Mock Draft v. 2 – The Most Reliable Mock Draft You’ve Seen Thus Far

I reached out to the best basketball minds in the country. This mock draft, for each team, includes the ever reliable insight from the people who know most about what’s going down on Thursday. Yes, the media. Each pick was selected by a media member who covers the team and features a little insight behind their choice.

1. New Orleans Hornets: ANTHONY DAVIS, Kentucky PF, FreshmanJohn Reid, New Orleans Times-Picayune: “Davis is a defense-first power forward who has all the tools to emerge quickly.”

2. Charlotte Bobcats: THOMAS ROBINSON, Kansas PF, Junior

Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer: “The Bobcats are hurting for toughness. He has it in abundance.”

3. Washington Wizards: BRADLEY BEAL, Florida SG, Freshman

Michael Lee, Washington Post: “The Wizards have a glaring need for scoring and perimeter shooting; As the best shooting guard in the draft, Beal would address both. He lacks size but is a great rebounder and could form a solid backcourt with John Wall.”

4. Cleveland Cavaliers, HARRISON BARNES, North Carolina SF, Sophomore

Jason Lloyd, Akron Beacon Journal: “The Cavs biggest need is scoring. Barnes provides that and fills the gaping hole at small forward since LeBron James’ departure.”

5. Sacramento Kings, MICHAEL KIDD-GILCHRIST, Kentucky SF, Freshman

Jason Jones, Sacramento Bee: “The Kings haven’t had stability at small forward since the days of Ron Artest. Kidd-Gilchrist gives the Kings a high-energy player with smarts that also defends. The Kings need those traits badly, especially on a team where too many players need to have the ball to be effective. Kidd-Gilchrist is the kind of player coach Keith Smart wants and needs.”

6. Portland Trail Blazers, DAMIAN LILLARD, Weber State PG, Junior

Joe Freeman, The Oregonian: “The Blazers have been chasing a difference-making point guard for years and Lillard is the best in the draft. And while Andre Drummond would fulfill a need, he’s the biggest risk in the draft.”

7. Golden State Warriors, ANDRE DRUMMOND, Connecticut C, Freshman

Ethan Strauss, WarriorsWorld.net: “He’s 280 pounds with a 7-foot-6 wingspan. Everyone’s hating on him, but he’s 18 years old, athletic and blocks shots. Some guys above him don’t have a bankable NBA skill. He does (protecting the rim) and he’s the youngest player. Also, he lost 25 pounds after UConn. Fat is potential in disguise. Just ask Kevin Love.”

8. Toronto Raptors, DION WAITERS, Syracuse SG, Sophomore

Doug Smith, Toronto Star: “Never mind a promise. The Raptors are willing to roll dice, without a private workout, on a player some see as among the most talented in the entire draft. There is some duplication with DeMar DeRozan. But talent is talent.”

9. Detroit Pistons, JOHN HENSON, North Carolina PF, Junior

Vincent Goodwill, Detroit News: “Greg Monroe needs someone to do what he doesn’t do well and help on the glass. Henson is a shot blocker, runs the floor well and can rebound. He can play above the rum and play off Monroe, who’s an adept playmaker. Henson will have to gain weight but he fits the bill to what the Pistons need.”

10. New Orleans Hornets, TYLER ZELLER, North Carolina C, Senior

John Reid, New Orleans Times-Picayune: “The Hornets need a center. Zeller is a safe pick. The only four-year player projected as a lottery pick. He has a go-to hook shot and appears to be ready to step in quickly to help.”

11. Portland Trail Blazers, AUSTIN RIVERS, Duke PG, Freshman

Joe Freeman, The Oregonian: “The Blazers could – and very well may – go big here and select Perry Jones III or Meyers Leonard. But new GM Neil Olshey is a best-available guy and Rivers’ scoring ability and potential could be special.”

12. Milwaukee Bucks, TERRENCE ROSS, Washington SG/SF, Freshman

Charles Gardner, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “He provides size and athleticism for backcourt to help Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis.”

13. Phoenix Suns, JEREMY LAMB, Connecticut SG, Sophomore

Paul Coro, Arizona Republic: “Kendall Marshall is a temptation to seek Steve Nash’s heir, but the Suns need an athletic scoring wing and Lamb has star potential for a 13th pick.”

14. Houston Rockets, MEYERS LEONARD, Illinois C, Sophomore

Jonathan Feigen, Houston Chronicle: “If hey are still there at 14 and Leonard is still there, he would be a good value pick and center project to develop.”

15. Philadelphia 76ers, PERRY JONES III, Baylor PF, Sophomore

Tvi Twersky, SLAM Online: “Outside of the top few players in draft, PJ3 has the most upside. If by chance he ever taps into his potential, he can be an All-Star Game regular. Not many No. 15 overall picks can say that.”

