SOURCES: Warriors Simply Don’t Have Enough to Trade Up

For those holding out hope the Warriors will trade up into the draft to land Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, you can forget about it.

It’s looking like the Warriors’ best hopes for trading the No. 7 pick will be to move down in the draft, according to multiple sources. With two days left before the NBA draft, it’s turning out that the Warriors don’t have a worthy offer.

“Dorell Wright isn’t enough,” one league source said. “The offers in the top five are better.”

Golden State has been dangling the No. 7 pick and their starting small forward, Wright, who has one year left worth $4 million. But the Warriors 7th pick is too low for teams above Golden State to still get a player they want. For example, Charlotte is reportedly looking to trade the No. 2 pick. But Cleveland’s No. 4 allows them to get Harrison Barnes, someone they like. The Warriors’ No. 7 leaves them choosing between Andre Drumond and Dion Waiters. That’s just not so desirable a spot.

And Wright isn’t the ooomph in the deal the Warriors’ need. His expiring contract is relatively small and he’s coming off a down season. But the Warriors don’t have much else to offer to a team holding a top five pick. The No. 30 doesn’t raise any eyebrows. Klay Thompson is off the table. The other players the Warriors have are either free agents or sitting on undesirable contracts.

Trading down is difficult as well because the teams looking up are hoping to go higher than the Warriors. Houston now has three draft picks to work with and presumably will be looking to land a lottery pick. But they wouldn’t have to settle for No. 7 when Charlotte figures to be interested at No. 2 and Sacramento could be interested at No. 5. According to sources, the Warriors are seriously looking at their moving down options, but face a few obstacles.

* Trading down from the No. 7 pick is likely to yield multiple draft picks. That’s not exactly where the Warriors want to be. For example, trading #7 for #14 and 16 would net them five draft picks (#30, #35 and #52). So a deal like that would require the Warriors to do something with their other three picks, lest they end up drafting a couple international players who can hide away.

* The Warriors prefer trading down for a later pick and a player, but the pickings are slim. Houston is dangling Kyle Lowry, but he could very well net them the No. 5 pick. Chicago wants to move up, but not for what the Warriors want (Luol Deng, Joakhim Noah, Taj Gibson). Dallas wants to move up, but Dallas doesn’t have much worthy of the No. 7. Certainly, Rodrigue Beaubois and Shawn Marion would have to be in the conversation. Minnesota wanted to move up from 18, but they don’t have much to pair with 18 outside of untouchable Rubio, Love and Pekovic (which is why they settled on Buddinger for 18). Philadelphia wants to move up from 15 but the Warriors can’t (yet) seem to pry away Andre Iguodala or even Thaddeus Young.

This is probably why Jerry West’s emphasis on collecting assets is making headway in the Warriors’ front office. It’s becoming painfully obvious the Warriors don’t have as many assets as they’d like to portray. That’s why the best-available approach — “regardless of position,” as I’ve been told — is the Warriors new mantra. That bodes well for the Warriors’ drafting of Damian Lillard or Dion Waiters, two players who are widely recognized as among the better talents in the draft. These are the kind of players who will have value this offseason, and next February, when the Warriors are looking to make trades.

For that reason, don’t be surprised if the Warriors use Nos. 30, 35 and 52 to get a higher pick to follow up on No. 7. According to a couple sources, the Warriors would be happy to head into the offseason with three quality players to fill out their roster and start to build up their assets in the young talent department. That may not be good news for Charles Jenkins, Jeremy Tyler and Chris Wright.


Marcus Thompson

  • Chris Webber

    The June NBA draft is like Christmas morning for Warrior fans.
    Whatever they decide to do Thursday night, will be a lot more fun to watch this year with so many lottery picks and possible trade scenarios during the draft.

  • rotfogel

    Trading down and nabbing either of the Terrances (jones and ross), or both, is the best option.

  • deano

    I wonder: how does Jerry West define “asset”? Does West think that every NBA FO has the same definition, let alone the same opinion as to which individual players are assets and which ones aren’t? I doubt that is the case.

    GSW needs to acquire players who are assets to GSW, which necessarily takes into consideration GSW’s needs. It would foolish for GSW to try to draft for the NBA, since each team will have its own perception of which players are “assets”. We need the players who will best help our own team win on the court.

  • manhattanproj

    I say pick Jeremy Lamb @ #7. He could play a James Harden role.

    If Harkless/Quincy Miller falls to the 20s, package 30 & 52 to grab him.

    Pick a center/pf that dropped with the #35. Sullinger if he has a Boozer/Dajuan Blair like drop.

  • Ken

    Deano – an “asset” is simply a player who is highly rated by other GMs and by independent rating services. Anthony Davis is an “asset” because he is highly rated by everyone.
    At #57, Ginobili was not an “asset”, because every team passed over him TWICE. However, he was obviously an outstanding pick – but like Bynum or Monta, it took some time for everyone to understand that.
    So what Jerry West is saying is that a #7 pick should be used to draft an “asset” for trading, rather than the player who fills a “need” on the roster – because you can trade your highly valued asset for some existing NBA player who better fills that need.

