Michigan State’s Draymond Green Falls to Warriors at No. 35

The Warriors have selected Michigan State senior power forward Draymond Green with the No. 35 overall pick.

Green, who averaged 10.5 points and 7.6 rebounds for his career with the Spartans, was projected to be a middle to late first-round pick. Earlier this week, Memphis (No. 25) and Indiana (No. 26) were reportedly interested in selecting Green. But because of his low ceiling and tweener status, he dropped into the second round.

Green is known for his versatility and clutchness. He has the skills to play point forward and rebounds well. He’s had several big performances in the NCAA tournament thanks to his high basketball IQ and sense of pressure. At 6-foot-7, 236-pounder, he’s undersized for a power forward though he doesn’t have the skills of an NBA small forward. He lacks in athleticism, but he is NBA ready and by most accounts a steal for the Warriors.


Marcus Thompson

  • Lebron

    The Warriors got great value at #35. My favorite pick of the draft.

  • river’s edge

    I endorse this pick!

  • Mr. Dave

    ESPN Radio was interviewing a Pacers exec, and congratulated him on Draymond Green. The Pacers guy said he couldn’t talk about trades. Something up?

  • sammy hooper

    What a great pick at 35. Warriors get steal of the draft!

  • Xraided

    yes very nice.

    good draft for the dubs … best in recent memory IMO

  • Xraided

    7’1 future beast! haha! man i’d hate to be that tall.

  • Ewok

    I hope this is not Danny Fortson-Ike Diogu all over again…

    Having seen his video however, i noticed his high IQ, his ability to spot the open guy, a great passer, and most of all, this guy has a great heart!

    Shades of another Charles Barkley? I really hope so.

  • rotfogel

    Wow! I did even take into account that Harrison Barnes would be there, I didn’t think it would even be possible. Now to also land Draymond Green (is there a cooler name than that?) makes this draft one of the best I can remember…obviously we haven’t seen them play in the NBA yet but I really liked both of those guys in college. THEY KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME OF BASKETBALL, and they’re good at it. Thank God we didn’t fall on the Drummond dagger!
    Best draft in years! By far!

  • Derek

    Ezeli is going to the D-League, Green should make the team as Lee’s back-up

  • Dubyas

    Might be one of the most interesting picks in the draft. Yeah he’s a tweener, not big enough to be a big, not quick enough to be a small. You might have to put him on the same conditioning program as Pablo Sandoval. But the intangibles are off the charts. This guy simply knows how to win. I’m curious to see how he works out.

  • Gdog

    Fortunate, Great pick-up. Kid is a winner and comes from one of the best programs in the country.

  • dknight007

    They should have drafted Jeff Taylor with that #30 pick.

    Barnes and Taylor would have have added even more valuable assets to the W’s squad.

    Glad the W’s didn’t do anything stupid like reach for a stiff big man center like Drummond or Zeller at #7.

    Best player available was Barnes and he fits a need….W’s were unfortunate he slipped to them, now just gotta hope the W’s continue his development and don’t mess the kid up and stunt his growth as a basketball player.

  • dknight007

    More like W’s were fortunate Barnes slipped to them I meant in previous post.

  • river’s edge

    Big side note here… Barnes was way more of Meyer’s guy than West’s. In West’s interview, it sounded like he was trying to sound positive about him but wording was contrived and West may in fact had been advocating some other player at 7. But we may never find out.

  • CB

    Warriors added some athleticism and size with this draft. I like Barnes and I forsee him as the starting small forward of the future for the Warriors. Dorell Wright is a free agent after this upcoming season, so look for Barnes to be the backup to Wright and get some experience and give us some scoring punch off the bench along with Jenkins, Rush, Jefferson and Ezeli. Tyler, C Wright and Green prob round out the reserves. Robinson and McGuire are bubbles to be back at this point. Good bye Biedrins.

    PG Stephen Curry
    SG Klay Thompson
    SF Dorell Wright
    PF David Lee
    C Andrew Bogut

    PG Charles Jenkins
    SG Brandon Rush
    SF Harrison Barnes
    SF Richard Jefferson
    C Festus Ezeli

    SF Chris Wright
    PF Jeremy Tyler
    PF Draymond Green

  • daniel

    Hopefully, Green can be a Paul Milsap for the W’s because he can rebound. An undersized PF but can score a bit and can rebound.

  • PhillyJ

    time to get a real backup PG.