16. Houston Rockets: KENDALL MARSHALL, North Carolina PG, Sophomore

17. Dallas Mavericks, ARNETT MOULTRIE, Mississippi State PF/C, Junior

Earl Sneed, Mavs.com:  “After striking out with Lamar Odom, the Mavs will look to add a power forward who can cut down on Dirk Nowitzki’s minutes. Moultrie’s size and versatility will make him a Day 1 contributor, likely seeing time at center as well with his 7-foot-2 wingspan. The 6-foot-11 big man will add a much-needed low post presence.”

18. Houston Rockets, MOE HARKLESS, St. John’s SF, Freshman

Jonathan Feigen, Houston Chronicle

19. Orlando Magic, MARQUIS TEAGUE, Kentucky PG, Freshman

Brian Schmitz, Orlando Sentinel:

20. Denver Nuggets, EVAN FOURNIER, Poitiers (France) SG/SF

Ben Hochman, Denver Post: “Though Baylor’s Quincy Miller would be an intriguing pick here, the Nuggets have so many young players that coach George Karl said whomever Denver picks probably won’t even be better than Jordan Hamilton – and Jordan Hamilton is Denver’s ’11th man.’ So I could see the Nuggets taking Evan and letting the 19-year-old grow overseas for a couple seasons.”

21. Boston Celtics, ROYCE WHITE, Iowa State PF, Sophomore

Gary Washburn, Boston Globe: “The Celtics could desperately use his athleticism and size, and have been eyeing him for weeks.”

22. Boston Celtics, Andrew Nicholson, St. Bonaventure PF/C, Senior

Gary Washburn, Boston Globe: “He’s big and raw, but the Celtics are in search of big men that can help them move on past the Big Three era.”

23. Atlanta Hawks, FAB MELO, Syracuse C, Sophomore

Michael Cunningham, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “New GM Danny Ferrry says he’s focused on the long term, including beefing up the team’s player-development program. Melo is his first project. The big Brazilian can learn this season with an eye on joining the front court rotation if Josh Smith and/or Zaza Pachulia bolt as unrestricted free agents after next summer.”

24. Cleveland Cavaliers, JARED SULLINGER, Ohio State C, Sophomore

Jason Lloyd, Akron Beacon Journal: “Despite medical concerns, Cavs need bigs and Sullinger is a great value pick. He’s entering the league with something to prove.”

25. Memphis Grizzlies, DRAYMOND GREEN, Michigan State SF/PF, Senior

Ron Tillery, Memphis Commercial-Appeal: “They love Green’s versatility, shooting, maturity, IQ and toughness. He’s the most NBA ready at that pick.”

26. Indiana Pacers, TERRENCE JONES, Kentucky PF, Freshman

Mike Wells, Indianapolis Star: “Jones is a versatile power forward who can compliment David West.”

27. Miami Heat, QUINCY MILLER, Baylor PF, Freshman

Marc Spears, Yahoo! Sports: “He could be a steal. He was slowed by a knee injury last year but still found success. He has power forward height but plays small.:

28. Oklahoma City Thunder, TONY WROTEN JR., Washington PG, Freshman

Darnell Mayberry, The Oklahoman: “He has the most upside of everyone remaining, and financial matters might mean the Thunder can’t keep Eric Maynor much longer.”

29. Chicago Bulls, WILL BARTON, Memphis SG/SF, Sophomore

Neil Hayes, Chicago Sun-Times: “The Bulls need backcourt help with Rose out and C.J. Watson and Kyle Korver likely not coming back.”

30. Golden State Warriors, DORON LAMB, Kentucky SG, Sophomore

Ethan Strauss, WarriorsWorld.net: “He’s a fantastic 3-point shooter, shot better from 3 than any Jeff Taylor season. Lamb was overshadowed by the other UK guys but should help the Warriors space the floor around center Andrew Bogut.”


Marcus Thompson

  • Good Gawd! My man Terrence Jones fell like a rock! It’s hard to see such a talented, versatile PF coming off an NCAA Championship falling all the way down to 26.

  • haastheman

    Whatever happens we have 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks in a deep draft with a team with 4 starters coming back, and Jerry West in the draft room. We will be okay. 2 of the 4 returning starters are big men, and the other two have NBA dad’s. Waiters makes sense for us because he can play point, and he can get to the basket. For us to have soo many 2’s and 3’s, we really don’t have anybody who can break their man down one on one and get to the hole. Hopefully we can package our late first with one or both of our second round picks and move up and go after Zeller or Leonard. I’d even settle for Melo or Henson, although i don’t know how much better they are then Tyler.

