Warriors Sitting A Bit Prettier After Trading Dorell Wright

Don’t expect the Warriors to sign anyone when the NBA’s moratorium lifts on Wednesday.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers said the Warriors have been aggressive in their pursuit of players. He said they even came close on a few players. But nothing is imminent. Myers said the Warriors will continue the aggressive pursuit, but caustiously.

“We’ve been very focused with things that line up with what we need,” Myers said. “We’re in it, but we’re prudently in it. … We are not going to do a bad deal.”

Perhaps what matters most is that the Warriors can be even more aggressive now that they’ve agreed to trade small forward Dorell Wright, according to league sources. In exchange, the Warriors will receive a $4.1 million trade exception and the rights to Edin Bavcic, a 28-year-old Bosnian power forward who will likely never play for the Warriors.

Most important, though, was that the Warriors dumped Wright’s salary, giving them some $8 million of breathing room below the luxury tax line.  The Warriors can now re-sign restricted free agent swingman Brandon Rush and sign two free agents without paying a penalty.

The Wright trade can’t become official until Wednesday. But trading Wright, the starting small forward the last two seasons, frees up the Warriors to use the $5 million mid-level exception and the $2 million bi-annual exception. The Warriors are much more attractive now with the full mid-level to work with, and still have room to add a roster filler. That opens up the pool of prospective players for the Warriors.

What’s more, the trade exception can be used to add another player. That’s unlikely since the Warriors don’t want to pay the luxury tax. But it’s good for a calendar year and could come in handy at the trade deadline. (No, it can’t be combined with another salary to get a big-money player).

* Speaking of luxury tax, the Warriors are apparently willing to pay the luxury tax. Just not now. And just not for marginal players.

In other words, if the Warriors could trade for Andre Iguodala right now, and it would put them in the tax zone, Lacob would sign off. Would they do it for Ronnie Price? Nope.

* The Warriors could very well end up with some pretty good talent at a pretty good price. Why? The market has been flooded with talent thanks to the renouncement of several notables. O.J. Mayo. Aaron Brooks. Jerryd Bayless. J.J. Hickson. Courtney Lee. They all were going to be restricted free agents until their team withdrew their qualifying offer. Now they’re all unrestricted.

They add more talent to the pool while also eating up available salary cap space. That means there is a good chance some really talented player (who the Warriors wouldn’t have otherwise had a shot at) could end up available in the Warriors’ price range.

* The Warriors are going to sign Brandon Rush. The only question is whether they will be matching an offer sheet or will the two sides hash out a deal on their own. As it stands now, Golden State has basically given Rush the space to go get an offer sheet. The fact that the Warriors haven’t given an offer to Rush yet means they don’t believe he’s going to get a huge offer sheet on the market.

Golden State is in a much better negotiating position if Rush comes back without a signed offer sheet. Since Rush’s qualifying offer (about $4.4 million) is in the ballpark of what they’re willing to sign him to, Golden State doesn’t have to be in a rush to lock him up. Because they got Wright’s salary off the books, the Warriors can go out and sign someone using the mid-level exception and still re-sign Rush.

*It also means the Warriors’ other free agents, namely Dominic McGuire and Nate Robinson, will remain in limbo. The likelihood of both coming back is almost nil. If the Warriors re-sign Rush, add a player with the full mid-level and sign someone with the bi-annual exception, they’re all tapped out. That means McGuire and Robinson would likely be renounced.

However, if the Warriors sign someone for less than the mid-level, they would have a little room. Or, if after re-signing Rush and signing someone to the mid-level, they could decide to keep McGuire or Robinson (smart money’s on McGuire) and not sign another free agent.

Marcus Thompson

  • J-Ridah

    Great move. The only downside is Dorrell was a club VIP and ususally had the very best table and the most bottle service money could by. Many hos will now have to find a new sugar daddy. The upside is we now have the money to sign some new blood who can appreciate all that SOMA has to offer. Our club scene is second to none and we all know its all about making it rain and and a case of Crystal! All the free agent want to come here and now we have the money to do it!

