Warriors Assistant Michael Malone to Interview with Charlotte

Multiple sources confirm they have granted Charlotte permission to interview assistant coach Michael Malone for their head coaching vacancy. Yahoo! Sports first reported the Bobcats will interview Malone on Tuesday.

Malone, considered one of the NBA’s top assistant coaches, was expected to be a hot commodity this offseason. Malone is under contract for two more years with the Warriors. But Golden State general manager Bob Myers acknowledged Malone would likely be a head coaching candidate this offseason.

Charlotte fired Paul Silas last week after the Bobcats finished 7-59, registering the worst win percentage (.106) in NBA history.


Marcus Thompson

  • Just the first of his many interviews coming up I’m sure…

    Who will coach the Warriors when Mike Malone leaves? http://www.trappedingoldenstate.com/2012/05/who-will-coach-warriors-when-mike.html

  • Samrodin

    Charlotte? Mike, big mistake. Jordan knows not how to run a team. Head coach yes, Charlotte, no. Wait for the right situation Mike, meanwhile stay here where the weather is beautiful there is much to do and I’m sure your family is happy, family first Mike!!!!

  • No Unibrow=No Malone in Charlotte…

    He won’t commit there before the ping pong balls drop on May 30th…He’s crazy if he does…

    I’m sure between now and then he’ll talk to Portland, Orlando and the Clippers when they get eliminated…who am I forgetting? Toronto? New York maybe if Jackson declines their money?

  • Ron

    Nowhere to go but up there!

  • Stan

    Don’t make me laugh MT2. Top assistant? Its basketball..simple. I mean Portland’s successful head coach was some college kid volunteer in the FO six years ago. Now he’s a maestro.
    Didn’t all the mistakes Lacob made, I warned him not to do two years ago? I told him-hire Sloan GM,hire Barnett as temp coach,get rid of small ball..did he listen?

  • dknight007

    If the Warriors lose Malone, this team will have a huge hole to fill.

    Warriors need to do whatever it takes to keep Malone around.

    A player the Warriors should be scouting hard right now is Vanderbilt swingman 6’7, 227 pound Jeffrey Taylor.

    Good defensive player with big time athletic skills, who has a solid offensive game with decent outside jumper that he is still developing. He can be plugged in at the 3 spot and do well and even spell Thompson at the 2 when needed.

  • Dknight, I’ve been hearing his name more and more and looks like he’d be a great pick if he slid to #30. How about the center from Vandy? The mock I saw projected him at the bottom of the round too. He might be the defensive back up we need and would also be a great pick that low in the round…I must’ve been sleeping on Vanderbilt this season.

  • AP


    i dont understand when people say i told “owner, or manager, or GM , etc, to do something and they didnt listen. They know the people they are hiring more then you do as people and evaluator. You think Jerry sloan would just up and say OKAY ill be the warriors GM as his first job post coaching.

  • Stan

    Really? then why did the Raiders think my suggestion they hire a life coach for JR was such a good idea-they did? They read. A great idea is a great idea.

    And remember, Sloan felt he had been done dirty by Utah and Darrin Williams. It would have been a natural progression of Sloan to come right back as Warrior GM…AND unlike fellow 70+ year old Jerry West,Sloan couldn’t have been more in the loop with today’s NBA.
    Jim Barnett? Sounds much like Phil Jackson..would have fit perfect as a temp-teacher..then move back to the booth.
    How ironic I did mention Randy Bennet as the best candidate HC from college. Because as it turned out-he’s a great Aussie recruiter and now we have Bogut.
    And Sloan? what better mentor for Meyers then the never tasted success Riley? Meyers doesn’t need Riley how to teach him to be nice. Or how to deal with the press and be humble. He needed somebody to teach him a system to win.

    When Lacob said he had done real research on the team before he bought?..bringing back that loser coaching staff or even Fitz,showed he didnt knwo what he was getting after all. As us fans have seen the Warriors since the Beatles were big news…I think I/we had a better idea of this teams faults and must needs.

  • Young

    Marcus – Is it too early to talk draft? – If so, sorry but I gotta post!

    Draft heads were right, this draft has great freshmen AND great sophomores from last year.

    Seems everyone has us picking Lamb at 7. He’s talented but is a shooter and all we have is shooters. We need a slasher (preferably at the 3, but somewhere)…

    Its early but I like 2 guys now that fit us, Terrance Ross – Washington and Terrance Jones – Kentucky.

    I say we trade our 6 overall for Houstons #14 and #16 picks, bc there only appear to be 4 sure fire players (drummond, davis, MKG and Robinson)

  • dknight007

    No way Taylor slips to #30. W’s should try and trade the #7 pick to the Rockets #14 and #16 pick. Get Fab Melo and Jeffrey Taylor with those picks.

    Taylor is a player the Warriors should be scouting hard right now. The Vanderbilt swingman is 6’7, 227.

    Good defensive player with big time athletic skills, who has a solid offensive game with decent outside jumper that he is still developing. He can be plugged in at the 3 spot and do well and even spell Thompson at the 2 when needed.

  • dknight007

    If the Warriors stay at #7, they should target Perry Jones from Baylor!

  • dknight007

    Harrison Barnes or Perry Jones are the two players the W’s should target with that #7 pick, if they keep it.

  • dknight007

    Here is the ideal draft situation for the Warriors this year:

    #7- Perry Jones, 6’11, 237, SF/PF, Baylor
    #30- Jeffrey TaYlor, 6’7, 225 SG,SF, Vanderbilt

  • Young

    That makes sense (Jones and Taylor)

    I wouldnt be mad at all. Only reason I leave jones is because the warriors have a bad track record with tall skinny bigs (b wright, anthony randolph…etc). Our luck is, the guys never develop before we have to dump them (or renew rookie contract)

    Too much bad luck for fans to wait for a draft pick to develop. Thats why we love Klay and loved curry. They were good year one…