  • noah

    To move up to somewhere like 22 or 23 would take the 30 and 35, not the 30 and 52 (a pick that has almost no trade value).

  • UltimateWarrior

    Let me make this easy for everyone to understand. Two words. Royce White

  • cmart

    Thanks for the update Marcus! This is all music to my ears. Barring getting Davis, Robinson or Beal I think that Lillard and Waiters are both the best players probably still on the board and will either make the W’s better or offer best trade firepower for later.

    I think Portland takes Lillard but who knows. I don’t like the Jones’ and think Terrence Ross is a reach at 7.

    Would love for the W’s to get get their small forward by trading up with the 30th into the 20’s to get Draymomnd Green or the French kid Fournier.

  • Young

    Sounds good to me. Do all the homework sit still and see who desperately calls at the last minute. If not Waiters or Lillard. This year I agree!

    GO WARRIORS! Pick Arnette somewhere too!

  • haastheman

    I think we should take one of the centers with the 7 pick. Bogut may not bounce back like Buster Posey has, we need insurance. Myers Leonard or Tyler Zeller would be great picks, pass on Drummond however. With our other picks we target sf’s and pg’s. Let the SF’s battle it out for playing time, and make Jenkins the third point guard.
    It will be interesting to see what RJ is capable of next year. He was put in a bad position in San An, his legs should be fresh since all he was asked to do was sit on the wing and take jump shots. If he can get his body back in his Nike Commercial days, he could help us.

  • dknight0007

    BPA at #7 is the way to go. Don’t reach for a stiff center prospect at #7 when a better player like Waiters or Lillard is on the board.

    If they trade down, then they should look at Perry Jones.

  • dknight0007

    W’s should pick Waiters or Lillard at #7, 9since they will be the best players available and then try and trade up in the first round from their #30 pick to snatch Vandy SF Jeff Taylor!

  • Herr Wolf

    Collecting assets. This is the best thing to do, and why we should go with Best Player Available. Kind of like Epke Udoh vs. Greg Monroe. Even if Monroe isn’t a great fit for the team, who has more trade value? Hint…it’s not Udoh.

    So, let’s not make that mistake again. We can always collect talent and trade it away for pieces that fit.

  • Oaklandsfinest

    Waiters is a 6’4″ SG that can score at will. Didnt we just trade Monta for that reason.

    Also I cant get over the fact that Waiters didnt start. He wouldnt start here either so maybe its not a big deal.

    Im hoping that they go with Terrence Ross. He is 6’7, can shoot and jump out of the gym. I think his game fits in well with the Dubs.

  • earl monroe

    I think Rivers is going to be better than Lillard or Waiters

  • Mick

    The key for the Warriors draft is to see where Drummond and Lilliard are drafted. Worst case Drummond is sitting there for the picking, but he will hold value in a trade. Best case Drummond and Lilliard get nabbed in the top 6 and MKG or Barnes falls to us. This is a real possibility. On the flip side I believe Lilliard is going to be a very good player. I’d take him in heartbeat. Dion Waiters and Rivers have the upside to be picked 7th also. Lets all be happy that we have this pick. Thank you for tanking.

  • Ewok

    I agree with Mick.

    I go with the Drummond direction. We need a back up for Bogut. Yes his injuries are all freak accident-based. But nevertheless, he has a tendency to incur these accidents frequently. So Drummond is an assurance. Besides, Drummond is a special player too. Very versatile for a big guy.

    I don’t think the team is flawed with the small forward spot. Rush, DWright and DMcguire are competitive enough. Then you have talks about Brandon Gay coming in so i think the three spot is not a concern.

    I will take Liliard if we can too vice Drummond. Because Curry’s injury is so unpredictable.

  • Ewok

    Let’s just get valid replacements for Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh and were set.

  • Niners in 2012

    Dion Waiters is less turnover prone Monta Ellis without the sexting.

  • Niners in 2012

    You want to bring back Monta/Udoh? Dion Waiters and Kyle O’Quinn, there you go.

  • Ben Brung

    Historically speaking, if Jerry West picks ’em, it’s just a matter of time before they are coveted assets. In fact, up until the Gasol trade players often became assets just because he picked them. If he hasn’t exactly been vindicated for the Gasol trade, it’s getting pretty hard, at this point, for anyone to still be stamping their feet in anger over it.

    In terms of replacing Monte & Udoh – as much as I appreciated both – perhaps the Warriors roster is not the best blueprint to be duplicating into the future. I’ve got 30+ years of misery invested in this team. I think I’d rather look for a Parker, Ginobli or Duncan than an Ellis & Udoh.