Smart Money on Brandon Rush Staying with Warriors Next Season

The Warriors announced they have extended a qualifying offer to swingman Brandon Rush. This formality of an offer,  valued at just over $4 million, makes him a restricted free agent and gives the Warriors the right to match any offer sheet Rush may sign with another team.

But things may not even get that far. Golden State is making clear they want to keep Rush, a common ploy used to scare other teams away from making an offer.

Bob Myers: “We have a restricted free agent who we really like, and who we’re going to keep.”

Rush played in 65 games for the Warriors last season. He set career highs in points (9.8), field goal percentage (50.1) and three-point field goal percentage (45.2). His value with the Warriors has probably increased since it’s looking unlikely Golden State will get a better swingman in the draft. The Warriors are in pretty good shape if Rush is the back up at either shooting guard or the small forward position.

Rush and his agent can go hunting for offers. But any team that signs him to an offer sheet will probably have to wait a week three days before knowing if they get Rush. That’s how long the Warriors have to match – and that salary cap space is locked up for the team who signs Rush to an offer sheet until the Warriors decide. Because of that, teams shy away from signing restricted free agents to an offer sheet if they think the team will match.

The Warriors and Rush can begin negotiating as soon as July 1, although knowing they have control might prompt the Warriors to wait. If Rush gets too high an offer, Golden State can let him walk. But if he doesn’t get an offer, that helps the Warriors in the negotiating.


Marcus Thompson

  • McFadden60

    Now that is GREAT news! Rush gives them great effort off the bench and is someone who could be a good piece in a trade down the road.

  • Young

    Has waiters worked out for us? If not, any idea why?

  • Twinkie defense

    I believe with the new CBA the waiting period has been shortened for teams considering whether or not to match an RFA offer.

  • EV

    Waiters walked out of the group workouts in Chicago because he got a team telling him they would draft him at their spot guaranteed. People think it could be Toronto.

  • dknight007

    Waiter received a “promise” huh?

    Regardless, the W’s need to draft the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE at #7 if they want to stay out of trouble.

    Over thinking gets this team in trouble time and time again.

  • haastheman

    great move, i really think he can start at the three. I mean really, how much better is Barnes then Rush. Today, probably not at all, in the future, maybe a little.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    This, unfortunately, might be the best move of the off-season. I’m not hopeful about our trade or draft prospects, but I’d like the Dubs to prove me wrong. At least with Rush re-signing, we’ll have a reliable 6th/7th man who can do a little bit of everything well.

  • Niners in 2012

    Just sign him like 2 years/$9M, we’re capped out the next two years anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt anything.

  • deano

    Even making the obviously right move is relatively new to GSW. This will be the second off-season in a row that smart moves are made. Thank you Joe Lacob. Now go back inside.

  • Mr.Mean

    Signing Rush is surely a no-brainer. Hearing they would also like to sign another Brandon (Roy)if he clears medically and has a good audition. They have the edge with Myers here being Roy’s former agent.

    However, to me, they also need to sign Dom Mc Guire as well. I am sure they are waiting to see whom they might get in the draft but having an experienced, quality backup such as he is surely a valued asset. Would also be an excellent choice to move into the starting line up at the 3 to balance out the shooters with his rugged defense, rebounding, skillful ball handling and relentless motor. Go W’s !

  • ezmani

    Dominic McGuire is a valuable asset to the Warriors and can play point forward, small forward and in certain situations power forward. Too much to let go. Hope they keep him.