Warriors Notes: Could Deng or Dion Be Fits for the Warriors?

Still have a week before draft day, meaning still a lot of time for things to change. Here is what I’m hearing regarding the Warriors.

Per the NBA rumor mill, the Chicago Bulls are entertaining giving up Luol Deng to get into the NBA draft lottery. According to sources, Golden State hasn’t talked with Chicago about Deng yet. But Deng is on the Warriors’ short list of veteran small forwards they’d be interested in.

Chicago would have to take some of the Warriors’ baggage in return, such as Richard Jefferson or Andris Biedrins, along with the No. 7 pick. The Bulls may get better offers. Trade talks, from the Warriors end, have been fairly slow. But things won’t pick up in earnest anyway until next week, as the June 28 draft nears.


Here is a couple name to throw into the mix for the No. 7 pick: Syracuse SG Dion Waiters and Washington SG/SF Terrence Ross.

According to sources, Waiters is high on the Warriors’ draft board. The 6-foot-4, 221-pound guard has impressed several teams and appears to be one of the hot names. He impresses the Warriors because of his ability to score, create offense and also play point guard. He’s got good size for a point guard. Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said Waiters’ game reminds him of Dwayne Wade.

Ross is more of a sleeper pick. At 6-foot-7, 197 pounds, is in many ways a more athletic Klay Thompson. He can shoot it, and his game is based on his shot. Ross, because of his quickness and hops, was a good college defender with the potential to be a good NBA defender. He rebounds well (6.4 per game last season), too. Like Thompson, Ross needs work on his ability to create for others and needs to get better at getting to the rim and drawing fouls. He also needs to bulk up.

Yes, Golden State already has a starting shooting guard in Thompson. But that doesn’t matter, according to sources. The Warriors are looking for the best available player no matter the position, especially since the early favorites (Baylor’s Perry Jones III and Kentucky’s Terrence Jones) didn’t impress. Going best available leaves the field wide open for the Warriors. Ross, if Portland snatches up Waiters, could feasibly play SF because his athleticism figures to help him guard the position.


Expect the Warriors, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami to talk when the Finals ends. Both teams, according to NBA whispers, are looking at possibly trading out of the first round (and therefore not having a guaranteed contract).  The Thunder (No. 27) and Heat (No. 28), and even Chicago at No. 29, might be just as happy with the No. 35 pick, which the Warriors can offer along with No. 52.

Why would the Warriors do this? It would give them three first-round picks. That would allow them trade two, to move up or get a veteran they like, and still draft a first-rounder. With Charlotte reportedly dangling No. 2 and maybe the Kings dangling No. 5, Golden State could have some options to move up. Is there anyone up there they really love?


It’s still too early with too many options on the board for the Warriors to hone in on a player. The likelihood is one of the top players could fall given the elite of the draft isn’t that much better than the second tier. The only thing that seems certain at this point is Anthony Davis at No. 1 and maybe Bradley Beal at No. 3 to Washington. (The Wizards acquiring Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza, along with Nene and John Wall, gives them a nice looking starting five. They could snatch up Andre Drummond considering Okafor and Nene’s injury history. But Beal fills Washington’s need for backcourt help and is one of the most ready talents. He’ll be hard to pass up). Its’ looking more and more unlikely that Harrison Barnes gets past Cleveland and Sacramento.

The Warriors could have a shot at Andre Drummond. He’s a sexy project, but still a project. He may be too risky for the top five teams, all which immediate help, to select. So if Portland loves Damian Lillard as much as reports say they do, Drummond could be there at No. 7. I’ve heard mixed reviews on Drummond though. Golden State doesn’t want a project. But he is physically a beast and the Warriors desperately need athleticism.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Harrison Barnes could possibly drop if Drummond does go top 5. MKG hasn’t been stellar in workouts. Barnes has impressed, and he’s NBA ready, so the gap has closed between the two SFs. If Charlotte gambles and takes Drummond at No. 2, and the Wizards take Beal at No. 3, that leaves Thomas Robinson, MKG and Barnes on the board for Cleveland (No. 4) and Sacramento (No. 5). If Portland isn’t high on MKG (do they need him with Nicolas Batum there) and selects Lillard or even Waiters, Golden State would have a crack at one of the three.