  • PhillyJ

    Aaron Brooks would be a great fit for the Ws.

  • Stan

    Beidrens in the news again. First it was the street porn..now he’s not paid his taxes in Transylvania. He better watch out or the government there will put a stake into his heart, aka,TAXES up his yin -yang and penalties!

  • mdub

    any word on the warriors looking at CJ Watson for a return to the bay?

  • The Fig Bundamental

    That club joke is busted.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    If we’re making no more trades, we have two scenarios:
    1) Let McGuire walk, re-sign Rush, sign JJ Hickson and sign Aaron Brooks
    2) Let Rush walk, re-sign Dominic McGuire, sign JJ Hickson and sign Jerryd Bayless

    On another note, I’m trying to figure out what the Sixers are doing at the PF spot. Are they thinking a tandem of Moultrie and Thaddeus Young’s gonna cut it? They need more scoring. They have a glut of wings now. This is the time for an Iggy/David Lee swap. It’s a wash with salaries. What, then, would we do for our power forward? Trade Barnes, Tyler and Biedrins to the Hawks for Josh Smith.

    It’d be nice to see our Warriors team look like:
    PG – Curry/Bayless/Jenkins
    SG – Thompson/Rush
    SF – Iguodala/Jefferson/Green
    PF – Smith/Hickson
    C – Bogut/Ezeli

  • moreaufan2

    No we need to start buildinmg a team, not trading a bunch of guys. We have a good PF and C so we build arounf that, and okay PG in Curry and Klay is a rising star. Barnes has The potential to be a great player and the wing, so lets build around that.

  • Young

    Harp’s Dubs for GM! Save for option 1. Option 2 has to be better bc rush cant guard most 2 guards. Dude is really a SF…

  • Young

    David Lee for Iguodala solves so many problems its ridiculous…(toughness, defense, athleticism, rebounding…) Klay and Stephen will score more than enough PTS!

    Figure out the PF problem later…

  • Xraided

    Iggy for Lee would be incredible, although they wouldn’t just do that.

    Reason being is taht Iggy being dangled out there certainly attracts a lot of big fish … there’s many other teams that can offer way more than the W’s can.

    Barnes and Tyler and Biestink for Joe Smith? no man… would you do that trade if you were the Hawks GM? that’s what, 15 mill invested this year in the good, the bad, and the ugly?

    that my friend, is a pipe dream.

  • Xraided

    now a trade of Barnes and Lee for Iggy? i’m sure that’s what the Hawks would be looking for .. the W’s would push for a chunk of Iggy’s contract to be off their books, but that’s seems plausible at this point.

    a deal like that would get our all star, and allow us to go get more FA’s than we can right now! Brooks and Hickson brought in to play with Iggy for a daisy fresh rookie and the no-defense Lee? my answer: YES!

  • chris gatling

    Why all the trade Barne’s for Iggy talk? Yeah, Iggy’s a Defensive force, and that’s something we need, but we haven’t even seen Barne’s play a game, let alone a summer league game in a dubs uni. We know that with Iggy, he’s not a great passer, isn’t a great shooter, slow ya rollssss. Barne’s may surprise you guys!

  • Ron

    Why O why wasn’t Biedrens amnestied. His 9 mill is a giant albatross!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Xraided: Taking Barnes with Lee for Iggy doesn’t make a ton of sense for Philly because of their abundance of wings. If that’s what it takes to get get Iggy, I’d need Moultrie back as well. Then, we’d definitely need to sign JJ Hickson, as he’d be our likely starter at PF.
    Bayless is now gone, so in my mind, it’s now either Aaron Brooks or CJ Watson as veteran back-up PGs.
    The question then becomes McGuire or Rush? Rush is the better scorer and a decent defender, but McGuire the better all-around defender/rebounder/hustler.

    Bigger question, is there anything we can do that will force both Jefferson and Biedrins to NOT pick up their options in 13-14?