An Open Letter to LeBron James

I am not a sports journalist right now. I am a LeBron groupie coming out of the closet. And I am speaking on behalf of a nation of King James’ apologists.

Please, sir, get it done.

We don’t care that Oklahoma City is a better team and has home-court advantage. We don’t care that one of your key players, Chris Bosh, still isn’t 100 percent. We need you to come through for us.

We’re so tired of getting ‘The Decision’ thrown in our face every time we come across a hater. It no longer works to run off a list of Hall of Famers with no ring in defense of your bare knuckles. Your all-around greatness is no longer a sufficient rebuttal to attacks on your killer instinct. It’s time for you to come through. No excuses.

This is your third trip to the NBA Finals. Sure, that time with Cleveland, you had no help against the dominant Spurs. OK, last year was the first trip with The Heatles. You guys needed to learn how to win, something the resilient Mavericks had developed through years of disappointment. But what’s our fall back if you don’t win it this time? Which closet is big enough to hide all of us if you disappear down the stretch of a critical game?

Do you know how easy it would be to jump the platform and get on the Kevin Durant train? But we don’t want to be that husband in the mall with his wife sneaking peeks at the teeny-boppers who think life is an A&F commercial. We want to be proud of our favorite player, like the Kobe Bryant fans we envy (who can end any debate by pointing out his 5 championships). Do you know how silly we sound trying to diminish Kobe’s rings with the “but-he-had-Shaq-and-Gasol” whining? Ridiculous.

You see why it is imperative you get it done this time?

So, please, limit the step back jumpers and don’t settle for the pull-up when a switch leads to Kendrick Perkins guarding you. Stop walking the ball up so much and let the freight train loose. If Oklahoma City goes zone, force Erik Spoelstra to put you in the middle instead of Udonis Haslem. Stay off the refs’ back (and Mario Chalmers, too, for that matter) and focus on getting to your money spots on the floor. (As a personal favor, please dunk on Serge Ibaka so hard my wife will stop talking about how gorgeous he is.)

And for the love of Rick Barry … Make. Your. Free throws. Seriously.

Millions of your fans are on edge right now — Lions on their shirts, LBJ on their shoes, screaming at people to stop touching their lemonade. The odds are against you, no doubt. Bu that will only make it even sweeter. So, please. Be a beast this series. We need the King James Version to show up. Keep that Not Instinctively Villainous dude in the locker room.

Take over in the fourth quarter like you did against Detroit that year. Hit a game-winner like you did against Orlando. Put on one of them spectacular performances to change the tide of the series, like you did against Boston last round. We know you have it in you. We just need you to do it now. We don’t know how long we can fight off the Kobe lovers, if we can continue to force your name into the GOAT conversation, if we can continue getting our fix by ogling your stat line.

Yeah, we know you have the stats to summon the late Wilt Chamberlain. We know you’re capable of making plays spectacular enough to coax an expletive out of Ned Flanders. We know you are unselfish. We know you can play great defense. We know you do so many of the little things that make Hubie Brown tingle. Yes, you’re a first-ballot Hall of Famer. But right now, your die-hard supporters don’t need a basketball clinic. We need you to win a championship.


The Witnesses

Marcus Thompson

  • JMoney

    Woww.. Haha it doesn’t even matter if King James gets his first title because this was a shortened season. Many fans will look back on stats and figures decades from now and automatically this season will only be 2/3rds as important as the other years

  • J Canseco


  • Little creepy there MT…lol…

    GO KD! and stop shooting so damn much Russell!

  • Tay

    Hey MT great article I’m with ya man Lebron is a once in a lifetime athlete. Nobody moves with the speed, agility, skill and size, power on this planet seriously he is blowing by all WR and TE’s and he’s taller than em. I personally don’t really like the Heat but Lebron I love watching him he hustles all over the place can guard all 5 guys passes the ball like a PG and attacks the rim like nobody when he chooses too which should be every play. Sure he is cocky but what NBA player isn’t? If Lebron plays the way he usually does he deserves the title hell if ya ask me he should of been MVP and D player of the year. if he goes to the hoop and like ya said Marcus gets the ball in his spots he should dominate he is the best player in the world and honestly probably the best athlete throw him in the Decathlon at the Olympics this summer see what happens… I mean I’m not trying to be on him like that too hard but c’mon he is how you want your own kid too play there is a reason my 4 year old knows 3 players MJ, Lebron and I am on this blog for a reason Monta Ellis, still breaks my heart he’s gone, but hopefully we will be legit next year especially with the talent at #7 and everybody stays healthy

  • Pick n Roll


    …LBJ! Throw down that PBJ!