    @mt Do you think tyler and Jenkins can be back ups for a playoff contender?

  • TownLove

    I think Ethan is right. Ive been thinking all day. There are two things you cant teach (1) Athleticism and (2) Size. Drummond has both in abundance.

    He looks a lot like Amare did coming out of HS. Besides he doesnt have to play a lot right away, but he gives us some insurance for our injury-prone Bigmen.

  • J-Ridah

    I agree with Nathan that the quality of the clubs in the bay area will dictate the players who come here. Bottle service means a lot to rookies.

  • dknight007

    Drummond would be a terrible pick by the W’s. At that spot, they need to take Waiters or Lillars who are better overall players than Drummond.

  • Niners in 2012

    Our phone would ring off the hook if we took Drummond at #7. That’s why you take him.

  • Rich

    If Drummond is there you have to take him. For years is organization has played it safe. This guy has big time athletic ability,he’s lost 25 pounds since the end of the college season which does show the desire to get better is there.

  • Derek

    Drummond shoots free throws like Biedrens, enough said !

  • Rich

    Go watch his workout with Sacramento on YouTube this guy is definitely not Biedrens.

  • Mr.Mean

    Looks good to me, MT. If Lillard is gone then Drummond has too much potential to pass on.

    That being said, the W’s front office says it will take the best man available as they are wanting to “stock pile assets”, regardless of the position. Perhaps they might believe that Waiters is a better asset to have here or they might trade down for Houston’s #14 & 16 as well.

    Could also be that one of the top six listed might just fall to us. Exciting times these. Such a deep draft in which to have 3 good to very good prospects come aboard (and stashing the fourth in Europe for a spell). I am sure the Logo and Myers have done extensive homework and will make very astute choices from what is available when it comes our turn to draft.

  • haastheman

    Actually he shoots free throws worse than Biedrens

  • rotfogel

    Everyone needs to watch a youtube video of Andre Drummond. I did. He has one of the ugliest shots ever, beyond awful and for all this talk of he’s a great rebounder or defender, he isn’t. Hasham Thabeet was young too AND he was a better player in college. Drummond wasn’t a good college player, he was a bit below average.

  • Daniel


    — You have the same exact quote about Damian Lillard on both of Portland’s lottery picks, nothing about Austin Rivers for their 11th pick. I’d love to hear what a Portland writer has to say about Rivers.

  • Daniel

    Also, there’s no quote listed for Chicago’s pick at #29.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Good catch, it’s fixed

  • WJ

    Lamb at 30? Yeah, we sure do need a guy to space the floor since Klay, Curry, D-Wright don’t do that for us already.

    Lets just ignore the need for a SF, backup PF, and true backup PG.

    Ethan Strauss the expert. lmao.

  • Scott

    UConn G Jeremy Lamb on UConn C Andre Drummond’s NBA potential: “It depends on if he wants to work.” Terrible quote from a TEAMMATE.

  • Yoda

    If Ethan is your best source, your mock has no credibility.

  • Grey Warden

    De’Andre “Jordan” Drummond hahahaha

  • Bob Fuller

    WJ – So you are saying that just because the Warriors ALREADY have FOUR of the best 3 point shooters in the NBA, and their D stinks, that they might consider someone besides a 3 point shooter? Hmmmm. That is prolly a little complicated for Ethan. And apparently Marcus. And what is Warriorsworld anyways?

  • Ken

    Townlove said “There are two things you cant teach (1) Athleticism and (2) Size.”

    If you’ve watched Biedrins for the past couple of years, then you will see there definitely is a third thing:

    (3) Motivation/interest/focus/enthusiasm

    That is the quality that MKG has in spades – over Christmas break, he organized extra workouts for his team. Udoh also has it – during his injury period, he carefully paid full attention at every practice – for games he could not play in.

    I have only done a little research on Drummond, but I am sure that this third quality which you cannot “teach” is the big question.

  • zeelurker

    Marcus – Maybe next time you should make the Warriors’ picks.

  • Derek

    Drummond shoots free throws worse than DeAndre Jordan.

    Any guys shooting less than 40% from the free throw line has to be lazy and less than dedicated to his craft. I’m 49 yrs old and I can shoot 70% from the line all day everyday, when in fact basketball of course is not how I make a living.

    Guys like Jordan, Briedrens and Drummond should be ashamed of their free throw shooting and lack of professionalism.

  • Jai

    Hey Marcus why did you take down my post? I was the one who told you that you had my attention with your mock until I saw you had no big man with the first two picks. Needless to say, the Warriors took Ezeli with the 30th. Like I said then, I’m glad Myers drafted like he had some sense lol. Next time leave my post brother.