Mock Draft v. 3 — The Fans Speak

First off, thank you for submitting your mock drafts. We had a nice sample size, and your mock drafts perfectly sum up the 2012 draft season in that the picks were all over the place. Much like the media, and the front offices executives making the decision, fans have few concrete ideas about what is going on. Which makes perfect sense because nothing is set at this point. This draft is muddled with similar talent levels, making for plenty options and impossible predicting. But you gave it a go and I have to say, not bad.

Here is your mock draft.

1. New Orleans Hornets

ANTHONY DAVIS, Kentucky PF, Freshman

*100% of the mocks had Davis at No. 1


2. Charlotte Bobcats


*69% of the mocks had Robinson at No. 2

Runner(s) up: Harrison Barnes (16%), Bradley Beal (10%)


3. Washington Wizards

BRADLEY BEAL, Florida SG, Freshman

*76% of the mocks had Beal at No. 3

Runner(s) up: Robinson and Barnes (11% each)


4. Cleveland Cavaliers

HARRISON BARNES, North Carolina SF, Sophomore

*59% of the mocks had Barnes at No. 4

Runner(s) up: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (19%)


5. Sacramento Kings


*38% of the mocks had MKG at No. 5

Runner(s) up: Andre Drummond (31%), Barnes (16%)


6. Portland Trail Blazers

DAMIAN LILLARD, Weber State PG, Junior

*65% of the mocks had Lillard at No. 6

Runner(s) up: Drummond (24%)


7. Golden State Warriors

ANDRE DRUMMOND, Connecticut C, Freshman

*28% of the mocks had Drummond at No. 7

Runner(s) up: MKG (25%), Waiters (11%), Lillard (8%), Barnes and Meyers Leonard (7% each)


8. Toronto Raptors

DION WAITERS, Syracuse SG, Sophomore

*32% of the mocks had Waiters at No. 8

Runner(s) up: Jeremy Lamb (27%), Austin Rivers (11%)


9. Detroit Pistons

JOHN HENSON, North Carolina PF, Junior

*39% of the mocks had Henson at No. 9

Runner(s) up: Leonard (24%), Lamb (8%), Drummond (7%)


10. New Orleans Hornets

AUSTIN RIVERS, Duke PG, Freshman

*24% of the mocks had Rivers at No. 10

Runner(s) up: Kendall Marshall (13%), Waiters (11%), Lamb (10%)


11. Portland Trail Blazers

MEYERS LEONARD, Illinois C, Sophomore

*20% of the mocks had Leonard at No. 11

Runner(s) up: Zeller (19%), Rivers (12%), Lamb (9%), Marshall, Terrence Ross & Perry Jones (7%)


12. Milwaukee Bucks

TYLER ZELLER, North Carolina C, Senior

*28% of the mocks had Zeller at No. 12

Runner(s) up: Leonard (20%), Henson (11%), Perry Jones (7%)


13. Phoenix Suns

JEREMY LAMB, Connecticut SG, Sophomore

*23% of the mocks had Lamb at No. 13

Runner(s) up: Waiters and Rivers (15%), Marshall & Ross (10%)


14. Houston Rockets

PERRY JONES III, Baylor PF, Sophomore

*14% of the mocks had Jones at No. 14

Runner(s) up: Zeller (13%), Henson (9%), Ross, Jared Sullinger & Terrence Jones (8%)

Marcus Thompson

  • rotfogel

    It makes me want to puke that Terrance Jones isn’t on that list. Is there a better defensive player (well, besides Anthony Davis) than Terrance Jones in the draft? Answer: No. There isn’t. He’s a lot like Josh Smith and it would be crazy not to take him, he’s strong now and will likely add 20 more lbs of muscle. I’d be very happy to have him at 7 and I’d be ecstatic to trade out and land him later. To quote Ben Stiller’s character from Starsky n Hutch “Do it…Do it!”

  • J-Ridah

    Unreal that you don’t have MKG as our pick. If your gonna throw
    Darts to select the player you might as well take. Stater aim. MKG is
    BPA for our Soma clubs and would make our happy hours at the Hyatt
    Much more fun. Bottle service for all! MKG!! book it!

  • roadster

    Just leave it to Jerry West…He is one of the best talent scout. Sure he likes big guys. So I think he will go with Drummond or Leonard if the top 2 SFs are taken.
    Drummond could become Dwight Howard 2 (I wish)if trained properly. There is already something in common, bad free throwers.

