Warriors Get the No. 7 Pick, Keep Their First-Rounder

Golden State fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The Warriors landed the No. 7 pick in Wednesday’s NBA draft lottery, which means they’ll get to keep their first-round draft pick this season.

Golden State hasn’t moved up in the lottery since 1995, when they won the top pick and selected Joe Smith. But the Warriors were just happy they didn’t fall back. If the Warriors had dropped below No. 7, the pick would have gone to the Utah Jazz based on a previous trade.

Golden State finished the season tied with Toronto for the seventh-worst record in the NBA. But the Warriors won a tie-breaker performed by the league that slotted them No. 7 and the Nets No. 8.

Keeping the pick is a big boost for Golden State’s offseason plans. The Warriors will have a crack at some of the better prospects in the draft — such as North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes and Baylor’s Perry Jones. Perhaps more important, the Warriors now have four picks including a lottery pick. That makes pulling off a trade for a difference-maker much more possible.

Marcus Thompson

  • DW

    Trade the pick. No more kids. But what veteran is out there? Everybody says we need a vet but never any names. Who is “gettable”? Even remotely?

  • Incredible


  • Grey Warden

    David Stern’s way of fixing the mess he made with the Chris Paul trade. Give the Hornets #1 pick. Also doesn’t hurt that he also owns the Hornets at the moment as well.

  • Stan

    If West saw things in Kobe..now’s the time for West to go out in a splash.
    Whoever they pick,should have a muscle on him.

  • chris

    Out of curiosity, what was the trade that would have given Utah our pick?

  • Young

    @ Chris – The point guard Williams trade.

    I also wanna know who we can trade for. Seems like we are stuck with curry bc of the ankle…

    bogut and lee are too old to draft a youngster. Hope myers is worth his salt as a gm…

  • commish

    Maybe the Cohan years of carnage are finally over, knock on wood. Now we have a new, you and presumably good GM, a new direction (West I guess eventually), and now some good luck in the draft. Go Warriors.

  • ArmChair GM

    With the number 7 pick of the 2012 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors select…Perry Jones! After Perry Jones gets acclimated to the NBA game this is what I see…

    Steph Curry 6’3
    Klay Thompson 6’7
    Perry Jones 6’10/11
    David Lee 6’9
    Andrew Bogut 7’0

    I’m geeked about that starting lineup.

    Size at every position, and a SF with athleticism that has the size IN TIME to successfully compete against the likes of Durant and Lebron.

    Let’s go Myers, make the right move!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Trade the #7 pick with Biedrins, Jefferson and DWright to the Hawks for Joe Johnson and Pachulia. The Hawks aren’t going anywhere with their current line-up and are married to Johnson for another four years with a HUGE contract. In one or two years (if both Beans and RJ opt in for final year of contracts), they’ll be rid of those contracts and will have the #7 pick of this year developing on a rookie contract. Hey, Joe Johnson was the #10 pick in 2001. This year’s #7 could turn out better.

    Why do the Warriors do it? First off, they get rid of AB’s disgusting contract. They part ways with Jefferson (seriously on the decline) and get an outstanding, albeit aging and very expensive veteran wing in Joe Johnson who is a good leader, team player and can potentially run the point at times with Steph and Klay as wings.

    Draft Kevin Jones of WVU or Festus Ezell from Vandy with the #30 pick and use the two 2nd rounders to move up high enough to get whichever one of the two we didn’t get.

    Re-sign McGuire and Rush

    Our Warriors:
    PG – Curry/Jenkins
    SG – Thompson/Rush
    SF – Johnson/McGuire
    PF – Lee/Jones/Tyler
    C – Bogut/Pachulia/Ezell

  • rotfogel

    Warriors must NOT select either Perry Jones or Andre Drummond. Drummond was a very very average player with almost no basketball skill and Perry Jones played with sans sack.

    Personally I’d like to see the W’s take either Jared Sulinger or Terrance Jones. Sulinger is big and will rebound and get put backs immediately. Jones can defend both forward positions and reminds me of a young Ron Artest in his ability to hit the three.


  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    Jerry West has stated that he see’s 8 difference makers in this draft, so I think the Warriors will be keeping their high pick at #7 in the lottery. I highly doubt we will pass on the chance of letting West do his magic with a high pick, especially if he says he see’s 8 kids he likes and we have the 7th pick, it would be different if we had the 11th pick or 13th, but we have the 7th in what is considered a talented draft class.

    7th pick (PJ3, harrison barnes, royce white)

    6. Rush-(2/3
    7. Mcguire (3/4
    8. Jenkins-(1/2
    9. Tyler-(4/5
    10. 30th pick-(4
    11. Beidrins-(5

    now how do we turn Jefferson, dWright, cwright and two 2nd picks into jason kid?

  • Derek

    #9 You’re right on target, perfect trade and draft. The only objection I have with your roster is the fact you excluded Chris Wright. Chris Wright will be a beast if given the opportunity. The guy is quick, he hustles, built like a body builder and can jump out of the gym. Wright is an inside player who knows his strengths and weaknesses. He’ll be much better than Rush, Tyler and many other on the roster. In my opinion he has a chance to be a star if given the opportunity. Currently he’s still fighting his undrafted status.

  • Derek

    Great teams have quick, speedy point guards who can attack and kick. Look at the teams and the point guards still playing !

    The Warriors have Curry who does neither. Curry is a shooting guard who should be traded, he will NEVER be an elite or above average PG. How dumb of the Warriors to pass on a Rondo/Curry trade. Management buffoonery at its most common.

  • moreaufan2

    I even like orlando Johnson from UC Santa barbara for one of the later picks. he can play the 3 also and has great size. So if we want we can get Sullinger or Lillard at 7

  • moreaufan2

    But From what Bob meyers said, he wants to draft a starter. they are going to blow it