Or, if Charlotte takes Barnes at No. 2 (Reportedly, Michael Jordan loves Barnes and the North Carolina kid figures to sell tickets in Charlotte), and Cleveland takes Drummond at No. 4. The Kings would probably be juiced to see Thomas Robinson available leaving MKG available (assuming Portland doesn’t want another SF).

If Barnes or MKG fall to No. 7, I think the Warriors swoop either up happily. If not, Golden State will have to choose from one of four or five less-than-impressive-but-good-options. Those options include trading down, selecting Meyers Leonard, Tyler Zeller, Waiters, Ross and even Lillard. And don’t completely rule out Perry Jones III and Terrence Jones.

Marcus Thompson

  • Italy 415

    I see Barnes and (maybe) Drummond following to us. Portland will take Lillard 100% …why in the world would Kings draft Drummond and team him up with Cousins both big-time head cases.. Good Luck with that; LOL… The best and hoping this happens trade for Houston’s two 1st round ….

  • dereksmithfan

    Any combo of White, Taylor, Waiters, Miller (late first round, early 2nd – put in Santa Cruz to develop) would be great.

  • J Ridah

    It is clear we are the leagues best clubbing destination. MKG wants badly to come here as he loves the VIP areas and bottle services only SF has to offer. Players who have wives or kids need not apply. All we want are club hos an biaches and young clubbin pros!

  • dknight007

    I like Waiters. He can bring alot to the table for the Warriors.

    They could then possibly deal Curry if they draft Waiters. There would be no point in having both Curry and Waiters on the roster.

    The players the Warriors should draft at #7 (barring a trade of the #7 pick for Deng) should be Waiters, Jones III, or Barnes (if he falls) or T Jones.

    If the W’s draft Sullinger, Zeller or Drummond at #7, then those guys would be terrible picks and the W’s will wind up regretting it later…as usual.

  • Detroit Murder Dog

    Why would the Bulls take back all of that slop for the #7 pick? GSW gets an All-Star and the Bulls get bad contracts with matching bad players and a roll of the dice on a rookie who might be good. Why not just write that the Ws are looking into Deng but a trade doesn’t make sense?

  • Young

    Fantastic stuff Marcus! Your obviously on your game and it sounds like GSW is finally making solid decisions as well…

    Go Warriors!

  • EvanZ

    So now we’ve worked all the way down to Ross, a guy who was projected to go in the mid- to late first round. Awesome job, guys! All that tanking for nothing.

  • J-Ridah

    We need to draft Henson and I will persoanlly take him clubbin! I can also fix him up with my mom as she has serious skills!

  • Brad

    As a UW grad, I watched almost every one of Ross’ games the last 2 years. While I’m surprised he’s being talked about at the 7th slot, I do know he has A LOT of talent and quite a skill-set.

    The knock on him from UW fans was that sometimes he’d disappear, especially in 1st halves, and then explode for 20+ in the 2nd half. Basically thinking, “where was that all game?” But as the season wore on, especially in the conference tourney and the postseason, he seemed to start putting his foot on the gas from the tip – probably because he knew he was auditioning for the Draft by that point.

    Offensively this guy has an unreal combo of being to shoot the lights out, including from deep range, while also having the hops to jump out of the gym. I suggest watching some of his dunks and alley-oops. And if he gets hot with his little crossover before a shot or his step-back, he can be unstoppable. Granted that was in college, but there’s no denying he has a sweet stroke and can fill it up when he’s feeling it.

