinkie defense


  • Grey Warden

    I’m sure Kidd would consider the Warriors….as a last resort. Proven contenders get first priority.

  • Silverstreak

    Kidd would solidify the backcourt along with Rush as backup SG and McGuire as a starting SF or backup SF. Add a rebounder/defender big and whatever the pick will bring you and you got something.

  • dereksmithfan

    DO IT! Sounds like the kind of move Myers would make. Maybe he can even play in a St Joes/ODowd reunion game.

  • Absolutely YES!!!

  • Stan

    C’mon MT2.Don’t play dumb…Kidd is STILL the better point guard. And I know you know that. It would be Curry to rest Kidd.

  • Livermore


    Too silly for words.

  • Mr. Mean

    Sweet music to me ears ! I agree with Stan that Kidd would be the starter in his first year and share minutes thusly: Kidd – 22 mpg .. Curry 18 mpg .. Jenkins 8 mpg. Sign and trade with D. Wright goin’ down the road and Kidd taking his salary slot with an incentive to join the coaching staff when he retires.
    What an enormous impact just having him in the locker room, as he did with Dallas. Mayhaps we win it all in two years as well !!
    YES, YES, YES !! Get him back to our hometown Oaktown ASAP !!! (and maybe I’ll come back as well !)

  • dereksmithfan

    Maybe we can get Antonio Davis and Gary Payton too.

  • daniel

    When I look at the potential lineup next year, what do I see ? slow and slower. un-athletic.

    Bogut, Lee, Thompson and Curry.

    and you want to add Kidd to that group ?

  • Twinkie defense

    It’s sad that Gary Payton never played in Oakland, that’s why Kidd needs to! Kidd is legendary and even when he is 50 he will be able to add something.

  • DubsneedWs

    This would be great, he can help develop Curry and Jenkins for the future. The guy is a legit class act. Great veteran presence/leadership and still has some left in the tank. It may be tough to convince him, but hey, at this point he’s got his ring and mentoring in your hometown sounds like a good option.

  • GSWlifer

    I can’t see Kidd coming here. I think at this point he wants to be on a team that he knows for sure has a shot at going deep in the playoffs. He may be older, but he can still be a valuable piece on a contender. I agree that we need some kind of proven veteran presence (I think this is what Jefferson is supposedly there to bring), but I’m not sure that presence comes in the form of a guard. I think it’s more likely that we find some kind of veteran big guy. I don’t see this as a big possibility, and as much as this guy irks me, I think KG would be a great vet fit to come in and play 4 and 5 in a 6th man role. He could provide excellent defense off the bench and doesn’t quit. I’d throw the full mid-level at him for 2 years.

  • I’ve been hoping for that ALL year! Make it happen!

  • Ron

    For the right price most definately.

  • Stan

    Maybe,Curry should notice that he and Kidd resemble each other..the big diff is,Kidd is bulked up.

  • willow

    “Maybe,Curry should notice that he and Kidd resemble each other..the big diff is,Kidd is bulked up.”

    If by resemble each other you mean they are both male, then, yes, I’d agree. Otherwise, I don’t see the resemblance, at all (either physically or in playing style, skills and strengths).

  • deano

    GSW need a veteran PG next season, as insurance in case Curry’s ankle problems persist. Kidd would be perfect in that role; as long as acquiring him does not inhibit a solution to GSW’s greatter need for a back-up center, as insurance in case Bogut’s ankle problems persist. There is no one on the roster now who is a competent sub at center, whereas Jenkins is a competent sub at PG.

  • Fighting Oyster Brains

    If we are talking about hometown folks what about Gooden? F/C solid stats for 20-25 minutes a game.

    Gooden or Kidd for MLE?

  • Stan

    Willow..Well,I do. IMO and all that.

  • Ewok

    I think Jason Kidd’s influence will spell a lot. He can mentor not only Steph, but the rest of the team, and he can command respect and attention.

    What i like about his game is the way he keeps the ball safe from turnovers, the way he directs and the way controls the tempo. Sure he isn’t the guy he used to be, but that’s only about one part of his game, which is scoring. As a guard, he is a good rebounder, and he can create a lot of plays and he is still tops when it comes to assists.

    As a back up, he can be safe from injuries because of his limited playing time, which he, as a future NBA coach, understands. When he is fresh off the bench and healthy, He is still deadly.

    One thing i have observed about Jason Kidd is that every guard that became a team mate of his, became good. Just an observation.

  • Dan

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve got an idea to help get J. Kidd here! He’s also the answer to Who will coach the Warriors when Mike Malone leaves? His name is Brian Shaw.


  • Tired Fan

    Why not Cousey? Slightly older and cheaper.

  • Todd Fuller

    Keep the silliness coming Stan. Your stupidity is highly entertaining.

  • Stan

    Yeah,sure Todd FullerBrushman. And when you have something to say..post away. I value who you think should be fourth string SG and the like….

  • Nigel Tufnel

    I would really hate to relegate Jenkins to the end of the bench and paltry minutes in garbage time after what he showed this year. Kidd might be good for a veteran playoff team, but that’s still a big question mark for the Warriors, if Jenkins gets steady playing time all year I think he’ll be ready, he’s already pretty tough and poised for a rookie.

  • robert rowell

    mentoring a third year player? maybe a few years ago, sure. look, kidd isn’t playing here. there are plenty of good teams WITH CAP SPACE for him to sign with. this team has more holes than the proverbial swiss cheese to sign an aging kidd in a complimentary role. but, sure, go ahead and dream, that’s all W’s fans have anyway.

  • JJ

    Warriors need to at least try. Kidd has a ring so maybe that’s not as high of a priority as it was before. It’s worth a shot. Add Kidd, Iguadala, and a backup big to the Core4 and this team is going places.

  • DM

    Yes! Get it done!

  • East Bay Ed

    Not really. I think it’s time for the Dub’s to develop their young talent. For years they have drifted young players who get limited playing time and soon disappear after a few years.