Warriors GM Bob Myers on No. 7 Pick, UNC’s Harrison Barnes: “We’re Thrilled. We Love This Player.”

Once the Portland Trail Blazers selected Oakland’s own Damian Lillard, a point guard out of Weber State, Warriors general manager Bob Myers said his phone went berzerk.

North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes was still on the board.

“My phone almost blew up with people wanting our pick, wanting our player,” Myers said. “He’s got great value and he fits what we need.”

The Warriors happily selected Barnes — a 6-foot-8, 210-pound sophomore small forward —with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft. It was, for the Warriors’ front-office, an acceptable selection.

Barnes fell to the Warriors after expecting to be a top five pick thanks to a couple of surprising selections ahead of the Warriors.

After New Orleans selected Kentucky’s stud power forward Anthony Davis, Charlotte threw a curveball by taking Kentucky’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. The Bobcats had been pegged to take Kansas power forward Thomas Robinson or either trade the pick to Cleveland, who wanted to move up to get Florida freshman shooting guard Bradley Beal to pair with Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving. So Kidd-Gilchrist was a reasonable shake-up.

After the Wizards selected Beal, the Cavaliers threw the next curveball. They selected Syracuse’s Dion Waiters, the second-best shooting guard in the draft. Waiters was high on the Warriors list and for the longest time was expected to be the best available player at No. 7.

The Kings selected Robinson with the No. 5 pick and Portland, as expected, got their point guard of the future in Lillard. That left the Warriors choosing between Barnes and Connecticut freshman center Andre Drummond.

Drummond, a super athletic 7-footer, is reputed for having the most upside in the draft. He’s also a project years away from being NBA ready. The Warriors opted for Barnes, who perhaps the higher value and is ready to contribute right away.

Barnes is known as a scorer. He’s got nice size and respectable athleticism to go with a good mid-range jumper. He’s considered one of the more NBA-ready players in the draft after averaging 17.1 points on 44 percent shooting with the Tar Heels last season.

“Were thrilled. We love this player,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers said. “We love him for our team. He is one of the best people in the draft and we think one of the best players.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Grey Warden

    I know you had to write this up quickly but you may want to delete this:

    – passing up Connecticut freshman center Dion Waiters.


    -The Warriors passed on…North Carolina sophomore small forward Harrison Barnes

  • Gunner

    Told you all that Barnes would drop to us.

    Glad that Waiters were selected ahead of us. I just don’t believe that a guy who isn’t even a clear cut starter on his college team can be a good NBA player.

    Would a 6th man on a high school team be a top recruit of any college team?

  • Mike

    Hey Gunner- that’s dumb logic.

    That’s like saying: “Would a 6th man on an NBA team ever be an NBA All-Star?” Yeah, how about Harden and Ginobili being all-star quality?

    As for Waiters, sure he didn’t start for Syracuse. But he played significant minutes and was in the game for the last 10 minutes during close games. That’s what actually matters.

  • Derek

    Barnes is/was a safe pick. The Warriors need to use their additional picks on inside scoring, rebounding big men. I hope Sullinger falls to 30.

  • Tay

    C’mon Gunner you just said that on Kawakami’s blog. Love the pic he was one of the top recruits coming out of high school his ceiling is threw the roof 36 inch standing vertical is ridiculous bounce and his jumper is pure. It’s alright too have two similar players in Klay and barnes if the feed off each other and work together shouldn’t be a problem plus Klay is probably a better passer and Barnes is way more athletic

  • Dave


    NBA Comparison: Glen Rice

  • river’s edge

    This team doesn’t have any penetrators who can draw help defenders now…. a bunch of guys who like to shoot from outside.

  • rockridge

    Great pick! Suck for 7 worked…


  • lobo

    No doubt the best player available…still have to find a solid fill in for curry as we all know his fragile legs won’t hold up.

  • Stan

    BTW MT2,I get a lot of flack for pointing out the racist bay area sports media. Would you agree that people of no color have about 100% of the PBP jobs?…or do you agree with the other side that says no people of color have the talent to do PBP?..Hence none in any sport over the last 40+ years..pros or even Cal and Stanford.
    Or I’m just a wild liberal?

  • Xraided

    yea exactly. this was a gimme pick… thank you Stephen Jackson .. i will give it to you .. on SA in the playoffs, you were a beast! but still, we thank you for your service for all the BS you put the Warriors through(although Cohan was a dousche so he deserved it)

    with that said, North Carolina basketball produces elite NBA players, the list is vast… and this kid fits the bill like they do. 17 ppg and being 6’8 is really saying something to me anyway.

    i realize we do have a lot of players that shoot mid range jump shots, but we have Bogut and Lee on the inside to take care of things … i do agree that a slasher is sorely needed(Brandon Roy anyone?) …

    the majority of ‘experts’ had him in the top 3 or top 5 … so i’m certain we’ll get an A grade for this at least.

