Stanford’s Josh Owens, Washington’s Tony Wroten, Vandy’s Jeffrey Taylor Highlight Warriors’ Double Workout Today

The Warriors are holding a couple workouts today. The two sessions will feature a slew of 6-7 types, several second-round possibilities, and two locals. There are a couple likely first-round candidates: Washington’s Tony Wroten, Vanderbilt SF Jefferey Taylor, who is projected towards the end of the draft, where the Warriors hold a pick. Here is a breakdown:



PF Draymond Green, Michigan State

6-7, 230 pounds

Projected: early second round

PG Tu Holloway, Xavier

6-0, 190 pounds

Projected: middle second round

PF Kevin Jones West Virginia

6-8, 260 pounds

Projected: Early second round

PG Scott Machado, Iona

6-1, 180 pounds

Projected: middle second round

SF Wendell McKines, New Mexico State (Richmond High)

6-6, 230

Projected: Undrafted

PF Josh Owens, Stanford

6-8, 240

Projected: Late second round to undrafted



PF Anthony Jones, Baylor

6-10, 195

Projected: Undrafted

SF Kris Joseph, Syracuse

6-7, 210

Projected: Middle to late second round

Khris Middleton, Texas A&M

6-7, 217

Projected: undrafted

SF Jeffrey Taylor, Vanderbilt

6-7, 225

Projected: Late first round

PG Maakik Wayns, Villanova

6-2, 200

Projected: undrafted

PG/SG Tony Wroten, Washington

6-5, 205

Projected: middle to late first round

Marcus Thompson

  • rockridge

    Warrior’s need to take a serious look at Jeffery Taylor as well as Kevin Jones…

    Tony Wroten “late second round to undrafted?” — last time I checked he’s projected in the late first round to early second.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Kevin Jones is a guy that won’t wow anyone with his athleticism, but is a sure-fire rotation player for years to come. He led the BigEast in scoring and was second in the nation in rebounding. See DaJuan Blair, please, then let me know whether Kevin Jones would be a great pick or not for the Dubs! Plus, Jones has his ACLs. He may be there for our first second round pick, but I think we need to go after him with our #30 pick.