Brandon Roy Gets Two Years, $10 Million From Timberwolves, Which Means the Warriors Never Had a Chance

The Oregonian broke the news that former Portland All-Star Brandon Roy, who the Warriors had been courting, agreed to a two-year deal with Minnesota reportedly worth just over $10 million.

You read that right. A two-year contract. Ten million dollars.

That only means the Warriors never really had a chance. Not only were the Warriors not able to pay anything near $5 million per year. Nor, according to one source, were the Warriors prepared to guarantee a second year for Roy.

A two-year  deal in the ballpark of $5 or $6 million — with a team option for the second year — might have been in the Warriors wheelhouse. But Golden State couldn’t spring for more than about $4 million in the first year (not without some restructuring) because of their desire to avoid luxury tax penalties. And the Warriors weren’t willing to guarantee a second year.

Roy, a 27-year-old three-time All-Star, retired prior to the 2011-12 season due to chronic knee problems. He was amnestied by Portland before deciding he wanted to make a comeback.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers, who during his days as a sports agent represented Roy, was interested in signing Roy provided he can plan. In many ways, Roy would’ve been a good fit. Because of his knees, he wouldn’t be a high-minute guy, instead a back-up. He would give the Warriors some veteran experience off the bench. And despite his physical limitations, Roy’s skill set suggested he could give the Warriors some much-needed depth in the backcourt.

Plus, Roy is only 27. So there is a chance — with the right management of his minutes, consistent treatment and a defined role — he could still be really good for several years.

But if that’s the price he was commanding on the market, Golden State never really stood a chance.


Marcus Thompson

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    @Xraided – maybe you’ve heard of Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace?

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    In addition to having sex in public, Biedriens now faces tax evasion problems. Why is the main stream media ignoring this?

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    Three dudes named Williams is too much for one roster. I just hope Kanye doesn’t start rocking BKN gear if Howard goes that way, that jersey would look way too fresh to have it go to waste like that.

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    yea wow, i’ve been out of the loop,obviously. didn’t see they got JJ .. and even Wallace? holy crap! that’s serious bizniz