Oakland native Damian Lillard to Workout Solo for Warriors on Sunday

Golden State officially announced the workout schedule for Sunday. The six-man group is not the real story. The real story is the seventh guy: Damian Lillard. He’s going to wait until the six guys workout, then he’s going to do a private workout for the Warriors – at Golden State’s request.

The point guard from Weber State, who is from Oakland, is projected to go top 10. Could he be going No. 7 to the Warriors? Could the Warriors be sizing him up to see who wants him, and maybe use him as trade bait? Or do they know they don’t want him but want to do their due diligence on the prospects in their backyard?

Here’s a theory: Word is Portland wants Lillard. So maybe the Warriors are working out a deal with Portland to trade down – giving Portland the No. 6 pick and Lillard. Golden State could swap No. 7 for No. 11 and other stuff (say J.J. Hickson). Why would the Warriors need to work him out privately to pull that off? I don’t know! I said it was a theory.

Marcus Thompson

  • Mike

    Here’s another theory: Curry to Charlotte for the #2 pick. The Warriors take Kidd-Gilchrist at 2 and Lillard at 7.

  • StacksonDeck

    Hmmm, they want the #11 pick and Nicholas Batum in sign/trade! Or they want to scare the blazers that they would pick him at 7 so he won’t be there at 11, Forcing the blazers to pick him at 6! ….. Or they just like him. =)

  • Gabe

    TBH Curry isn’t worth the #2 currently IMO.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I love Mike’s theory, if the Warriors really like Lillard, but there are three problems with it.
    1) Charlotte already has D.J. Augustin and Kemba Walker, so they’d want to part with one of those guys if they’re bringing back hometown hero Steph Curry.
    2) I don’t think Charlotte would do Steph for #2 straight-up. We’d have to sweeten the deal.
    3) I think Lillard will be gone by #7, with Portland taking him #6.
    Solution: 3-way trade
    Charlotte receives Steph, Dorell and Portland’s #10
    Portland receives Augustin or Walker and the Warriors’ #7
    Warriors receive Charlotte’s #2 (Kidd-Gilchrist) and Portland’s #6 (Lillard)

  • JRidah

    Its all because of our clubs that players want to come here. We are the clubbin destination for the playas yo!

  • Italy 415

    R u crazy why would Charlotte trade the #2 for a guy that nobody knows if hes heathy.. I wouldn’t do it but a trade of #7/ Biedrich to Portland (for) JJ Hickson and #11.. My Favorite would be trade our two 1st round picks for Houston two 1st rounders…

  • sartre

    If Steph is healthy why would anyone want to trade him for the uncertainty of two lottery draft picks and then wait for them to develop into nba players? The dubs want to win now and are not in a rebuilding phase. They need a quality PG which the healthy Steph provides them. If Steph can’t stay healthy next season the team can then consider other directions.

  • Young

    Every golden state fan loves Mike’s proposal which tells me Charlotte wont…

    Sounds like good GM work by Myers. Dude tested like a freak athlete so why not see if he’s any good. Also everyone has us pegged for a SF and with few options at our disposal. Bad position to trade from. This makes other GM’s think we have other good options…

  • Dave

    Deal Curry. Let the other teams think this last surgery will be the cure while we all know it won’t.

  • Niners in 2012

    Enough talk about trading down! Why would we want to help Portland land Lillard at #7 to go with possibly Drummond at #6, geez? Lillard, Batum, Aldridge, Drummond.. that’s scary.. you’re basically giving Portland a playoff spot for the next decade.

  • Niners in 2012

    Reasons you trade down are to add picks, shed salary. We don’t need anymore picks and shedding salary does not help, we’re not gonna have capspace anytime soon. Biedrins and RJefferson are 11 months away from being valuable expiring contracts.

  • Gswfan24

    You keep Curry and add Lillard for insurance..if Curry is indeed healthy you can always deal Lillard

  • moreaufan2

    Sorry but lilliard would be an easy pick for me! he is more explosive and can do more on the basketball court than Curry. I like Curry but his lack of athleticism hurts us at the one!!!!!!!!! He can dribble but cant penetrate and get to the foul line, He is not very explosive t the basket either, nor can he guard other PG’s in the league! He is a spot up shooter and he does that well, but he should not be the starter! he should be a Jamal Crawford or Andre Miller that comes off the bench and provides instant shooting ability, but not a premier guard, thats why he hardly even played for the USA team, He wasnt good enough!

  • mick

    If we are taking the best available player and Barnes, Beal, and MKG are off the board then we should go Lilliard. Check out his you tube mix. He’d be a top 5 pick if he went to Kentucky and MKG would be top 10-15 if he went to Weber st. If you look at Lilliard’s numbers and experience he’s similar to Curry when he came out, just more athletic. So here’s a theory draft Lilliard keep him and package Curry and his bum ankle with Beans or Jefferson and our late first…..for Josh smith, Iggy or Gay. Plus you have to pay Curry 10mil plus next year. Where Lilliard is on a 4 year rookie contract. The most sense would Josh Smith who wants out and is on the last year of his contract. Worst case keep Lilliard and Curry, for when Curry goes down this year.