    Also a very willing rebounder – might have led UW this year as a 6-6 SG/SF – and has the long arms and quickness to be solid defender. His mid-range game and dribble-drives do need work. But he has a great attitude and is a hard-worker so I have no doubt that he could really blossom into a solid all-around SG/SF on both ends of the floor. No character concerns with this guy at all.

    While I’d love to have another Dawg on the Dubs (having Nate Rob was great last year), I’m not sure if he’s the best fit. Seems like a bigger and more defensive-oriented SF would be better. Of course that’s wishful thinking if MKG is gone by 7.

  • Ultra-Humanite

    I hope they pass on Drummond if he’s available. The last thing they need is a project.

  • Joe Barely Cares

    After watching highlight videos of the likely-available big men, I was much impressed by Tyler Zeller. Not very athletic but he looks ready to start in the NBA…big body, has a nice soft shot around the basket, good and willing passer out of the post. He may not have as much up side, but I like him better than Drummond.

  • Italy 415

    I don’t care if Drummond is going to be a bust or not if someone like that falls in your lap go with it.. You never know what magic Mark Jackson could give this kid.. Now i would 1000000% before the draft bring him in and talk to him… If not him Lillard would be my 2nd choice everyone one else makes me fall asleep..

  • You know wrote the article when you read “The Kings would probably be juiced” OUSD student as well…lol

  • You know who wrote it the article when you read “The Kings would probably be juiced” OUSD grad as well..lol

  • river’s edge

    Something’s telling me that they really like T. Jones from Kentucky and are just pulling a smoke screen hoping that Sac doesn’t take him first.

    Out of the all the players in the draft outside of A. Davis, I think T. Jones has the body, athleticism, and the skill set to be a truly unique power forward in the NBA for years to come.

    We shall see.

  • river’s edge

    Can we all breathe a sigh of relief that West is in there and Riley is out?

    Whatever the draft is, I can live with a West decision.

  • reppinwarriors

    I keep hearing new names linked with the warriors everyday. There is no clear cut choice for them. They should just take the best player w/ the most potential regardless of position. I will trust Jerry West’s judgment.

  • river’s edge

    With a high lottery pick or a lottery pick in a deep draft, you always have to try add a dynamic inside presence. An all star power forward or center is hard to come by, so if West thinks that a star post player is available, then snatch him up. We have Lee, but he is only a placeholder for a better player if you are thinking in terms of winning a title.

    If a star big man is not available then try to get a superb wing man or point, and I think plenty of those are available at 7.

    I would go T. Jones, then Lilard, then Waiters.

  • dn8

    So Marcus, you mean to tell me Chicago is willing to part way with its all star defensive anchor and arguably the 2nd offensive option on a championship caliber team for a mid-lottery pick where the talent pool begins to dry up as well as a bad contract? If anything, I see we should be the one swallowing up one of their bad contracts for Deng (maybe Boozer’s), or we can just give them Klay to fill in their SG void. So maybe Klay, Beans, and the 7th pick for Deng sounds more like something Chicago will wholehearted go for, but that might not be too sexy a deal for the warriors tho.

  • river’s edge

    To all those saying that the dubs need a small forward, remember two things.

    1. Small forward is the second easiest position to find in the NBA

    2. The Dubs currently have (if signed) two small forwards that work very well with the constructed team in Rush and Mcquire. Rush is a good two way player that doesn’t demand the ball. Mcquire is an enforcer on defense and doesn’t require too many shots on a team with 4 good scoring threats.

  • PhillyJ

    Drummond if he is available. Too much upside not to pick him. I think at least he will provide the Ws with an inside defensive presence to backup Lee and Bogut. If he can score a bit, that would be even better of course.

  • Niners in 2012

    WOW< very good info MT2!! Nice work.

    It's too scary to pass on Drummond, you take him if he's there.

