The Joneses Working Out for Warriors on Monday

Golden State officially announced the workout schedule for Monday. The six-man group is highlighted by two serious candidates for Golden State’s No. 7 overall pick: Baylor’s Perry Jones III and Kentucky’s Terrence Jones.

Perry is the high-ceiling prospect with all the natural talent in the world, but there are questions about his ability to make it click with work ethic and drive. Terrence is the intangibles-toting prospect who probably can contribute some right away but lacks the wow factor and star potential. The two will face off in Oakland on Monday at the Warriors’ downtown facility.

Another interesting prospect that will be there: North Carolina’s Tyler Zeller, who is expected to be a mid-to-late first round choice. Like Terrence, No. 7 might be kind of high. But if he impresses, Golden State could reach down for him, or even trade down for him.

So Monday, the importance of the Warriors’ workouts will ratchet up a notch. Here is the complete list as announced by Golden State.

Marcus Thompson

  • sleepy freud

    Terrence is gonna school PJ3. Although I do like PJ#’s moniker. Terrence has star written all over him. Take him at #7 please!

  • Harvey Dent

    I cast my vote for Perry Jones.

  • Italy 415

    I 100% know that Perry will do great….He’ll be very motivated… I think all Warriors Brass need to sit down with him and find out where is head is not now but in the future once he signs his contract… If everything goes good and the Warriors have a great feel for Perry he would be the very best player for us to choose at (7)..

  • Niners in 2012

    If Drummond or Barnes doesn’t fall I hope we swing for the fences. I’ll be perfectly fine if the Warriors take a chance on PJ III.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    No on the Jones kids! Trade the pick, for crying out loud!
    Use the #7, Curry and Biedrins to get Rondo if KG isn’t going to re-sign with Boston. Or, use the #7 and Jefferson to get Igoudala.
    Or, use the #7 and Curry for the #2 (Kidd-Gilchrist) and Augustin.
    We need a difference maker and neither PJ3, nor Terence Jones will be one in the league.
    Jones from Baylor looks waaaaay too much like Anthony Randolph (or Carlos Rogers, for those of you who remember that fateful draft pick). Jones from Kentucky seems like Patrick Patterson. No thanks to either!

  • Niners in 2012

    You can’t let the AR thing bother you. We let the Patrick O’Bryant thing bother us so much we avoided Javale McGee and Roy Hibbert like the plague the next draft. We busted on AR, so what. We turned AR into David Lee. Ekpe Udoh was a bust, but we turned him into Andrew Bogut.

  • Young

    2 things.

    1)i’m just glad we have the 2 jones are playing vs each other. One of them should be good…(i prefer terrance)

    2.) according to this report we want rudy gay…

    Rudy Gay does not play with heart. I’m 100% against Gay or Granger. Note: Memphis was a better team without gay last years playoff than this year with Gay thats why they want to trade him…He doesnt mind loosing (no heart)

  • Steve

    Drummond? no I want Leonard. Drummond is just like Jeremy Tyler. Leonard is taller and works harder.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Jones from Kentucky has been rated as low as 15 in several mock drafts and Baylor’s Jones has bottomed out in the teens as well. Taking either one of them would be a reach. I trust Jerry West as much as the next man, but I think we use his brilliance with our later picks to let him work his magic. With our #7 pick, I’m curious to see what Bob Myers can make out of it. It’d be amazing if he packaged it with another player and turned it into a veteran all-star like Iggy or Rondo (my dream).

  • All this talk about obtaining a small forward….The Warriors need a very good Center to backup Bogut because who knows if he will return to form. They also need a very good backup point guard because the team does not know if Steph Curry’s ankle is going to hld up.
    Bottom line, they can’t afford to use the 7th pick on a Small forward. Besides, Dominic McGuire should be given every opportunity to be the starting Small Forward. He improved enough offensively to hold the postion. We have enough offense with Curry, Thompson, Lee and Bogut. WE NEED DOMINIC’S DEFENSE!
    Draft Damian Lillard or Kendall Marshall for a backup Point guard and either Tyler Zeller or Meyers Leonard for a backup Center. We can probably pull this off by keeping the 7th pick and combining the rest of the picks to move up. FORGET THE SMALL FORWARD!

  • rotfogel

    Terrance Jones is the pick. He’s got elite defense against both SF and PFs. Easy choice. He’s like Ron Artest v 2.0 but without the nutbag mind.

  • 360dubs

    If I had to take either of the Jones, I would take Terrence Jones.

    But if either of these prospects fall to #7, nab him.
    Drummond, Beal, or MKG.

  • SF Warriors

    It is amazing how under rated Terrence Jones is my mind. Every time I saw him play at Kentucky, I was hoping the Dubs would be able to keep their pick to get him. He will end up going high, as Sacramento is also intersted. He looks like a cross between Ron Artest and Lamar Odom to me.

  • PhilB

    Ekpe Udoh was not a bust. He had value (unlike POB). No way we get Bogut if Udoh isn’t in the deal.

  • dknight.007

    Perry Jones has more upside than the two dimensional Terrance Jones who doesn’t have the overall inside and outside game to be a SF in the NBA.

    Perry Jones has more upside and can be a star at the 4 SF in the NBA IF the Warriors know how to develop him.

    Have the Warriors learned their lesson when it comes to player development?? We’ll see…

  • sartre

    @14, Udoh has value and is no bust but a defensive specialist rotation player who is a sub-par rebounder and offensive player is a low return from the sixth pick.

  • moreaufan2

    I am not sold on T Jones yet, but i hope he can show he can play the 3 on this level!, he has to be able to it from the perimeter as well, I know he can rebound!