  • Ap

    If gs offered curry straight up for the number 2 I’d do it if I was charolette.. Curry never had injury issues until this year.. Ankles will heal.. Monta had a much much more serious 1 and he recovered b/c of rest. I don’t think u guys remember how good steph really is……. 35 PT triple double as a ROOKIE and at end of rookie year he was averaging about 23/7/4 outplaying Westbrook when the played who is the STARTING pg on a finals team

  • Rich

    We have to work out Lillard, to at least put out the smoke screen that will take him at 7 so that Portland takes him at 6 which will allow one of top six to fall to them. Top six in no specific order Davis, Thomas MKG, Beal, Drummond, Barnes. Ideally it’s Barnes who falls to them.

  • EV

    They could also be figuring that there won’t be a good #3 available so pick a true point guard, move Curry to the #2 and Clay to the #3 with rotation of bigger guys off the bench.

  • dknight007

    why would charlotte trade their #2 for curry?? haha

    you guys are smoking!

  • Hghbhkb

    The solution would be for curry to stay healthy so other teams want him in a trade, his ankle
    Won’t last long, he has already been under the knife twice!

  • Young
  • haastheman

    Technically speaking the only players on the roster this team choose are Klay, Lee, and Bogut. I’m not surprised that they’re kicking the tires on pg’s, they can’t be sold on Curry from what they’ve seen so far. Although, i do like kendall marshall more than lillard. Lacob has a real opportunity to shape his team this offseason, and the best part, he already has his big man. Not only does he have his big man, he has draft picks in a meaningful draft. I think they’ll trade the pick and a player, either biedrens, wright or jefferson, for a three like batum or wilson chandler and a back up big.

  • moreaufan2

    Wow, that comment of moving Curry to the two wudnt make sene for GS becuz if that was the case they could have kept Monta. But I believe teams with Small guards can win. Look at what the Clippers did with Paul and Billups? And once Billups was hurt they went with Foye if i am not mistaking. Ist all about defense, and if u can be active on defense you can win, the Dubs were not active enough on D to win last year in my opinion! Klay and Curry are the same player to me, just one is 6’8, With Lillard you get a Scoring PG who can pass as well and break down the Defense and dish to other guys! Lillard will have what hye did not have in college, guys around him that can create so he wont have to do as much of that!

  • moreaufan2

    I never saw us trap or really put pressure on teams like they did to us. Jenkin got the ball taken from him like every other game, why, because other PG’s would make him work! Thats what we will have to do! With Lillard we now will have a PG who is fast enough to keep up with other guards! Taking Lillard would send a message to everyone that we can develop talent!

  • BSPN reports Sullinger was diagnosed with a bulging “mass” in his back. They go into project Sullinger may not even be considered in the first round.

    Supposedly the condition is exacerbated by a “tight” hamstring & flexor tendon in his accompanying hip.

    I’m here to tell you I have a back condition 9three crushed nerves in my lower lumbar region) exacerbated by a hamstring pull & accompanying “tightness” in the flexor tendon area. This causes me tightness & discomfort & have depleated my physical effectivity. I am slightly built so don’t have the added ingredient of a weight problem to mitigate the situation. This “weighty” issue (pardon the pun) has to be a definite “red flag” not only to the W’s but the remainder of the league.

    Glad this came to the surface now. . .

  • Trailblazers wouldn’t want another draft pick unless they wanted to move into the second pick to take Kidd-Gilchrist. That would leave a donut hole @ the point that even Jason Kidd couldn’t solve in the long term.

    Still think the W’s best bet is to move into the aforementioned #2 slot, but who to package? The only likely candidates are Klay & Steph & the Bobcat’s already are stocked @ the point. Unless they would be trading, say, Kemba Walker & the #2 for the #7 & Steph. . .

    Lillard would be insurance for Steph & allow him to play the 2, mitigating primary ballhandling responsibilities. . .Klay would then be the 3? Supposedly he is a relatively weak rebounder but as a 3 he would have the quickness advantage but give up height mismatch almosd nightly. . .but the backcourt depth would be something else!

    McGuire would have to stay & this would almost make Rush redundant. . .Wright would get another chance & perhaps more touches with a glut of ballhandlers. . .

  • sco

    Maybe Trading Steph to Kings for Tyreke, so Kings can trade 5 + Steph to Bobcats? We take Lillard and slide Klay or Reke to 3. Would be super interesting to see;


    The upgrade would seemingly be athleticism in exchange for a little less bball IQ and shooting prowess. Whatever they do, I hope they are able to package Bieds or RJ in a deal for some cap relief.

  • PhillyJ

    Josh Smith is available it seems. Hawks want to move up.

    Biedrins (for salary cap matching) + #7 for JSmoove!

  • PhillyJ

    No Tyreke Evans..he would be a cancer to the team. (his play, not his personality)

  • dknight007

    Ugh….do you people need to keep on over thinking this?

    The pick should be Barnes if he falls, which he won’t, so the next candidate should be Perry Jones. After that, it should be Terrance Jones.

    Perry Jones has more upside than Terrance…obviously!

    And you guys wanted damaged goods in the one dimensional Sullinger two weeks ago? haha

  • Young

    How can the wizards trade Rashard lewis’ horrific contract and we are still stuck with Andris?