Dominic McGuire Wants to Stay a Warrior, But May End Up the Odd Man Out

No doubt Dominic McGuire wants to stay with Golden State.

Aside from publicly saying as much, he is regularly at the practice facility, working out with other Warriors. He is buying a house in the Bay Area, making this his home base. And according to a source with knowledge of his situation, McGuire — though an unrestricted free agent — has informed the Warriors he will give them the chance match any offer before he signs it.

Certainly, many Warriors fans want McGuire back after falling in love with his toughness, defense and versatility. But McGuire’s camp is well aware his days with Golden State may be over, a casualty of a numbers game.

The Warriors have two small forwards under contract (Richard Jefferson and Dorell Wright). They just drafted another small forward, North Carolina sophomore Harrison Barnes, with the No. 7 overall pick. On top of that, the Warriors have made their top priority of the offseason re-signing swingman Brandon Rush, a restricted free agent who was often Mark Jackson’s favorite small forward last season.

That’s four players at one position. Adding McGuire back into the fold, it seems, would require moving one of those four.

What’s more, the Warriors have visions of McGuire playing power forward in a small lineup. He would serve as point-forward to take advantage of the shooting prowess of starting guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. But rookie Draymond Green, who the Warriors drafted No. 35, is supposed to be able to do some of that. Then there is the issue of money.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Golden State has about $4 million left before reaching the dreaded luxury tax territory. But the Warriors have other pressing needs, such as frontline help and a veteran back-up guard.

Can they fill those two holes and still have money leftover for McGuire without paying the luxury tax? It would probably take a trade. That’s the one way the Warriors can relieve the clog at small forward, fill one of their needs and possibly cut a little money off the cap.

The Warriors really want Rush and they just drafted Barnes, so Jefferson or Wright would be the obvious ones to go. But Jefferson’s contract (two years, $21.2 million left) would be tough to move. That leaves Wright, who has one year left for $4.1 million, as the most logical player to move.

If Golden State moved Wright for a back-up point guard, especially one that makes $3 million or less, that would help McGuire’s cause. Of course, if Rush gets a huge offer elsewhere and the Warriors decide not to match, that also opens a door for McGuire.

Either way, it looks as if some things need to be shuffled around to make room for McGuire, both on the roster and on the books. That’s going to take some time.

Meanwhile, several teams are interested in McGuire, according to the source. None more than Minnesota, which wants to pair McGuire with Nicolas Batum — Portland’s restricted free agent who the Timberwolves signed to an offer sheet.

Fortunately for the Warriors, McGuire’s camp knows his market won’t be set until after the big names land. So he is prepared to wait, which works in Golden State’s favor.

Marcus Thompson

  • Harvey Dent

    I’d love to see McGuire return. The team could use his defense next season.

  • berko

    Would love to see Dom back next season but the barriers are pretty clearly laid out here.

    If he does go, I would wish him all the best. Loved his tenacity and defensive flexibility. Deserves to get paid.

  • EvanZ

    McGuire’s gone. He’s not as good as everyone thinks he is.

  • wfan

    McGuire should be their starting small forward because he plays defense and would complement the other four starters. Then your second unit can have Green, Barnes, Festus (or Tyler), Jenkins and Rush. Sounds like a playoff team.

  • Young

    Q: Who was GSW best defender in 2011?

    A: Dominic McGuire

    Q: What is GSW biggest weakness?

    A: Probably rebounding, but rebounding is defense. Biggest weakness is defense.

    Strongest argument for Rush is his 3 point shot.

    Q: What is GSW strongest strength area

    A: 3pt shooting

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I’d love to keep McGuire. If we could get draft picks for DWright and BRush, I’d take them. Hoping to sign Brandon Roy. If so, here’s our team:
    PG – Curry/Jenkins
    SG – Thompson/Roy
    SF – Barnes/McGuire/Jefferson
    PF – Lee/Green/Tyler
    C – Bogut/Ezeli/Biedrins
    We’re good enough to make the playoffs, assuming good health for all. The following year, we’ll have major expiring contracts with Biedrins and Jefferson that will be valuable.