    Waiters is legit though, there is definitely mins available behind Curry and Klay, and Waiters could end up the best PG in this draft, yes POINT GUARD. He has a nice 2 to 1 A/T ratio, Kendall Marshall is the only 1stR prospect with a better. I love Waiters game, the way he can drive and find shooters, we need an attacking guard like Waiters.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    oy marcus

    kenny seagle thinks a move like urs 4 deng is great– he arrive allready nba ready then any draftee SF

    cuz like lets face it on iggy or r.gay: it aint funnah happen

    course this is in ur so call “2 good 2 be true” catagory: they take beedritch 2 ????

  • You basketball fans should take a look at Festus Ezeil from Vanderbitl,this guy has game back to the basket,face-up block shots, rebounds and has a NBA body,with hops!!!

  • dereksmithfan

    Waiters looks legit. Ross is somewhere between Eddie Jones and Paul George (who I was begging the Warriors to draft a couple years ago). I don’t care if we double up at one position – gives us more flexibility for a deal (from a position of strength for a change) down the road.

  • Now; is this “smoke screening” by the lottery teams or have the combine & accompanying pre-draft workouts been that inconclusive?

    Have to figure in the growth potential of a lot of these players. Ross could be a find if the W’s garner the first round pick of OKC or the Heat.

    They then could combine those two picks (say, 28 & 30?) to move up a few slots & get a player like Ross.

    If Waiters is their pick @ #7 then you now have three (or up to five if a player like Jason Kidd decides to go home & Jenkins remains on the roster to develop develop)PG’s & three (Waiters, Klay & Ross, developing into a 2-3 player) 2’s. . .of course this renders Rush redundant. . .Still lacking in depth amongst the “bigs” but couldn’t Kwamie Brown be enticed to come back? He reportedly liked it in Oaktown. . .

    If Jeremy Tyler develops, admittedly a big “if” then the W’s are @ least serviceable, if not competitive along the front line. But this would upgrade their “athleticism” & give them a nucleus of youth to develop for the relocation to San Francisco. . .

  • Son of Ahmed

    Good posts by Rivers Edge. I agree that T. Jones is a great prospect, and I would not be unhappy if that’s who the Dubs came away with, though I would like them to trade down for Royce White, who I think will be one of the draft’s best impact players.

    I’m not excited about a lot of the guys at the top of the draft boards. MKG is the Hasheem Thabeet of this draft if he goes top 4. Barnes is going to be overshadowed by a lot of guys who are drafted after him. I just don’t think either guy is going to “bring it” to the next level.

    Trade down, Westmeyers, if you can. If they can swing a deal with Miami or OKC to get yet another 1st rounder, that would be terrific. Having three first rounders in this deep draft would be great. Just don’t use the picks to trade up.

  • Young

    my wish list for the #7 pick:

    1. Deng
    2. MKG
    3. JSmith
    4T Lillard or Waiters

  • whoRu

    I say get Deng cuz he’s great on both ends of the floor. If not, then pick up Waiters and have him play the 6th man role since he’s done it before at Syracuse. We need a James Harden type player off the bench. Instant scorer that can produce for others. If Curry goes down, then we have someone to fill the void.

  • Stan

    I cant think of a stupider argument against James then what Krueger is in tears over on KNBR…Radnich is just about embarrassed for the co host who’s worst case vs Lebron? He wasn’t loyal to Cav’s owner Gilbert. That is insane reasoning.
    If I had never heard of 2005 and Kruegers deserved firing..and just judged him by his last year? I would wonder why anybody could believe that baffoon’s sports opinions. He’s been wrong all the way down the line on all sports. Pathetic.

  • Rey Baluyot

    GSW should draft or trade for a decent back up center. All their plans will collapse if Bogut gets
    injured. To me, this is most important at this point.
    Drummomd, Myers Leonard are few of my thoughts for the GSW to draft at # 7. They can pick a small forward or trade for it with their # 30 selection and # 52. If not, current pklayers in that position should suffice.

  • dknight007

    My final predictions:

    The W’s will either trade the #7 pick to the Bulls for Deng. Which would be a good trade for the W’s for once.

