Less Than a Week to Go, Warriors Still Weighing Tons of Options

By Marcus Thompson II mthomps2@bayareanewsgroup.com

Jerry West, Warriors’ board member and consultant,  has been drilling this word into the psyche of his front-office cohorts. Assets. Assets. Assets.

“We can’t afford to let assets pass us by and address need,” said Warriors general manager Bob Myers, explaining West’s philosophy. “If the best asset is a guard, we have to take him at seven.”

With the NBA draft less than a week away, the Warriors options are still wide open. That’s especially so because every available prospect is in play even if he dupllicates what’s already on the roster. The only draft-related certainty Myers was willing to reveal in Friday’s chat with the media was that Golden State will take the best available player.

That could be Weber State point guard Damian Lillard, an Oakland native. That could be Syracuse shooting guard Dion Waiters or North Carolina foward Tyler Zeller. That could be Illinois center Meyers Leonard, who is working out for the Warriors on Saturday.

Myers said his staff has narrowed down its top seven players in the draft, though how they’re ranked still draws some discussion. A few of those high on the list could fall to the Warriors at seven – such as Kentucky’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes – which would make things easier.

“Ultimately,” Myers said, “you pull back and say, ‘Who’s the best player? You get with your guys, you come to a consensus and you choose that player.”

Myers has not ruled out trading the pick. According to league sources, Golden State has talked to the teams above them about moving up. But Myers said he don’t believe he’ll hear better trade offers and demands the closed draft day gets.

Myers said his opinion on the crop likely available at No. 7 has “fluctuated.”According to league and team sources, some of the early favorites — such as Baylor’s Perry Jones, Kentucky’s Terrence Jones, and Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger (back issues) have fallen down on the Warriors draft board.

At this point, the best players available may be in the backcourt, or a big, all positions the Warriors figure to be set. So Golden State could wind up drafting for depth, which Myers said is fine as long as they have starter potential.

“You gotta be very careful passing on talent,” Myers said, later adding, “If you’re going to take a swing — it’s hard to get good players, it’s hard to get difference makers — I don’t think you go into draft looking to get a single.”


Myers said he would “absolutely” talk Brandon Roy, the former Portland star guard.

Roy was amnestied by the Blazers and retired due to consistent knee problems. But recently, Roy announced he wanted to come back to the NBA. Myers, who represented Roy during his days as an agent, has said he’s looking for veteran depth.

According to sources close to the former All-Star, Roy was intrigued by the idea of playing for the Warriors before he retired.

Marcus Thompson

  • Kev

    I love how the warriors are trying to make moves. I know that this team with the new gm, new owner and new arena will only move forward…I’m thinking we can squeeze in the playoffs this season and for sure next season. O yeah make an offer to Batum, his game is nicee

  • Italy 415

    I heard Drummond was asked to come in and he said NO? Can anyone tell me why?

  • quackenboss

    He and his agent want to make sure there’s a starting spot available for him and Bogut’s got that spot on lockdown for the foreseeable future.

  • Timdiz

    ^no playing time perhaps???

  • Mr. Mean

    Nice article as always, Marcus.

    Yes, drafting the best player available is always good if that player fits in or can be traded. Don’t agree, however, that we’re set in the bigs dept, except for Lee and Bogut. At least we’re in the conversation, thanks to us having the #7 pick. Would be pretty depressing if our first pick was at #30.

  • dknight007

    If the W’s draft Zeller or Drummond or any other Center with that pick at #7 it would be utterly stupid.

    There will be plenty big stiff backup Center types with their #30 pick and their two picks in Round 2.

    Get the best player available who has a chance to become a star with that #7 pick!

    Otherwise they should trade that #7 pick to Bulls for Luol Deng.

    Deng would pay immediate dividends for the W’s at the 3 spot. Deng is better than any other player they would pick at #7 as well!

  • WarriorRaiderA’s

    Dengs injured wrist which he’s putting off surgery for until after the olympics, will make him miss part of next season. Who wants a player that puts his own greedy needs above the team!? I believe the injury and the way he is approaching it is just one of the reasons why the Bulls want to let him go, nobodys going to fall for a teams third best player at 16 million a year. Apparently the Bulls feel the same way. Our cap situation makes this trade hard to swallow any way, NO WAY should we give our 7th pick for this cat and that contract.

  • DW

    It’s too easy to make a mistake with this many options. Too many new guys in the room. They should just listen to Jerry West until they are comfortable making these decisions.

  • deano

    Thanks, Marcus.

  • Anhdazman

    Just say no to Deng. I wouldn’t go as far as calling him greedy for playing for his country in the Olympics, but I will say taking on damaged goods at 10+ millions a year isn’t the right choice for the Warriors.
    Seeing so many over hyped big men in the past fail makes Drummond such a risky pick, but if you get a big guy that puts in the time and effort to be a star, the GMs who passes up on Drummond will lose his job and a franchise will regret missing out on a star.
    Hopefully one of the top 6 teams will draft him before GSW does.

  • rotfogel

    Please do not pass on Terrance Jones…the next Ron Artest…that wouldn’t be a good idea. He’s a cross between Ron Artest and Josh Smith. And he’s already, right now, an elite defender. Don’t pass on him Warriors, not a good idea.

  • rotfogel

    As for all this Drummond BS. Has anyone actually seen the guy play basketball? he’s not good AT THE GAME OF BASEKTBALL!! I hope the Warriors are looking at prospects who are good at the game of basetball…Drummond is very bad at that game…maybe he’d do better at a game like baseball or football, but the guy sucks at basketball.

  • rich

    Just watched some videos of Drummond on YouTube he has no touch around the rim what so ever. I’m tell you Udoh had more offensive game. Please go watch some clips it will totally shock you.

  • manhattanproj


    what are the dubs take on jermey lamb?

    he seems to be the best player available. certainly better than lillard or leonard. if he had a better season, we would be talking about him as a top-5 pick, which alot of ppl did after his freshman season.

  • Scout

    The guy worth stretching for is Arnett Moultrie. It’s a reach, but could be worth it big time. Check out some video of him. Reminds me of Antonio McDyess or Amare Stoudarmire. The names that everyone predicted to go #1-6 like Barnes, Beal, MKG, look just okay and I bet at least one of them may drop, but I still wouldn’t take them. They’ll be solid, but not all stars.

  • Derek

    Scout: Man you’re on it, I just said the same thing on another blog. The wise pick is Arnett Moultrie. He plays both forward spots. He dominated in college, double double type big man the dubs could play as a 3/4. He scores (16.4 pts a games) and boards (10 per game). 6’10 230 and athletic, what more could you ask for. Then draft Sullinger at 30 if he falls that far. He’d be a Milsap off the bench.