Warriors Begin Talks for J.J. Hickson

The Warriors are in the early stages of discussions for free agent big man J.J. Hickson, according to league sources.

Armed with a mid-level exception, the Warriors are seeking frontline help to play behind starters Andrew Bogut and David Lee. Hickson — a 6-foot-9, 242-pounder — figures to address the Warriors needs for athleticism, rebounding and some scoring.

The Warriors wanted to get Hickson after Sacramento waived him late season. But Portland claimed him off waivers, and Hickson averaged 15.1 points and 8.3 rebounds in 19 games with the Blazers.

But Portland opted not to extend Hickson a qualifying offer, which would have made Hickson restricted. But according to the Oregonian, Portland wanted to avoid the $5.9 million cap hold.

Portland still has interest in Hickson. Including the Blazers and Warriors, about six teams are in the mix for Hickson.

Golden State has also expressed intrigue in free agent big man Jordan Hill.  The Warriors are also keeping tabs on center Kwame Brown, who played well for the Warriors before a torn chest muscle knocked him out for the remainder of the seaso.

Marcus Thompson

  • Young

    Hickson > Hill

    Great stuff. Hickson has talent. But neither play D. We need D…Where’s D. Mcguire?

  • wfan

    What they really need, and they stupidly let him go, is Jeremy Lin. Any chance they can backload an offer for him like Houston is doing for Asik? They got enough bigs from the draft.

  • Niners in 2012

    I agree we need D. We need someone who can block shots while playing alongside DLee, but having enough offensive game to pair with Bogut. Don’t blast me but Anthony Randolph could fit, and the way BWright played last year in Dallas he’d be perfect.

  • Joe Barely Cares

    I would be happy to see Kwame Brown back with the W’s after the way he played for us last year. There’s a strong psooibility that he has finally found himself as an NBA player.

  • jim

    Why wouldnt they bring Anthony Randolph back? The fans love him. We all know he plays D and can score!

  • J-Ridah

    JJ will be a stud! Plus hes great in the local clubs and always has a vip table and bottle service!! Its all about the clubs yo!

  • Dax

    Are you kidding me? Randolph or B. Wright? Neither have the bulk to backup the 4/5 spots. They are weak side shot blockers not solid post defenders. I would rather have Hill or go after Camby or Kenyon Martin. We need veterans, but Hickson would be way better than Randolph or Wright.

  • J-Ridah

    JJ will be a stud! Plus hes great in the local clubs and always has a vip table and bottle service!! Its all about the clubs yo! Keepin it real and makin it rain!

  • PhillyJ

    could have traded Biedrins for Hill and Thabeet last year. Just move on.

    i think Tyler will be good enough as backup 4 for Ws. If we lose Hickson, no big deal.

  • PhillyJ

    Also, Kwame Brown’s time with the Ws is over. We should be enough with Ezeli or Biedrins backing up Bogut. Brown only provides a big body…we got those now.

  • BeamerBenzEzeli

    I don’t like the idea of Hickson long-term unless he’s cheap. I wouldn’t mind one year of Kwame or even Gladness if we’re looking at 1 yr contracts.

  • Silverstreak

    We’re set at C w/depth. We can use back up PF and PG. How does Dray Green fit? Small PF? How about McGuire? We have 2 SFs too many. Hickson will be good to have though.

  • Jimmer

    They must bring back McGuire and rush. Kwame hill or hickson wud b nice but not necessary. They shud pursue Brandon roy instead with ezeli, Tyler, and biedrins.

  • moreaufan2

    Dray Green is smart and knows how to ue his body to make plays, he is a basketball player, simply put!!!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Do people see the garbage Brooklyn’s talking about throwing out for Joe Johnson? A bunch of expiring contracts and maybe Marshon Brooks. Jesus Christ, it’s Joe Johnson! One of the best team players and most versatile veterans one could hope to find. Though Biedrins and RJefferson have an option for one more year after this and would be foolish to turn down (especially AB), throw those two at Atlanta with Klay Thompson and I believe the Hawks bite.
    Give me a starting five of Curry, Johnson, Barnes, Lee and Bogut and if everyone’s healthy, we’re a #3 seed.

  • Dax

    Have you seen Johnson’s contract? It’s ridiculous! Although he’s a very good player, I feel his prime is over. His numbers are declining and he’s definitely not worth the max contract Atlanta gave him. I don’t think the Warriors would want to take on his salary when they have to sign Curry and they have a promising 2 with Klay Thompson. They should focus on using the MLE on a veteran 1, 4, or 5.

  • Wow. . .Hickson would be enticing. . .Tyler would definitely develop in practice. . .along with Ezeli against Bogut. . .

    Same goes with Barnes going against McGuire in practice. . .like the potential of Wright (eventually) off the bench; hope he works hard in the Summer. . .Q’s may just have that mix of a veteran presence with their youngsters. . .

