Mark Jackson: “I Was Wrong. We Must Live Holy.”

The Warriors confirmed reports that coach Mark Jackson was the victim of an extortion attempt, which was thwarted by the FBI.

The boyfriend of Jackson’s former mistress, a New York stripper he had an affair with six years ago, tried to blackmail Jackson beginning in April, according to an article on The Smoking Gun. The boyfriend threatened Jackson with releasing compromising pictures and voicemail messages from his effort if Jackson didn’t give him at least $185,000. But as a result of the sting operation by Jackson and the FBI, both the boyfriend and the former mistress were arrested.

Jackson released the statement to CBSSports.com:

My family and I were the victims of an extortion scheme.

The scheme began on April 3, 2012, when the Warriors were in Memphis to play the Grizzlies. A man approached me at the team hotel with personal information which he threatened to sell to a tabloid. At the time, he demanded a substantial sum of money. Regrettably, I paid him. In retrospect, I understand that this was a terrible lapse in judgment and a course of action I would not recommend to anyone.

Following the encounter in Memphis – a little over two weeks later – the extortionist sent an e-mail and phoned my wife, Desiree, making threats and demanding additional money. At that point, I informed the Warriors about the situation and asked for their guidance. We immediately notified the FBI, which promptly began an investigation.

The personal information in the extortion scheme related to a woman that I, mistakenly, had an extra-marital relationship with six years ago – prior to joining the Warriors – when I was a TV sports analyst. I made my wife aware of the relationship at that time, apologized to her and we reconciled. Obviously, my self-centered transgression at that time is not something I’m proud of, but I’m blessed to have an incredible wife, mother and partner and I thank the Lord for her each day.

I recognize the extremely poor judgment that I used both in having an affair six years ago – including the embarrassing communication I exhibited during that time – and in attempting to deal with the extortion scheme at first by myself. I made some egregious errors. I apologize for any embarrassment I may have caused my family, friends and, of course, the Warriors.

At that time in my life, I was not pastoring. Three years ago, my wife and I established a ministry. With deepest regret, I want to apologize to my Church Family.

I was wrong. We must live Holy.


The Warriors also released a statement regarding the extortion.

In response to media inquiries, Golden State Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson today confirmed that he and his family were the victims of an extortion scheme attempting to blackmail them in exchange for money. The suspects were arrested on June 25 by the FBI.

Jackson informed the Warriors of the extortion scheme in late April – three weeks after his first encounter with the extortionist – and solicited help from the organization. At that point, Jackson and the Warriors immediately contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Although not condoning his previous actions that led to the extortion attempt, the Warriors fully support Coach Jackson during this time and thank law enforcement authorities and the FBI for their prompt assistance in helping Coach Jackson and his family.


Marcus Thompson

  • Dave

    he carried on an extramarital affair and shared photos of his genitalia, The Smoking Gun has learned.


    What were you thinking????????????

  • Who hasn’t?

    Glass houses, baby…


  • Black-White Kidd

    @ Dave He was probably thinking “D******mmmnnn!!! Look at them bitties!!!”

  • Todd Fuller

    Monte and Coach love to take pics of their junk and send it to women. Pretty smart

  • Stan

    And lets not forget his best friend was arrested for dealing last year. His church’s deacon!
    I can just here KRONS Justine reading how he sent photos of “his package”(As she did about a congressman a few months ago)…funniest thing I ever heard a newsreader say!

  • Stan

    hear..type too fast..

  • Oaklandsfinest

    The timing of this news sucks. We want to read about the draft not Mark Jackson’s junk.

  • dew

    pants down, man down

  • Derek

    Holy Rollers crack me up !

  • Stan

    If Meyers supports Jackson..after Jackson lied to get the job..I see nothing but a mediocre Org. Its all in how you operate. And with Jackson its reward liars. Like Monta.

  • moreaufan2

    Very sad news to hear. Cant judge the guy, lets just move on to basketball. But he does need to lose the ego, cuz he seems full of himself. But We must pray for each other, we all make bone heads choices in life whether ur a preacher or whatever! But very bad timing for this. eventhough it was some years ago, for it to come out now its bad.

  • Stan

    Mark Jackson should be fired. He broke every rule there is. Lied to get hired..has drug dealing best friends and “He knew nothing”.sure. After protecting Monta and smearing the victim..the Warriors now portray Jackson as a victim??..of his own evil craven desires -yes.
    Joe Lacob runs a company with huge double standards. If I was Joe would I hesitate to remove Jackson?..no. But Lacobs reaction is too hide..sweep under the rugs. It must be how he runs his other company’s.