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Man, I am really going to relish seeing the Heat go down again. Not because of “The Decision” (although that was horrible), just because I’m against the Superstar gang-ups ruining the NBA.

  • pj

    dude, MT. I’ve been a reader of your blog for like 4 or 5 years now, and I don’t often post comments. But seriously, wtf are you writing here? This has nothing to do with anything and just shows you to be a straight fair-weather fan.

    I know you get a little defensive and take comments like this a little too personally from time to time, so I do want to say that I really enjoy the majority of your posts, also I wanna add that you seem to be on top of every big breaking news story before every other GSW writer. For that I commend you, but writing stuff like this… I don’t even know what else to say. Please stick to what you do best, because that’s what has kept me coming back to read for all these years. Not you spewing some nonsense about heart in an “open letter” that LBJ will obviously never read.

  • Incredible

    I’m fine with it.

    If dude is a fan of a player, let him be a fan. We’re all fans- even the writers. That’s why they write and that’s why we read. He did this more for himself- and if we enjoyed it, that’s a plus. Let him.

    I like the Thunder. I love the players on that team- everything about them. But somehow, I kinda felt myself almost rooting for the Heat too a little. Maybe because they are the underdog. Maybe because the Thunder will get theirs- no damn doubt about it. Either way, it’ll be a fun series and I’ll enjoy it. A lot.

  • bigkat

    First time I’ve ever seen the NIV referenced in a sports article. 🙂

  • Fire Bob Fitzgerald

    Should have known that MT was a LBJ apologist…

  • DW

    >>>Do you know how easy it would be to jump the platform and get on the Kevin Durant train?

    << I assume it's just as easy as hopping on the Lebron train in the first place.

    It will be funny watching you 'witness' this 3 TIME LOSER go down again! Kobe is passing the torch to Durant, not to Squire James.

  • Black-White Kidd

    Either way you slice it, Miami is way under-powered to take on OKC. KD is the baddest man in the NBA right now and Lebron is more hype than actual talent. Granted, he came straight out of High School and made the NBA exciting once again, but he still isn’t the “five-tool player” (excuse the baseball reference) that Miami really needs. I say this, because being a player on a team involves spreading the ball around, there’s no L,B,R,O or N in TEAM. What Miami needs to do in order to take home the trophy is keep OKC guessing, there’s no guessing in who the point leader is going to be here.

  • manhattanproj

    always and forever will be a FAN….Against LBJ.

    not one, not two, not three, not four…..how about we just keep it at NONE.

    not trying to hate. and he’s a really really great player, just don’t think he deserves any rings after those antics and celebrations before even playing a game. total disrespect for the game and other teams.

    if this was baseball, he should get hit everytime at the plate.

  • stan

    Did you report that the Warriors settled with Monta’s victim?

  • stan

    Or,as Lacob called him, Mon tuh.

  • stan

    Aand MT2..I agree. I’ve seen plenty of James interviews..seems like a good guy.
    Why were some letters in bold face?

  • bigkat


    KJV is a common abbreviation for the King James Version of the Bible (completed in 1611 named after that other King James that was actually a King). NIV is the abbreviation for the New International Version of the Bible (completed a bit more recently, I know there was a revision in 1984 that a lot of people have. It may have been published before that too). Some people like it because it uses more a more modern vocabulary than the KJV, making it easier to read. But it’s not named after anyone interesting.

  • stan

    Thanks BC. I live to learn.

  • stan

    BK..I meant.

  • At first I thought this was unprofessional, but then I realized, hey, why not let your fan side show once in a while. At least now people know where you’re coming from. (Kind of embarrassingly puerile though.)

  • stretch

    MTII probably admired Lebron’s comment after losing to Dallas in the finals, basically ripping the common man saying “They’ll still have their same problems when they wake up tomorrow” while he’ll still be the “King”

    Way to read the room there Marcus

  • Well, i don’t have the same opinion…

  • Marcus Thompson

    Ollie Hoop,

    I was just having fun. Why is everyone so serious?

  • Stan

    Oh,yeah the I’ll still be Lebron..as I recall,he was asked after a tough loss and getting unsolicited hate mail and from columnists(hate males??) too.
    Maybe he should be like Barry Zito? admired because he doesn’t complain??..LOL..what does he have to complain about from the Giants-to the fans??..Heck,he probably admires himself for how well he’s lost zen-like for a half decade now !!

  • Dave

    So is Marcus Thompson for or against the superstar gang-ups ruining the NBA?