Warriors Announce Summer League Roster

The Warriors released their summer league roster. A couple of pre

* Bob Myers sounded as if he didn’t want Thompson to play. The second-year guard is in Las Vegas now practicing with Team USA, which ends for him on July 11 (the first day of the Warriors’ summer league squad’s practice). Not only will Thompson be coming off a grueling camp, Myers said the Warriors have already seen enough of the second-year guard and would prefer to see some of the less-experienced players.

* Don’t be surprised if Wendell McKines gets invited to training camp. I can see him being a summer league beast. He rebounds. He plays super hard. He finishes strong. He has all the tools to stand out in summer league if he gets the minutes. Since he can play power forward, he should get some minutes.

* Expect to see a lot of minutes for Jeremy Tyler. Myers said this is a big year for Tyler. He really needs to show the Warriors something. He’s probably fourth on the depth chart at center (behind Andrew Bogut, Andris Biedrins and rookie Festus Ezeli). So his best chance to play is at PF. That means he may have to show some skill development. Draymond Green is going to be tough for Tyler to pass up on the depth chart because Green has some skills. He can play the versatile PF the Warriors like. Tyler really needs to bring it

NO    PLAYER                POS     HT     WT     BORN         SCHOOL

11    Klay Thompson          F        6-7      220      2/8/90      Washington St.

22   Charles Jenkins          G       6-3      220     2/28/89     Hofstra

3    Jeremy Tyler              F       6-10     260     6/21/91        San Diego HS

33  Chris Wright               F        6-8      226     9/30/88      Dayton

40   Harrison Barnes          F        6-8      210     5/30/92    North Carolina

31   Festus Ezeli                C      6-11     255    10/21/89        Vanderbilt

23   Draymond Green        F        6-7      230      3/4/90      Michigan State

35   Wendell McKines       F        6-6      230     8/18/88     New Mexico St.

34  Kyle Weems               F        6-6      226     8/23/89       Missouri State

20   Kent Bazemore         G/F      6-5      195      7/1/89      Old Dominion

25   Justin Burrell              F        6-8      244     4/18/88     St. John’s

18   Justin Hurtt                 G       6-5      205     10/3/88     Tulsa

52   Dallas Lauderdale       F        6-8      260     9/11/88    Ohio State

21   Joe Ragland                G       6-0      185    11/11/89       Wichita State

7     Frank Robinson          G       6-4      220      6/1/84       CSU Fullerton

50  Rakim Sanders           F        6-5      228      7/8/89       Fairfield

6   Garrett Sim                 G       6-2      185     7/10/90         Oregon

45  Andre Smith               F        6-8      242     2/21/85       North Dakota St.

32  Dar Tucker                 G       6-4      205     4/11/88        DePaul

9   Maalik Wayns            G       6-2      200      5/2/91          Villanova

19  Andre Young             G       5-9      170     3/16/90          Clemson


And here is the schedule …


DATE                            OPPONENT                     TIME              LOCATION

Friday, July 13                L.A. Lakers                        5:00 p.m.      COX Pavilion

Saturday, July 14            Denver Nuggets               3:00 p.m.      COX Pavilion

Wednesday, July 18       Miami Heat                       7:30 p.m.      Thomas & Mack

Friday, July 20                Chicago Bulls                    5:30 p.m.      Thomas & Mack

Saturday, July 21            New Orleans Hornets     3:30 p.m.      Thomas & Mack


Marcus Thompson

  • BugsyMogues

    Dallas Lauderdale missed his calling as a small market weatherman

  • Dan

    Agreed on Tyler. He’ll need to improve a lot to make the roster. After all the hype (both positive and negative), I expected him to have a lot of athleticism, but he looked average at best in that category last year. A bit slow-footed and hops nothing special. Hopefully a good training regimen can help him improve there and he can continue to develop what seemed like some decent post moves.

  • Young

    Its sad when half your rotation is summer league players

  • Niners in 2012

    I’ve never seen our summer league roster so BIG. DO they plan on cutting it down some? How is everyone gonna get mins?

  • moreaufan2

    Man thats ust like the Warriors, talking about ridding of guys so soon. How about you develop him, he had a shortened season last year no real training camp. keep the guy and develop him. Tyler can play. He made some bad plays last year but also did some good things!!!

  • The Fig Bundamental

    As did Justin Hurrt miss his calling as a professional wrestler from America’s Heartland.

  • dave

    McKines is a great talent…. multi-dimentional. Great shooter and a solid athlete. I could be the surprise of summer league.

  • dave

    McKines is a great talent…. multi-dimentional. Great shooter and a solid athlete. Could be the surprise of summer league.

  • billy

    12 forwards, 8 guards, and one center – guess they will NEVER learn!!!!

  • Don’t give up on Tyler! He needs another year to develope and show improvement. At worst case, shuttle him between the D-League (if possible) and Oakland.
    I really like McGuire and Rush, they gave the Warriors a chance at the end of games with their defensive abilities.

  • Derek

    Tyler is already better than Beidrens, after playing less than a half a season and no training camp.

    Did people expect the guy to bust into the league and take over with ZERO experience or exposure ?