  • Godsdog

    Back up PG? Go get Scott Machado, surprisingly undrafted out of Ione. Pass first, led nation in assists, a bit small? Worth a look.

  • GSWFan

    Yes, George Hill will be a great pickup as backup PG.

  • Yoda

    Green is a great bit of luck. He’s a very smart basketball player and a total team guy with skills. Yeah, he’s a tweener, but tweeners off the bench who pack some muscle and can shoot from deep give a coach matchup advantages.

    Good draft all around, though I’d hoped for a trade up for MKG somehow.

  • Dave

    Hopefully Barnes will outplay Dorell Wrong for the starting position.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Atlanta needs to break up their core and has one of the biggest contracts in the league with Joe Johnson.
    Though I love Klay Thompson, how about a trade of Jefferson, Biedrins and Thompson for Joe Johnson?

  • roadster

    I think Tyler will be PF/C backup. Let’s see how he develops.

    Ezeli is C backup and Green will be SF/PF backup.
    I think we plug some holes but we are missing a third PG. Not sure how Curry’s health by end of this year. I thought we are going for Machado for our last pick. I believe Robinson will not be signed. Hard to think we are not signing McGuire for defense…

  • Young

    Can we resend our offer to Rush?

    Dominic McGuire >>> fit than Rush for this roster

    We are overloaded at the SF and overloaded with 3 point shooters…Rush cant guard shooting guards

  • Young


  • moreaufan2

    Rush can guard shooting guards, better than Klay Thompson who plays no D at all So Draymnd green was agreat pick and he will help us alot if we arent stupid and dont play him.

  • ET

    green is a steal in 2nd round.

  • dknight007

    Poor W’s. More scandal….first Ellis and his sexting and now Jackson and him getting caught up with a trashy hooker and her pimp extorting from him.


  • Harp’s Dubs

    Hey DKnight007 – your boy PJ3 almost fell out of the first round. Had the Dubs listened to you, he would have been off the board at #7. We should all be grateful you’re not in charge.

  • Stan

    Tim Kawakami’s article that the Warriors should pick a small guard? POOF-Gone!..I cant find it. Funny.

  • dknight007

    You take the best available player at #30.
    Jeff Taylor is going to be a better player than Ezeli….watch.

    Ezeli was not personally hand picked by West? Who said that?

    Ezeli will be a stiff….mark my words. They could have added stiff backup center in FA.

  • dknight007

    29.Harp’s Dubs Says:
    June 29th, 2012 at 2:30 pm
    Hey DKnight007 – your boy PJ3 almost fell out of the first round. Had the Dubs listened to you, he would have been off the board at #7. We should all be grateful you’re not in charge.

    Uhhh…the only reason why he fell is because they found out he has a knee injury. I didn’t know he had a knee injury.

    He wound up with a perennial title team in OKC, so we’ll how he ends up.

  • Gunner

    Can we get Calderon after the Raptors amnesty him?

  • traix

    I think Green could work his way into a 6th or 7th man position, though it would require some creative coaching on Mark Jackson’s part. If Green can defend 3s, I would love to see him handle and distribute to Klay and Steph. I also think he will be a serious impact player on the boards given the opportunity and he could be a serious scoring threat off the bench.

    Festus could also be very interesting.

    Barnes, I guess we’ll see. I think as balance goes, we could use the more aggressive man on the boards and defender and passer as a starter, and that’s Green.

    The coach needs to give the man a serious chance. I look at Popovich or Phil Jackson and wonder what they would do, and I keep coming back to the fact that they either start the more aggresive man, or put him in first off the bench and finish games with him.

  • marquee jackson

    Interesting that we did not go after a Point Guard. With Curry’s ankle, you almost need a backup plan.

    You may have a sports car but it could be missing a tire…

  • Derek

    Jenkins was good as a rookie starter. He’ll get even better. He gets better as his confidence grows. Hopefully he’ll learn to penetrate and dish

  • Steve

    Go to the 8 min mark of the ESPN podcast to hear a pretty interesting 5 minutes on Harrison Barnes.


  • Gunner

    I like this pick! People over-analyze height and speed, but this guy has heart, is smart, and can just plain play! He will be a very effective 6th or 7th guy and will just outplay the opposing team’s reserve forwards!

    For those who actually play will know, he is just the dude you want to be on your pick-up team. You are not going to care whether he’s just 6-7 or a true 6-10!