  • rotfogel

    Now I remember who Andre Drummond reminds me of to a tee: Devon Hardin, formerly of Cal. That guy was 7 foot, fast, strong, uber athletic…he freaking sucked at THE GAME OF BASKETBALL!!! Hashem Thabeet…SUCKS AT BASKETBALL. Please God All Mighty don’t allow the warriors to waste this pick down the toilet while Terrance Jones is staring at us in the face.

  • Rotfogel: I agree with you 100%. Teams are going to regret passing on Terrence Jones. It would be awesome if we could do the rumored Houston trade and draft TJ at 14 while getting Lowry.

  • Angelo

    I know Damian Lillard personally…and anyone who passes this kid up will be very, very sorry. He plays defense, has great handle, unlimited shooting range, athleticism, and is dynamite in the PICK AND ROLL. The warriors need to stop their infatuation with Stephen “brittle” Curry, and deal him while they still can. The warriors have been talking about moving up, but curry’s name never comes up and i can’t understand it. As a fan, it really frustrates me. TRUST ME FOLKS. two words…..DAMIAN LILLARD

  • Stan

    Not but a few minutes ago “The Logo” said the Warriors don’t need to hit a HR in the draft. Huh?..And Steinmetz and Kawakami just stared at their shoes..GAZED at them rather then say a thing.
    Talk about knuckling under..

  • Stan

    The Logo said the Warriors have enough talent…Whaaa???

  • river’s edge

    As currently constructed, this team’s biggest need is a good 2 way power forward. I personally think that Rush/Mcquire make a better 3 than Lee is at the 4. In that vain get the guy who will be a solid-good NBA 4 like Terrance Jones.

    Lee is ok, but I’m sick of seeing him getting abused game after game by good power forwards. And he has zero weak side help defense.

  • river’s edge

    Point guard is another need with Curry’s 14 ankle sprains, but there doesn’t seem to be any difference makers at the 7 if Portland selects Lilard.

  • Steve

    SI.com has a good read on the players in the upcoming draft. The comments are from a combination of NBA scouts, coaches and executives. A sampling:

    Harrison Barnes, 6-8 forward, North Carolina: “I can’t figure him out. I want him to be better than he is, yet what he is is pretty good. His biggest problem is he doesn’t have enough toughness. This is a man’s league and I don’t know for sure if he’s the type of guy who will step on you when you’re down.”

    Andre Drummond, 7-foot center, UConn: “Physically, he’s off the charts. I personally don’t like him, but it scares me to death to not like him. He’s so big, agile and athletic, and by all accounts he’s a great, great guy. I don’t think he’s immature, he’s just underdeveloped. The question is whether he loves to play and how hard will he work. People forget he made his decision to go to UConn late and he had some NCAA issues, so he didn’t get a normal preseason.”

    Moe Harkless, 6-9 forward, St. John’s: “We interviewed him. Talk about a sharp kid. He was raised well. He still has to develop his skill set, but I think he goes in the middle of the first round. He doesn’t dribble, but he has a soft touch and shoots it decently. Two years from now, we might be saying, ‘Wow, that guy was picked 20th?'”

    John Henson, 6-10 forward, North Carolina: “His body has gotten better, although he still needs to work on it. He’s a solid rotation player. His shot is greatly improved from his freshman year. He’s not Ray Allen or anything, but he’s not Reggie Evans anymore, either. I worry about kids who have high centers of gravity, because that usually means they have poor balance.”

    Terrence Jones, 6-9 forward, Kentucky: “I’m not as high on him as a lot of people are. I don’t view him as a strong athlete, and yet I don’t view him as a strong bull, either. He’s kind of in between. He wants to be a three, but he’s a four who can dribble. He’ll make just enough shots that you have to go get him. Whoever drafts him is going to have to keep a thumb on him, because he’s not a self-starter. That’s a problem at this level.”

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, 6-7 forward, Kentucky: “Your first reaction is how hard he plays. He’s not crazy long, but he’s long enough. He’s not a great shooter, but when guys work that hard, they tend to get better. He’s as athletic as Gerald Wallace, but he’s a better shooter. He needs to work on his shooting and his ballhandling is just average.”