    Or they will draft Dion Waiters, T Jones or P Jones at #7.

  • dknight007

    If the W’s draft Zeller or Drummond or any other Center with that pick at #7 it would be utterly stupid.

    There will be plenty big stiff backup Center types with their #30 pick and their two picks in Round 2.

    Get the best player available who has a chance to become a star with that #7 pick!

  • Alex Bannon

    Luol Deng rebounds 6.5 per game, has an almost 2/1 assist to turnover ratio, is a lights out defender and and end of the game closer. There is no one at 7 who is as good as he is now or will be as good for a few years to come. Why the Warriors don’t pick up the phone and make this deal (if it is available) is beyond me.

  • Stan

    Where’s my comment? Don’t you feel any shame that you now censor? You only want back of the baseball card posts? Then say that. I don’t care who’s drafted 10- 78th. By then its a crap shoot…

  • Stan

    Oh..thanks MT2..I thought you gave in like the A’s post..

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    rivers edge, i like your style dude! I agree 100% that its T-Jones, Waiters or Lillard at 7. There are no other options to even consider. Drummond would back up our back up C. Not interested in the least. The thought of Waiters is sexier then Lillard because we all hope Curry gets healthy and Waiters is less redundant in skill set, he has a different game then Steph or Klay, one that could compliment their games or take over if he needed to. T Jones isn’t getting much love on any of the W’s fan sites and our brass is being quiet on him as well, but i actually think his size and versatility are exactly what we need.

  • Bullsfan

    1) As a Bulls fan, I can tell you right now, if the Bulls trade Deng, they will NOT take back the contracts of RJeff or Biedrins (which they would have to do because GSW is over the cap).

    They would rather trade Deng for TOR’s 8th (who is under the cap so don’t have to trade back salary), and wants a SF too, to entice Nash to come.

    2) I personally think this is how the top-6 picks go: NOH-Davis (obvious), CHA-Robinson (Robinson’s potential > Beal and MKG’s potential), WAS-Beal (with the current trades, no need for SF), CLE-MKG (Irving and MKG are BFFs), SAC-Barnes (you guys are right, they don’t want the knucklehead Drummond), POR-Drummond (they NEED a center and will take the risk on that knucklehead).

    Which leaves GSW…screwed. With Curry, they don’t need Lillard. With Klay, they don’t need Waiters, Lamb, or Rivers…unless you plan on playing thin-rail Klay at the 3 and him getting abused by Lebron, KD, etc.

    3) Since I don’t see CHI trading Deng for the 7th pick, and draft prospects don’t fit your team, that leaves GSW desperate for a SF and the ONLY team I can see giving up their All-Star level SF for the 7th pick is…the Sixers and Iggy.

    PHI will have to take on a contract and because of their lack of size, my guess is they would take on Biedrins, as long as GSW gives up their other picks as well. Both 2ndRounders for sure…but maybe the 30th pick as well.

  • roadster

    Trade to get Deng. Nice if we can get rid of Biedrens contract. But I feel they want Richard Jefferson if they decide to trade to make sure they have experienced small forward covered. Then Chicago picks up Waiters to backup Rose. I think both teams win on this trade.

    The Warriors will then proceed to trade up some of our picks. Select Sullinger to backup Bogut and Lee while Jeremy Tyler continues to shape up and develop.

    I am not too high with Brandon Roy joining the Warriors. There are lots of free agents out there to fill our needs unless we pay him the veterans minimum.

    Keeping Brandon Rush and McGuire is essential.