  • Stan

    And lets not forget that Jackson who said “He was a no excuse coach” has done nothing but make excuses. Like how he took no blame for Lin..its just been that way for Jackson as a Warrior all the way down the line…

  • moreaufan2

    @ Derek, Why would holy rollers crack you up? Shouldnt matter whether ur a preacher or anything else, wrong is wrong, but lets not get on here and start pointing fingers. So basicaly you say someone who is religious should not be allowed to make a mistake? I hope thats not what u mean! Cuz in my opinion its easy to judge and laugh when ur not on the hot seat! Stuff like this happens everyday to people, but of course when ur known and the world sees the mess you go thru then everyone wants to talk down on you! The only thing different is that he is a coach of a professional team, and we arent.

  • moreaufan2

    We are able to hide within our own personal circles so that the entire world doesnt get to see how be we fail, except those close to us, in his case people who dont even know him are able to judge him and talk bad on him when they dont kow crap about the person except for what they hear on the radio and on TV, or in papers or internet

  • Stan

    Yes,Moreau and THAT’S why Jackson is paid millions. It IS a very PUBLIC job isn’t it? And he knew it.
    And Hitler loved his dog…

  • Stan

    That’s why I have to salute George Clooney..does much good for mankind..but when asked why he doesn’t run for office Clooney answered “Too much drugs and too many woman” “I don’t want to lie about”..lol..

  • moreaufan2

    i feel ya Stan, but why crucify the guy for something that happened six years ago. he obviously is still working to be a better person and change. Preacher are humans too! they just choose to teach the word of GOD, thats doesnt mean they never made mistake, or were always preachers! It ridiculous to me. yeah i agree hearing about someone else’s dirty laundry is not good but its gives us know right to start judging the dude. No need for him to be fired, and there was no need for him to tell everyone about something that happened six years ago in which he thought two ppl wud try to come after him now in 2012! I think ur being too harsh Stan! Ur poop stinks too bro

  • moreaufan2

    Anyone who judges this guy is the true hypocrite. Not a guy who is trying to be taken advantage of for past misteps!

  • moreaufan2

    And tell me Stan How did he lie to get the job???????
    U dont jut fire a guy for something that happened 6 six years ago and that have nothing to do with ur organization! Please it makes no sense, now if we cant win in the next year or so, then yeah he probably needs to go!

  • larrysmithhardhat

    I think he should be let go but not because of this. I don’t think he is smart or experienced enough for the job. I could be wrong but he also strikes me as arrogant and hypocritical which surely can’t help his ability to lead the team. He seems like another Mike Singletary to me. And he needs to leave the religious stuff at home. If I were the owner I would replace him with his assistant Malone while he’s still available, or try to bring in a Van Gundy. Isn’t Malone already calling the plays anyway and Jackson is primarily the figurehead?

  • Stan

    What HASN’T he lied about?..He showed no on court expertise or off court professional behavior. Remember since you seem to have forgotten..he brought his best friend-a drug dealer- to his hiring pressconn. Now,if you want..you could say Mark was trying to legitimatize a friend he HAD to know was doing some questionable business since that friend was also a church deacon. The luxury cars weren’t paid by the church..so where did Mark think THAT money came from?
    Then the stripper..

    As far as on court? He lied when he said he could get Beidrens to play..that resulted in the Warriors keeping Beidrens and cutting Lin with the loss of that once in a lifetime amnesty deal.! THEN Jackson quit on Beidrens!..Jackson also needed Malone to do game strategy..late game communications were often TOO late.
    Monta?..ugh… If one thing I said was wrong-prove it.
    Its scary that Meyers and Lacob said they back Jackson 100% when its obvious that the right way would to say they taking it all under consideration. They didn’t mind firing the woman who was harassed by Monta did they?

  • Stan

    He’s Mark Jackson,not Phil Jackson..I don’t see any reason why the Warriors don’t tell him he had a chance..and blew it. There are PLENTY of coaches minus his baggage who could also and easily fill Mark’s shoes. As a matter of fact plenty would be a BETTER fit.
    I would fire him,and not pay him a penny more. He’s done plenty to violate his contract. I’m not even sure whats worst..strippers and dealers OR sticking us with Beidrens!..a toss-up.

  • Stan

    Mark Jackson’s own statement ..”three years ago we opened our ministry”..and hired a major drug dealer? Even his excuses are lame.

  • moreaufan2

    I hear ya Stan, U are just in a place of judgement and thats cool, U have ur reasons! I actually didnt want him as the coach because of his inexperience, he didnt deserve the job, never paid his dues to sit on a bench and learn. So I agree we should have kept Smart but the problem was Larry Riley, not to go backwards, since Nelson got him hired as GM so he could control him, thats when things went bad. Chris Mullin should still be our GM. Helped build a team for the playoffs!!! that last year with BAron, we won 48 games and missed the playoffs by a game. then gave big contract to Stephen Jackson,a dn wow did his head get huge, and now where is he back in San Antonio is a role player, thats what he was. BAron at that time was the Star and Monta was the up and coming star!!