  • Mr. Mean

    Would love to have Dom stay with the team as he brings hustle and muscle and toughness along with good defense, ball handling, rebounding and a bit of shot blocking. He played all 5 positions last year so he could even be another back up point guard.
    I also would love it if he started, balancing out the scorers. And, he was developing a nice short range J as well.
    They simply need to get rid of D. Wright. Should be easy enough with his expiring contract, no ? I also hope that they can pull off a major coup and get rid of Biedrins as well.

    With all of that, he’s what I would put on the floor:

    PG Curry, Jenkins
    SG Thompson, Rush
    SF Mc Guire, Barnes, RJeff
    PF Lee, Green, C. Wright
    C Bogut, Ezeli, Tyler

    For the last 2 positions I would love either J.Kidd/Andre Miller at PG and a training camp surprise at SG.
    That just might be enough to get them into the 6th playoff spot and perhaps into the 2nd round.

    Main thing though, we gotta stay healthy !

  • Niners in 2012

    DWright needs to be moved to a team under the cap, hello Sacramento! Pay them $3M to take him if they have to.

    This frees up our mid-level and bi-annual. And allows to re-sign Rush, assuming its a reasonable deal.

  • Xraided

    if they want a good defensive player, a guy that does EXACTLY what Jackson wants the most for the W’s, then they’d resign McGuire and he can backup Lee(who else is behind Lee again?)

  • Xraided

    plus the man loves the Bay Area … what more could you want from this man?!

    of course if he gets a ridiculous offer from someone like Minn, then the W’s do have other positions to fill out.

  • kyle schram

    Ekpe Udoh was our best defender in 2012 than Kwame Brown and then Dominic Mcguire. I want Mcguire back but he is replacable. Our biggest weaknesses was that we foul a lot and get out rebounded cause we were undersized. I love the new ownership because they are making a winning culture. Warriors will win the nba title by the 2015-2016 season! Curry,Thompson,Barnes,Lee,Bogut!

  • Defense wins championships. They need to keep McGuire and move D. Wright and Jefferson. If it takes a future draft pick and or sending cash in the deal, the Warrior management must make it happen.
    KEEP MCGUIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • c.tobar

    Every solid to great team has a starting wing defender. It looks like Bogut is the only true defender in the lineup. I think Barnes needs to be the super sub with rush can play D pretty well. Then depending on the defenses lineup. Platoon Richardson and green a long with Tyler at backup pf. d Wright clearly has to be moved. But warriors are going to regret it if they let McGuire walk. Plus if they go 2 to 4 mill over the luxury tax who cares. Thought this ownership was up to spend money for a winning team.

  • Tay

    I like the optimism Kyle but lets just make the playoffs a few years in a row and then maybe ing think about a title. I do agree that our staring 5 has potential if they stay healthy and tighten up their Defense. I am excited for this year hoping for a 6th seed is not out of reach considering OKC, the Spurs, Lakers, Memphis, and Clippers are all better. I think the Mavs are gonna slip especially if they lose Terry, Utah is nothing special, Suns are a bottom dweller without Nash, Portland only has Aldridgre and a rookie PG, Denver is talented but doesn’t seem to fit to me, Minny could be tough their C some european dude is a beast and KLOve is so dang good and if Rubio is healthy they are dangerous. If the Warriors stay healthy I know that’s a big if I like our chances.

  • Tay

    O and McGuire really doesn’t make to much a difference I’d rather he didn’t take minutes from promising young players like Barnes and Green, and he is way to 1 dimensional to start off the bench maybe if he’s cheap

  • Niners in 2012

    Dominic McGuire gets those “50-50” balls that Bob Myers is always talking about, he’ll dive on the floor. We have nobody like that on the team right now.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    now kenny likes mcguire a lot but lets not get carry away…. if there’s room money wise & roster wise 2 keep him, go 4 it cuz he’s want 2 be here…. but we should start 2 develope draymond green as priority…. capisci????


  • Derek

    McGuire should have more value to the Warriors than Rush. The Warriors have multiple guys who can do what Rush does, however McGuire is one of a kind. Rush, Wright and Jefferson play the exact same game, Rush is just slightly better.