  • Xraided


    i agree with you about the W’s horrible situation they’re in. they don’t have buying power like other teams do at this pointm. unless of course a top prospect falls to them at #7 … and like you said, are willing to give up the rest of their draft, then MAYBE Iggy could happen… even the Deng trade could happen is someone the Bulls love like Barnes falls to them … that’s the ideal situation that is doubtful to even happen.

    anyone hear about the dubs interest in Brandon Roy? oh man if that man could stay healthy, that is a steal of a signing..

    although realistically, i doubt he even passes the physical! LOL

  • Xraided


    i think the Bulls will want more than that if they must give up a player like Deng. the dubs would be forced to give up their entire draft for him or Iggy to happen.

    and in order for those options to even arise, what really needs to happen for the W’s is a combination of two top talents like Barnes and Drummond to both be available at #7 .. which is unfortunately very, very unlikely to happen.

    about Roy,

    he could turn things around if he can stay healthy. the thought of him, Curry, and Bogut being in expensive suits sitting on the bench for a large chunk of the year is frightening though, so it could be best to stay away from that train wreck and get a durable star up in the Bay!

  • Xraided

    BTW, if it meant the W’s giving up their draft for Iggy or Deng … i’d do it in a heartbeat. i think it’s important for Lacob and Guber to win the hearts back of all the fans that fill up that arena every game(through the tanking this last season) …

    the injection of Deng or Iggy forming a very nice trio with Bogut and Lee would be lethal!

  • Basketball_iQ

    Listen… if drummond falls, you take him bc he fits into what the warriors NEED & do best, RUN! Best of all, you can move forward from Beidrens; and if hes gone, the warriors better not pass up TerrenceRoss. You would be set at the 2&3 positions for 10years at least. Both have killer jumpshots, and can switch everything defensively. I couldnt imagine it being easier for MarkJackson.

    The idea of trading this 7pick is ridiculous to me.

    Deng: We already have Jefferson who does everything Deng does. Deng is just younger w/more injuries. chicago getting the 7pick for him is a come up for them. He wont lead us to jack and he’ll take shots from Klay.
    Iguodala:???? For the 7pick? Another come up for the other team. All he does is run and dunk. His jumper is inconsistant at best, defense is mediocre and hes a floater on the court, disappearing in loong stretches.
    Stick w/Curry, Lee, Wright, Klay, & Bogut … select Ross w/7pick … a big w/the 2nd pick. Do everything else thru freeagency if possible but dont give up the 7th

  • Basketball_iQ

    OMG… and that MKD kid shoots the ball like imagine BillCartwright’s freethrow shot but jumping with it… eeeewwww. overrated.
    I just donnot understand the emphasis put on selecting guys who running and dunking happen to be their best attribute.

  • Basketball_iQ

    Getting Roy wouldnt be so bad if you can get him at a reasonable price. He has something to prove so he might not be that high of a price. I think maybe a 6th man element would be something we havent had since ’07. Drafting Ross and signing him would solidify that but BIGS, we cannot forget, thats our real weakness. idk.

  • Basketball_iQ

    The Bulls and 76ers wanna deal with us bc dont nobody else want them dudes…NOBODY! theyve both been on the trading block for a year and a half. This is the best deal ive heard for them …
    Now if RudyGay came up, THATS a WHOLE different conversation. Although the money hes owed is ridiculous, he’d out match either Deng or Iggy. But at times, hes been labeled a floater as well which is why hes on the block
    (x’s the money hes set make)we may as well keep the pick and go young, from the ground up like OKC. Theyve shown, its possible.

  • Basketball_iQ

    Im reading over some of the later comments and thinking… where do you guys live? If youre on the westcoast, how do you not know TRoss? And im hearing eastcoast names like Waiters and guys who’ve fallen out of the lottery on every board like TJones.
    Please… dont be a bighead know-it-all here.
    Go to

    Im not bias either, heres MKD’s CityHoopsYouTube link


    watch, TRoss has moves upon moves already in the database jumpshot very ripe … and looking at MKD, Youre just shooting marginal, unchallenged shots, and dunking (his specialty i guess).
    this is a no brainer.
    Would I draft Trevor Ariza #7 overall? No.
    Would I draft Eddie Jones #7 overall? Fo-Sho