    Meyers Leonard, 7-1 center, Illinois: “Physically, he’s Tyson Chandler. He has probably helped himself as much as anyone since the season ended. He’s 255 pounds, but he can probably play at 265. He’s intriguing, but he’s very emotional. He’s not a bad kid, not malicious at all, not a party guy. People don’t want another Darko, but I think he likes the game more than Darko did.”

    Damian Lillard, 6-3 guard, Weber State: “He’s the most unselfish scoring point guard I have ever seen. He’s a great kid — a great kid. He played more like a two in college, but he played on a team where if he didn’t score 24 points, they wouldn’t have won a game. Who was he supposed to pass to? He has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, like he’s out to prove people wrong.”

    Terrence Ross, 6-7 forward, Washington: “Maybe the biggest sleeper in the draft. He’s athletic, he shoots it, he’s competitive. His basketball I.Q. is a question, but that wouldn’t concern me. One of the best shooters I’ve seen. He can really stroke it. He’s far away physically, but he can put on strength. I like that he gets in his stance and tries to guard.”

    Dion Waiters, 6-4 guard, Syracuse: “I’m a big fan. He’s Dwyane Wade-ish. I don’t know if he’s pure enough to be a two, but he’s just a baller. And he definitely has a little toughness in him. The only drawback is he’s a little small, but he’s thick, and he’s a surly guy. He’ll be an East Coast version of Rodney Stuckey. I would take him over Jeremy Lamb five times a day.”

    Tyler Zeller, 7-foot center, North Carolina: “Beast. I personally have him in the top seven. He’s a 13- to 14-year NBA center. He can shoot, he’s strong, he runs. Everybody complains they can never find a center. Well, here he is. There’s absolutely no scenario where he’s not going to succeed.”


  • CES

    Stan- I didn’t hear Jerry West make that comment but I can certainly imagine what he means. The Ws need to make a solid pick to get a solid player, not necessarily the next MJ or Kobe or Dwight Howard. The thing they can’t afford to do is strike out and not get a good player. Guys who swing for the fences all the time strike out a lot. I think West is saying you can build a franchise with a lot of good choices over time if you’re patient. You don’t need to try to hit a home run on every pitch. And given that the Ws have the #7 pick in the draft and not much to offer to move up to #1 or #2 how the ell are they going to hit a home run? Get real.

    I hope they trade down and try to get a couple of picks in the teens or twenties. I’m intrigued by Terrence Jones, but never saw him play. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes, which will tell us what the GMs think. If we trade down one guy I’d like to see us pick is Jeff Taylor from Vandy. If we got him and Zeller or T. Jones in the first round I’d be happy. Taylor’s projected to go before our #30 pick so we’d probably need to trade to be in a position to get him. If we stay at 7 I hope we stay away from Drummond and Barnes. I think Barnes is an underachiever, and those kind of guys usually don’t succeed in the NBA. I’d be OK with Waiters or Lillard, even Zeller that high if the front office thinks he’s worth a 7 pick. Dream scenario though would be if Kidd-Gilchrist fell in our laps. Not much chance of that though.

  • TownLove

    (1) MKG
    (2) Barmes
    (3) Drummond

    In that order. Any one of those fall I will be smiling for my Dubs.

  • TownLove

    For some reason I think Waiters is a smokescreen. He just doesnt make sense right now w/ the current guards on deck.

  • rotfogel

    No Drummond!!!!!
    @TownLove, I totally agree, I think/hope that Waiters is a smokescreen as well.

    I saw his highlights. He’s Randy Foye V.2. Nice off the bench player in a niche situation, not a starter.

    Best possible situation is trading the 7th for houston’s 12th and 18th. As MC Hammer once said “That’s why we pray!”.

  • lets take rivers, son of doc rivers
    we already have steph curry, Del curry’s son
    we also have klay thompsom, michael thompson son
    who else ex naba player son we can take?

  • lets take rivers, son of doc rivers
    we already have steph curry, Del curry’s son
    we also have klay thompsom, michael thompson son
    who else ex nba player son we can take?

  • Stan

    Since about the time when Al was very ill..Kawakami sure has changed..much duller,less controversial. And then strange at times.His column today that the Warriors need another small player?..I don’t get it. At all.

  • rotfogel

    Let’s get smaller? No, let’s get bigger!!!!Draft freaking Terrance Jones or Terrance Ross….trade down!

    Quoting Starsky and Hutch again “Do it….Do it…”