  • GSWHoopla

    Looking at the NBA finals this year, it’s obvious that teams around the league are going to be asking themselves: “Who can can guard LeBron and Durant?”

    If you don’t have a big, tough, athletic defender who can guard the perimeter, you don’t have a chance of gong far in the POs.

    McGuire is that guy.

    Secondly, people who say he is one-dimensional are just wrong.

    Yes, he is a great defender, but he can do plenty else.

    He can play EVERY position. That flexibility is so valuable.

    He can handle the ball. We saw him playing point forward and distributing towards the end of the season.

    He can rebound very well, especially when he is playing the back-court positions.

    He brings a toughness that few other players have. You can see the unspoken respect he gets from opposing players, the way that the league knows a guy like Udonis Haslem is a “real tough guy.” The league knows Dom is a real tough guy.

    He doesn’t need the ball to help. He is one of the few players who willingly concedes that he will do whatever needed. He doesn’t seem to have an ego.

    He has a motor. He will get those 50-50 balls, as stated earlier. He will make life tough for opposing players, simply but getting up in their grills the whole game. He changes the vibe on the floor just by being out there.

    He can shoot a little bit. What? Yes. He started showing he can hit midrange jumpers towards the end of the season. He shot 45% from the field, but the other really nice number (especially when he’s playing in the frontcourt)… He shot 74% from the FT line.

    McGuire’s versatility makes him indispensable to me. I’d take a chance and give him decent money if that’s what it takes…

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Here’s a thought, now that New Orleans might now want to match the Suns offer for Gordon – he’s said he wants to be in Phoenix.

    Trade Curry and Biedrins to the Hornets for Jarrett Jack and a signed-and-traded Chris Kaman.

    The Hornets do it to have a starting backcourt of former NBA players (Rivers and Curry), whose talents and skills sets actually perfectly complement one another. One can play the point while the other plays the 2, interchangeably. Curry’s a better shooter and Rivers and better slasher.

    If we can get Kaman to re-sign for 2 years at around 8 million each, we’ve essentially traded a garbage Biedrins for a starting caliber center who can back-up Bogut, take his spot if injured or play alongside him for another version of the twin towers.

    People love Curry, but I actually prefer Jack. Plus he’ll be on the last year of his contract, meaning we won’t have to make a decision on wheterh to give Curry and his gimpy ankles and extension we might later regret.
    Jack’s numbers last year: 15.6 pts, 6.3 assists and 3.9 rebounds
    Curry’s numbers last year: 14.7 points, 5.3 assists and 3.4 rebounds
    Jack’s a veteran that Jenkins can learn from. He’s tougher than Curry, plays better D and he’s a natural PG, unlike Steph.

    New Orleans is building a team and they probably want guys who want to be part of that. Curry’s dad, Dell, was Mr. Hornet, so Steph might be interested in being part of building that team back up, with the help of Rivers and, of course, Anthony Davis.

    All that being said, I’d still love us to sign Brandon Roy, in order to back-up Thompson and Jack, re-sign McGuire and maybe sign and trade Rush to Utah for our draft pick back next year.
    Warriors starters: Jack, Thompson, Barnes, Lee, Bogut.
    Warriors bench: Roy, Jenkins, McGuire (hopefully), Kaman, Tyler, Green, Ezeli, DWright.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Sorry about first sentence above, “now that New Orleans might NOT want to match…”

  • Dave

    If McGuire had a decent NBA jumper I would be more in favor of him returning. But he simply doesn’t which is why Barnes,Jefferson and Green should get all the minutes at SF.

  • Gummy

    McGuire!! > MKG (currently)

  • whoRu

    McGuire is workin on his jumper and it showed at the end of the season. The Warriors don’t have that one defensive stopper. McGuire was that guy last season. I remember them sticking him on Chris Paul and he came through. It’s not always about offense. Like some of the guys said, there has to be a balance in the starting line up. Thabo with OKC…trade D.Wright already. We know it’s gonna happen.

  • Oaklandsfinest

    Let McGuire walk being back Nate

  • roadster

    We can make Chris Wright UFA and sign McGuire.