  • Derek

    Arnette Moultrie is still on the board at 27, man it would be great if he falls to 30 and the Dubs grab him.

    If not Moultrie nows a good time to grab Jones III, however not over Moultrie

  • Ewok

    What happens to Dorrell Wright now? I mean by taking this young buck, we created a logjam in the three spot with DWright, DMcguire, and Brandon Rush.

    However, I like Harrison Barnes. He can create inside and has a descent outside game and a descent defender. I dont’ we have seen his best yet. He definitely has yet to see his great potential so it’s really a good fit.

    I was actually rooting for us to get Drummond because if either Lee and Bogut goes down with an injury, we have Drummond in the rotation.

    Barnes acquisition, if he is NBA ready, provides the team a strong starting line up and that’s all but in terms of rotation, we still have big concerns to work on.

  • Derek

    AWW man ! Moultries gone. I guess thats why Miami is a Championship team.

  • Derek

    Moultrie will replace Bosh next season

  • Derek

    Jones III to OKC, dood teams do smart things

  • Derek

    Ezeli another african stiff. Why do the Dubs hate inside bangers who can score, but love tall stiffs

  • Xraided

    better than Biestench on the floor off the bench … that much i know

  • Ewok

    I don’t think Ezeli is a stiff. I think he is a great defender, rebounder, and shot blocker. I think the idea here is the combination of him as a non-scorer combined with scorers, Lee, Barnes, KThompson and Curry will work becuase his role becomes simplified and specified as a defensive stopper.

    Besides this guy is still developing. He is only 22 yrs old.

  • Dubyas

    A little surprised to see Barnes fall to the Dubs at 7 and he’s the obvious choice here. No complaints, he should be a fine NBA player, a bit of an underachiever though, some questions about his mental toughness. Too bad you can’t give him Draymond Green’s mental makeup, then I’d be a little more excited. Still I like all three of the top draftees. Nice job Myers, Logo and Lacob.

  • rio kid

    Ezeli has stiff written all over him. He’s a short manute bol. Maybe he can… what am I saying he’s a stiff we’ll see him in Santa Cruz in the D league. I can’t wait for the d league in Santa Cruz baby…I’m sorry I want to root for a guy named festus, I loved Gun Smoke, it was one of the greatest television series of all time. Was Matt Dillon bangin Kittie? I wonder.

  • rio kid

    I think that Portland will be very happy with the kid from Oakland. I watched some of his work outs and he shoots the lights out, hustles and plays d like a maniac..on top of that he is a fitness freak ala Jerry Rice type of stuff. I wish him all the best.

  • noah

    Here’s what I don’t get: Curry, Thompson, Rush, Barnes — who can take the ball to the rim? It’s not so great to have fantastic catch-and-shooters when you don’t have anybody to drive and dish to them. I like Barnes a lot, but this team needed Waiters. Too bad he went so early.

  • moreaufan2

    Barnes is ready. he is a good pick for us, and he doesnt just sit on the three point line. he can penetarte and make big plays! And you have to remember he was on a team with so many other All americans, the ball was spread around. now he can make a big impact for us, if we dont be dumb and trade him. Kinda reminds me of Rusy gay a bit.

  • moreaufan2

    Batrnes can take the ball to the rim, did you watch alot of UNC games. He can penetrate. Thats why i dont know why i was hearing we wanted Luol Deng, he sit on the wing and shoots all game, never goes to the freethrow line.

  • cbs

    Let’s not forget that Jenkins had a pretty good start to his career subbing for Steph and he can definitely take it to the rim. Having him back would be a nice boost when we want a more traditional PG in the game.

  • Coltrane

    Fwiw, Barnes was listed by many experts as 2 or 3 and Espn’s Thorpe had him as best in draft

    Seems pretty reasonable to pick an Nba ready 6’8 SF like that from UNC

  • Ewok

    Ezeli a stiff?

    I don’t think so.

    Mickey Moore is a stiff, maybe Adonal Foyle as well. Not this one.

    This dude was highly picked and recommended by Jerry West and i don’t think “The Logo” will pick a dud or a stiff for a first round pick to build a perennial cellar dwelling team like the dubs.

    The guy moves well. He likes defending and boxing out the opponent, he has great timing in blocking shots and most of all, he can rebound at will. That’s all we need from him.

    I think his presence with Bogut will establish toughness and intimidation in holding the front.

    Ezeli is not a stiff but Biedrins is fast becoming one.