  • JimPunkrockford

    is Anthony Randolph’s career over? i must admit i haven’t been following, but never saw him get much playing time. now he’s unrestricted? too bad, talent wasted

  • Frank


  • DaveW

    @Harp’s Dubs, Johnson has the worst contract in the league ($90M over the next 4) and only a rich, desperate team like Brooklyn would take it on. I’d be careful not to overpay any of these backup stiffs, though Hickson is talented

  • Jai

    I think there is a problem with JJ Hickson other than basketball. C’mon he averaged 15 and 8 for Portland and they didn’t offer. He was good for Cleveland but clashed with B. Scott. He also clashed with Sac’s cooach. Gotta protect that chemistry.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Dave W: Johnson has a really expensive, lengthy contract, while RJ and Biedrins have two more years at basically the same amount, but at least Johson can play! I’d rather an aging baller than two non-basketball players. I would hate losing Thompson as well, but I think that’s be the way to get this thing done.

  • Actually Byron Scott told the coach at sacramento not to play JJ ….. so he had only a problem with one coach

  • Young

    @ Jai

    Thats smart man. I agree. Forget Hickson’s talent. No team that has had him wants to keep him.

    Lets just steph for a good defending point guard. Right now all our wings are below average defenders. Something has to give or Bogut will foul out of every game. Either steph or David lee need to be traded for a starting defender at there position…

  • Derek

    Bogus will likely get hurt AGAIN, so sign Kris Humphrey as a back-up. Curry has bad ankles and will get hurt, plus he can’t penetrate, sign a quality back-up point guard unless they feel Jenkins is ready to be a starter.

    It might be wise to package Curry (value) and Biedrens (garbage) for a quality/above average PG (ty lawson type). It may be the only way to unload Biedrens without taking back additional garbage.

  • Dax

    @ Derek

    How can we sign Kris Humphries if all we have to offer is the MLE? A guy who averages a double-double will surely get way better offers. Realistically we should target guys who are in our price range, and are quality veterans that can play 20-25 minutes. Humphries is a starter in this league and would not want to play behind Lee and Bogut.

  • Does any of this really matter? Bogut and Curry will both be lucky to play more than 35 games at 100%. And we will suck again (see last 20 years). I can’t wait until we are good again, but not seeing it. All the REALLY good teams literally have 2-3 players better than our best. This league is about ELITE talent, and we have NONE. We have some nice players, but ZERO dominators. We will be lucky to sneak in as a 7 or 8 (best case scenario).

  • EBfootball

    I thought are biggest current concern was a back up 2? What’s the story with Rush? Is he a 3 or a 2? I mostly saw him play 3 but I’m hearing he might be backing up Klay. Not that our bigs are great but we have depth there. We have no other 2 (except for Curry who really is a 2 but he’s a low minute guy and I doubt him and Jenkins will be on the floor at the same time to give Klay a rest).

  • Sure real smart deal cuury cause your afraid for lawson who is garbage or just above and then curry becomes an all star! I think they will be damn sure before they move curry and by the way he can and does penetrate do you actually watch the games or are you picking your nose?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    The Nets are getting markedly better (traded nothing for Joe Johnson – SG, re-signing Gerald Wallace – SF, re-signing Deron Williams – PG, will probably re-sign Kris Humphries – PF and have Brook Lopez – C) as the Hawks are positioning themselves to get hometown boy, Dwight Howard. Why would Howard OK a deal to Atlanta? Two of his best buddies (Josh Smith and Anthony Morrow) play there and they’re getting a legit PG in Devin Harris in a trade for under-performing Marvin Williams. Horford and Teague are a lot to give up, but it’s Dwight Howard, for crying out loud!
    Are the Warriors going to make any noise? I’m hoping Myers can covince his former client (and one of my favorite players), Brandon Roy to sign with us. If Myers can do that and somehow miraculously get something of value for Biedrins, Jefferson and Wright, he’s the executive of the year, in my book.

  • Dan Sofranac

    Please get rid of Biedrens, he is awful….no one in the league will pick him up…He is a bust…garbage…J.Russell of BBall !! Get some boards…more big men the better…Power forwards that bring some toughness!! Let the guards run !! Jenkins is good enough if Curry gets hurt again. Finally the ownership gets it !!

  • moreaufan2

    Michael! Steph Curry does not penetrate bro. He goes short drive to quick pull up jumper, and when he gets tired, he doesn’t make shots! I have season tickets. I go to every game. He is a small two guard similar to his dad in a sense. But has better ball handles. Slow footer, but a heck of a shooter. if he can add some footb speed it would help his ability to draw fouls and go to the rim.

  • PhillyJ

    yep, Curry is not a PG. He is a small SG with decent handles and can’t make the passes that elite PGs like Paul, DWill, and Nash can.

    Ws need a true PG. Curry can bring the ball up and dump it off but can’t be a playmaker. Ws will be a bunch of slashing, jump shooters who feed off of Bogut. That would be the best shot. Good thing Bogut and Lee are two solid passing bigs so that will help the movement and spacing with the outside shooting. Barnes should be huge in this offense.

  • Young

    Funny thing is curry DOES make great passes, but its obvious he would rather score. I thought Mark Jackson would fix him, but curry STILL averages 6 crummy assists!

    To someones point, he COULD become an all star, but only at PG and he keeps showing us he’d rather score. We might as well trade him while we can (1 more ankle injury and no one will touch him)

  • Xraided

    Brandon Roy visits the W’s …

    good idea. if they could swing he and Hickson, this team is set!

  • theOracle

    Kwame is a bum. might need the size if Bogut misses his usual 20+ games.
    Jordan Hill is soft. doesnt do anything for W’s
    Hickson has potential but real lazy/weak work ethic.

    Hickson is the best of the bunch.