Warriors Current Salary Cap Situation

It’s confusing, frustrating and largely secretive. Figuring out exceptions, cap space and potential moves sometimes feels like double majoring in chemistry and calculus.

It’s impossible to know for sure without the actual numbers. So, to better help you prognosticate, here is my best attempt at the Warriors’ salary cap situation, including cap holds.

$13,000,000   Andrew Bogut

$12,744,000    David Lee

$10,164,000    Richard Jefferson

$9,000,000     Andris Biedrins

($7,391,645)    Brandon Rush’s cap hold

$3,958,742       Stephen Curry

$2,798,040      Harrison Barnes

$2,222,160       Klay Thompson

$1,020,960      Festus Ezeli

($854,389)       Dominic McGuire’s cap hold

($854,389)       Nate Robinson’s cap hold

$762,195          Charles Jenkins

$762,195          Jeremy Tyler

($473,604)      Draymond Green’s cap hold

($473,604)      Ognjen Kuzmic’s cap hold

$66,479,923   Total


Some things you need to remember:

* Chris Wright, Mickell Gladness and Mikki Moore were not extended qualifying offers and are now unrestricted free agents

* Kuzmic won’t stay on the cap once the season begins and he is officially stashed in Europe

* There is no penalty for going over the luxury tax now. The penalties are assessed at the end of the season.

* The reason the Warriors’ cap figure is at $66 million – which is only $4 million shy of the $70.3 million luxury tax – is because of Brandon Rush’s cap hold number. But in reality, they’re at about $62 million. How? They’re working off Rush’s qualifying offer (which is $4.4 million and much closer to what Rush will get) and not his cap hold number. If you take away that difference, and take away Kuzmic’s cap hold, and take away one of Robinson’s or McGuire’s cap hold (since both can’t come back), the number drops to about $62 million. Even lower if you take away the cap holds for Robinson, McGuire and Kuzmic.

* If you find any mistakes, I’d be happy to hear them. I’m sure there are some.

Marcus Thompson

  • Tay

    Try to sign Carl Landry.i liked d wright he came in huge for my fantasty team his first year with the warriors but he had to go with Barnes and green and Jefferson’s untradeable contract. I think Jenkins can back up the 1 especially with how hard he supposedly works he has a little D, doesn’t turn the ball over to much and can mabe score a la CJ watson.

  • San Ramon Mike

    If only they had used their amnesty on Biedrins…

  • Thanks Marcus!
    Landry Fields got a pretty sizable offer for a middling SG – Brandon Rush is as good or better a player IMHO (but I’m a W’s homer). Once Rush’s offer is received or not, the W’s can proceed to fill out the rest of the roster.

  • noma_pride

    Assuming we re-sign Rush (obviously not a given), and assuming no trades, we’re pretty much looking at the roster we’ll have for the next 2 years (thanks to the $9m Beans and $11m Jefferson player options next season).

    We have 1 year to learn about Curry’s ankle as he enters restricted free agency. If he performs we’d be sniffing the lux tax next year.

    We’ve got 2 seasons of Bogut to figure out if he is worth max-type money. Luckily $20m will come off the books by then (Beans & RJ).

    I get sick looking at that David Lee contract…those last two seasons at $15m apiece are going to be brutal.

  • Niners in 2012

    Rusty Simmons says Bogut has potential incentives that need to be factored in the salary cap.

  • joe suspect

    No…the bonuses just affect going over the potential luxury tax threshold, not the salary cap per se.

    Your #s look good, Marcus. Hoopsworld usually has good data.

    Also, when guessing what we might do with this year’s cap space, we also have to consider next year when Curry’s cap hold is close to 10 million. If he can’t get his ankle’s right, I don’t see him being worth signing other than the one year qualifying offer.

  • Ken

    Actually I have heard that, ironically, Biedrins has incentives that have to be part of the cap – probably something like “if Warriors make playoffs” or “if Warriors win the title”. An incentive, however unlikely, has to have a cap hold, since it is possible.

  • Ken

    By the way, teams can always sign players to a veteran’s minimum contract – which is how Warriors got Nate and McGuire last year.

  • Pessismistic

    Cap space is nice. The team is flexible. But cap space can also be a hindrance. For one the Golden State Warriors are NOT a destination franchise. So you have all the cap space with no one to sign or no one wants to come here.

  • J-Ridah

    I’m not happy and very concerned. Jarrett Jack will add nothing to our club scene. Heard he does not buy bottle service and prefers, walks on the beach and museums. UHHHH,, bad move Dubs!

  • wishfull thinker

    Biedrins will go to jail for tax evasion and the warriors will void his contract, so don’t worry about hitting the luxury tax.


    J-Rigga what’s so bad about sophisticated A.A.? He’s from New Orleans not Richmond. I get behind the team and support a more talented man than yourself playing in the NBA. I don’t see any of these hater that have even played the sport of basketball in college let alone the NBA. Baker Beach, Legion of Honor, and the FiDi the new playground when the dubs leave the Oakland Zoo for the true City.