Warriors Summer League Schedule

Golden State will play five games during the Las Vegas Summer League, the NBA announced.

July 11: practice

July 12: practice

July 13: vs. Los Angeles Lakers

July 14: vs. Denver Nuggets

July 16: vs. Phoenix Suns (scrimmage)

July 18: vs. Miami Heat

July 20: vs. Chicago Bulls

July 21: vs. New Orleans Hornets

Rookies Charles Jenkins and Jeremy Tyler will play. Klay Thompson may not take part in summer league since he’ll be practicing with Team USA from July 6-11. Even before Thompson’s addition to the Team USA select team was announced, GM Bob Myers suggested Thompson played enough as a rookie to negate the need for him to play in summer league.

However, Thompson is a gym rat who just might talk himself onto the court.

The Warriors could also have as many as 4 draft picks on the squad, too, since they have pick Nos. 7, 30, 35 and 56

Marcus Thompson

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I’d love Chris Wright to participate on our squad, as well.

  • john

    Ah, in this ever changing world where almost every day brings news of change, it’s comforting to know that at least one event remains constant. June brings the NBA playoffs along with Warrior eternal hopes for another chance in the lottery with the opportunity to watch this year’s next great player hooping with other youngsters in the summer league. Oh, how those fans in South Beach, Los Angeles, Boston, and even Oklahoma City, have to be jealous of our basketball largesse!

  • Derek

    Why do I get the feeling those morons in the front office still fail to comprehend what they have in Chris Wright. That guy has more upside than either Jenkins or Tyler (both of whom I like). The dubs are terrible at player development and evaluating.

  • haastheman

    Chris wright will not factor in this teams future plans. He’s a 6’8 PF, this team is concerned with having players with positional size, and he does not. I’m interested in seeing how Jenkins and Tyler have progressed this offseason. This is important because it will shape how we draft. I think we need a pg in the draft, jenkins is a good back-up, but no starter, and unfurtinately our back-up needs to be a pretty good starter due to Curry’s injury problems. Trade the 7 pick for a sf and backup pf, and draft pg with late first

  • Ron

    See you in Vegas!