Warriors Intrigued by Free Agent PF/C Jordan Hill


Here’s a name to put on the list of Warriors’ big man options: Jordan Hill. 

According to league sources, the Warriors are intrigued by the prospects of signing Hill. The 6-foot-10, 235-pound PF/C is an unrestricted free agent who emerged as a quality back-up big man for the Lakers. 

He’s an athletic big man with enough size and skill to play behind projected starters Andrew Bogut and David Lee. That’s important for the salary cap-strapped Warriors, who have only the mid-level exception to offer. 
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Michigan State’s Draymond Green Falls to Warriors at No. 35

The Warriors have selected Michigan State senior power forward Draymond Green with the No. 35 overall pick.

Green, who averaged 10.5 points and 7.6 rebounds for his career with the Spartans, was projected to be a middle to late first-round pick. Earlier this week, Memphis (No. 25) and Indiana (No. 26) were reportedly interested in selecting Green. But because of his low ceiling and tweener status, he dropped into the second round.

Green is known for his versatility and clutchness. He has the skills to play point forward and rebounds well. He’s had several big performances in the NCAA tournament thanks to his high basketball IQ and sense of pressure. At 6-foot-7, 236-pounder, he’s undersized for a power forward though he doesn’t have the skills of an NBA small forward. He lacks in athleticism, but he is NBA ready and by most accounts a steal for the Warriors.



Warriors Select Vanderbilt’s Festus Ezeli with the No. 30 Pick

After getting a small forward with the No. 7 pick, the Warriors get a big man they like: Vanderbilt center Festus Ezeli.

The 6-foot-11, 264-pound big man from Sacramento by way of Nigeria impressed the Warriors when he worked out with the Warriors.  He played four years at Vanderbilt, averaging 7.7 points, 5.9 rebounds and 1.7 blocks for his career. His best season was his junior year when he averaged 13.0 points, 6.3 rebounds and 2.6 blocks.

He’s known for his great size and excellent shot blocking ability. He plays hard, especially on defense, and can finish around the basket. He certainly fills the Warriors’ desire for toughness.

Ezeli graduated from high school in Nigeria at age 14. He moved to Sacramento with his uncle, a pediatrician. His new guardian didn’t think it was wise to put a 14-year-old in college so he sent Ezeli back to high school and enrolled in Sacramento’s Jesuit High. That’s when he started playing basketball.

He was cut by his high school team. At 16, he started taking classes at junior college. He wasn’t eligible to play for the basketball team, but he practiced with the squad while serving as a videographer.



Warriors GM Bob Myers on No. 7 Pick, UNC’s Harrison Barnes: “We’re Thrilled. We Love This Player.”

Once the Portland Trail Blazers selected Oakland’s own Damian Lillard, a point guard out of Weber State, Warriors general manager Bob Myers said his phone went berzerk.

North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes was still on the board.

“My phone almost blew up with people wanting our pick, wanting our player,” Myers said. “He’s got great value and he fits what we need.”

The Warriors happily selected Barnes — a 6-foot-8, 210-pound sophomore small forward —with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft. It was, for the Warriors’ front-office, an acceptable selection.

Barnes fell to the Warriors after expecting to be a top five pick thanks to a couple of surprising selections ahead of the Warriors.

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Test Your Mock Draft Skills, Take Over My Blog

Here is your chance to show your draft studness. Post your prediction of the first 14 picks of the 2012 NBA draft in the comments section. Whoever gets the most right will win a rare opportunity — I’ll let you write a Warriors/NBA-related post on my blog (and promote it as if it were my own). One point for each correct pick. In the event of a tie, each will get his or her own post.

You game?


Mark Jackson: “I Was Wrong. We Must Live Holy.”

The Warriors confirmed reports that coach Mark Jackson was the victim of an extortion attempt, which was thwarted by the FBI.

The boyfriend of Jackson’s former mistress, a New York stripper he had an affair with six years ago, tried to blackmail Jackson beginning in April, according to an article on The Smoking Gun. The boyfriend threatened Jackson with releasing compromising pictures and voicemail messages from his effort if Jackson didn’t give him at least $185,000. But as a result of the sting operation by Jackson and the FBI, both the boyfriend and the former mistress were arrested.

Jackson released the statement to CBSSports.com:

My family and I were the victims of an extortion scheme.

The scheme began on April 3, 2012, when the Warriors were in Memphis to play the Grizzlies. A man approached me at the team hotel with personal information which he threatened to sell to a tabloid. At the time, he demanded a substantial sum of money. Regrettably, I paid him. In retrospect, I understand that this was a terrible lapse in judgment and a course of action I would not recommend to anyone.

Following the encounter in Memphis – a little over two weeks later – the extortionist sent an e-mail and phoned my wife, Desiree, making threats and demanding additional money. At that point, I informed the Warriors about the situation and asked for their guidance. We immediately notified the FBI, which promptly began an investigation.

The personal information in the extortion scheme related to a woman that I, mistakenly, had an extra-marital relationship with six years ago – prior to joining the Warriors – when I was a TV sports analyst. I made my wife aware of the relationship at that time, apologized to her and we reconciled. Obviously, my self-centered transgression at that time is not something I’m proud of, but I’m blessed to have an incredible wife, mother and partner and I thank the Lord for her each day.

I recognize the extremely poor judgment that I used both in having an affair six years ago – including the embarrassing communication I exhibited during that time – and in attempting to deal with the extortion scheme at first by myself. I made some egregious errors. I apologize for any embarrassment I may have caused my family, friends and, of course, the Warriors.

At that time in my life, I was not pastoring. Three years ago, my wife and I established a ministry. With deepest regret, I want to apologize to my Church Family.

I was wrong. We must live Holy.


The Warriors also released a statement regarding the extortion.

In response to media inquiries, Golden State Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson today confirmed that he and his family were the victims of an extortion scheme attempting to blackmail them in exchange for money. The suspects were arrested on June 25 by the FBI.

Jackson informed the Warriors of the extortion scheme in late April – three weeks after his first encounter with the extortionist – and solicited help from the organization. At that point, Jackson and the Warriors immediately contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Although not condoning his previous actions that led to the extortion attempt, the Warriors fully support Coach Jackson during this time and thank law enforcement authorities and the FBI for their prompt assistance in helping Coach Jackson and his family.



Mock Draft v. 3 — The Fans Speak

First off, thank you for submitting your mock drafts. We had a nice sample size, and your mock drafts perfectly sum up the 2012 draft season in that the picks were all over the place. Much like the media, and the front offices executives making the decision, fans have few concrete ideas about what is going on. Which makes perfect sense because nothing is set at this point. This draft is muddled with similar talent levels, making for plenty options and impossible predicting. But you gave it a go and I have to say, not bad.

Here is your mock draft.

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