Warriors Intrigued by Free Agent PF/C Jordan Hill


Here’s a name to put on the list of Warriors’ big man options: Jordan Hill. 

According to league sources, the Warriors are intrigued by the prospects of signing Hill. The 6-foot-10, 235-pound PF/C is an unrestricted free agent who emerged as a quality back-up big man for the Lakers. 

He’s an athletic big man with enough size and skill to play behind projected starters Andrew Bogut and David Lee. That’s important for the salary cap-strapped Warriors, who have only the mid-level exception to offer. 
Hill had been a relative bust since being drafted by New York with the No. 8 overall picks. But Hill re-announced himself as a promising young big man after being traded to the Lakers. He was a presence in the postseason, averaging 4.8 points an 6.3 rebounds in 18.1 minutes off the bench.

Both Hill and the Lakers are reportedly interested in Hill re-signing. So the Warriors landing him would serve as an added bonus of stealing from a division rival.

Golden State is also expected to kick the tires on guards Andre Miller and Brandon Roy. The Warriors are in the market for frontline help, back-up guards and a ideally a veteran scorer.

Warriors GM Bob Myers and company will also be perusing the trade market for difference-makers.

Marcus Thompson

  • warriorsscore110

    I cant believe any team would be willing to give more than a 1 year Vet minimum for Brandon Roy but according to Y! and ESPN Min and several other teams are thinking about handing over a full MLE. I can only hope that the Warriors dont entertain those ideas.

    The Warriors have 2 needs backup big and backup pg and have the MLE and Wright to trade for either. Jordan Hill would be a good signing to full one of those holes, however I like restricted free agent Jason Thompson (SAC) better. Hopefully Wright (maybe Tyler tossed in) can net a servicable backup pg and Curry’s ankles can hold up.

  • boridge

    Haven’t seen Hill play much in the NBA but I watched him a lot in college. Complete and total beast at that level. Always thought he would be an above average pro if in the right system. Very athletic, runs well…Dubs just might be a great fit.

  • rew

    I like Hill, he’s just what we need to back up Lee, but it seems unlikely he would leave Laker’s to sign with Warriors. Hill turned his career around at LA, I think it’s pie in the sky that he would want to leave. Geez, you get so much atention when you play for Laker’s, you are in playoffs or competing for a ring every year. I recall Warriors lured Derk Fisher away from lakers – but they had to really pay up. Because we only have mid-level exception this seems like a tough deal to put together.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Hill, as you all might recall is the player the Warriors allgedly coveted in the draft three years back and were poised to take, had Minnesota not drafted Johnny Flynn. Flynn’s jump caused Curry to inexplicably fall to us and so we’re here with a glass-ankled PG who is wonderful WHEN healthy and the possibility of picking up the twice-traded Jordan Hill with three months of actually playing like a professional basketball player. Hindsight being 20-20, I’d have traded down from #7 in the draft and gotten Jrue Holiday and Taj Gibson in the late first round. Oh well!

  • Niners in 2012

    I’d rather bring back Ronny!

  • Derek

    Chris Humphrey is much better and would be the perfect guy to sign as the back-up PF/C.

    Houston offered Hill and Tabbett for Biedrens just before the lock-out and that moron Riley said No.

    Hill was a stiff we could have moved, Biedrens will be hard to dump without getting garbage in return.

  • moreaufan2

    I am sorry but I would gamble on Roy, he is an allstar! Maybe something canbe done to help his knees!!

  • deano

    It appears that GSW can add only two new vets: one by trading DWright, and the second by signing a FA with the mid-level exemption. However it’s done, we need back-up at PF and PG.

  • DW

    We just drafted 2 youngsters to play behind Bogut and Lee. Why don’t actually ‘develop ‘ them?

  • J-Ridah

    With Jeremy Tyler, Festus, and Draymond we do not need Jordan Hill. We have enough bigs. We need to pick up Brandon Roy and Andre Miller then this roster is set to be a 3 seed and win 52 games. There will be plenty of celebrations at all the clubs SOMA baby! VIP rooms and bottle service for all our rookies!

  • manhattanproj

    always wonder why hill hasn’t played up to the expectations/hype coming out of arizona. really liked him in college. he was the man. maybe the desire/it factor.

    he could be a great coup for the w’s.

  • Young

    Why do we even pretend to like defense. Only above average defender on the team is Bogut. Hill isnt a defender…

    Neither is Rush

    McGuire is a free agent and we arent talking about bringing him back????

  • TownBiz

    Yea it sounds like between Andres, Tyler and the Rookies we should have the backup bigs covered. I was hoping that they bring back Nate as a backup-pg.

  • moreaufan2

    I think Hill should stay in LA. He did very well there, last year . We have to let Tyler and green develop. Tyler had some nice games last season, he can score, but needs to improve his defense. Green will help with that and push him, we have tobuild our team and stop geting rid of everyone, but I thing D Wright probably needs to go though.

  • haastheman

    Let’s go after Dwight. Bogut, Barnes, Curry, and Biedrens or Jefferson.

  • moreaufan2

    Naw forget Dwight, we dont need anymore cry babies.

  • Derek

    TYler will be much better than Hill. Hill would be a wasted roster spot.

  • Dave

    He stunk when I watched him on the Knicks. The Knicks were supposed to draft Curry at the time but the Warriors took him.