Stanford’s Josh Owens, Washington’s Tony Wroten, Vandy’s Jeffrey Taylor Highlight Warriors’ Double Workout Today

The Warriors are holding a couple workouts today. The two sessions will feature a slew of 6-7 types, several second-round possibilities, and two locals. There are a couple likely first-round candidates: Washington’s Tony Wroten, Vanderbilt SF Jefferey Taylor, who is projected towards the end of the draft, where the Warriors hold a pick. Here is a breakdown:



PF Draymond Green, Michigan State

6-7, 230 pounds

Projected: early second round

PG Tu Holloway, Xavier

6-0, 190 pounds

Projected: middle second round

PF Kevin Jones West Virginia

6-8, 260 pounds

Projected: Early second round

PG Scott Machado, Iona

6-1, 180 pounds

Projected: middle second round

SF Wendell McKines, New Mexico State (Richmond High)

6-6, 230

Projected: Undrafted

PF Josh Owens, Stanford

6-8, 240

Projected: Late second round to undrafted



PF Anthony Jones, Baylor

6-10, 195

Projected: Undrafted

SF Kris Joseph, Syracuse

6-7, 210

Projected: Middle to late second round

Khris Middleton, Texas A&M

6-7, 217

Projected: undrafted

SF Jeffrey Taylor, Vanderbilt

6-7, 225

Projected: Late first round

PG Maakik Wayns, Villanova

6-2, 200

Projected: undrafted

PG/SG Tony Wroten, Washington

6-5, 205

Projected: middle to late first round

Marcus Thompson