A Familiar Name Might Be a Perfect Fit For Warriors

Ideally, the Warriors can get their hands on a guard who can play both positions. Someone who can reliably run the point when Stephen Curry is out the game, but someone who can also eat some minutes behind Klay Thompson. It would be good if he can shoot and play some defense, and of course he’d have to come at a right price.

Andre Miller is gone. So is Jerryd Bayless. So is Kirk Hinrich. Raymond Felton may cost too much. O.J. Mayo will cost too much and really isn’t a point guard option. Ditto for Courtney Lee.

But there is one familiar name who may be the perfect fit: C.J. Watson.

The Bulls, who drafted Marcus Teague and signed Kirk Hinrich, declined to pick up Watson’s option, making him an unrestricted free agent looking for a home.

Watson averaged 9.7 points and 4.1 assists in 23.7 minutes last season with Chicago. He shot 39.3 percent from 3-point range. Though he shot just 36.8 percent from the field, he’s coming off his best season since leaving the Warriors (for whom he shot 46.2 percent in two full seasons.)

Having played with point guard Stephen Curry before, Watson should be comfortable from the outside.

He’d be coming back to the Warriors with playoff experience and two years under his belt as an effective back-up in the Bulls’ defense oriented system. He battled multiple injuries (wrist, ankle, elbow) but still started a career-high 25 games and earned favor with fans as part of the coveted bench mob.

Watson isn’t the sexy name Warriors fans are hoping for, but he could end up being an effective pick up.

Marcus Thompson

  • pboss

    Sold! make it happen

  • Joe

    I would prefer Delonte “wet willie” West. Not a great “character” guy, but as the Logo said we need to add toughness to this team.

  • sco_lo_fan

    you are right about it not being sexy but being prudent – and plenty will balk at it if it happens. but itd be a good pick up and help the team.

  • Greg

    May not be the sexy name but I’d be damn fine with that.

  • Doctor Kajita

    Nate Robinson.

  • Chris Porter

    For the love of dogs. Please, no CJ. He is horri-bull. Let’s not go backwards again. Learn from past mistakes.

  • D

    I’m so glad you posted this – Would love to have CJ back.
    I want another CJ Watson Mohawk Night

  • Larkspur Bob

    Do they have enough $$ to sign him?

  • 100% behind bringing back CJ and 100% NOT bring back Nate.

  • NSD

    CJ would be great and cheap! No No NO to Nate…we dont need a “PG” who shoots 20 times to get 14 pts. Nate’s GARBAGE!

  • moreaufan2

    No need for us to go backwards, sorry, dont like it!

  • Xraided

    did Watson bring energy off the bench all the time? i can’t really remember. he was a good 3 point shooter, that’s about it.

    Nate brings a lot of energy and excitment off the bench.. i’d rather have him if their contracts are around the same.

    if i had my choice, Brooks would be the guy. he will probably surpass Curry when his ankle breaks again.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Brooks over Watson. Watson over Robinson.

  • moreaufan2

    Nate is not garbage, but we dont need him either
    , but he did bring fire to our team though and did help us win games. We ust need guys who can defend first

  • Cortez

    Remember C.J’s 40 pt game? Classic!! hahaha

  • noah

    If I thought Watson would stay healthy, I would think he’d be a good choice. But he’s missed a significant number of games 2 of the last 4 seasons. Not ideal when you have a fragile starter at PG. Still, he might be the best option out there.

  • Wil

    I’m still shooting for Shannon Brown and JJ Hickson. Forget the noise! We didn’t get rid of Wright for nothing, of course, we got it lock Rush in.

  • Xraided

    yea Hickson would be good. he needs to come cheap as we don’t know what he’ll bring. he’s very up and down..

    if we can swing JJ Hickson, Brooks, and resign Rush, i’d be a very happy camper.

  • Tdubb

    I called it when the rumors started in Chicago…CJ is a perfect fit and with no Dorell money on the books make it happen BOB!

  • Xraided

    the kid is always injured. we dont need 2 PG’s that get hurt often. no thx NATE OR BROOKS PLZ

  • Derek

    Jenkins is just as good as CJ if not better. Pass on CJ. If the team goes after a guard he should be a taller combo type who can get to the rim. Curry can’t and Jenkins needs to work at it. Nate is pure energy off the bench and can rack up points in high volume when needed.

  • Gummy

    McGuire can play point. lol

  • Gummy

    and two and 3 for that matter

  • Young

    I REALLY hope we dont resign Rush for $4M.

    this is trap if I’ve ever seen one. He cant start at the 2guard or 3spot, had 1 good year (contract year mind you) and wants $7m. This is the same trap we always fall into…

    Dorrell Wright was known as a much better player when he showed up. He played better in 2010 than Rush has ever played and today we can only get half a bag of skittles for him.

    Worse yet Rush adds nothing to this roster

    Let Rush walk…

  • DW

    CJ wanted to bolt and we wouldn’t let him because he was an UFA. I doubt if he would want to come back here. I bet he would take less money to play for the Nets as a backup.

  • joe suspect

    why would you spend vet min to mid-level $$$ on a less than average player, as opposed to a cheaper d-league/undrafted rookie with more upside that costs less? we’re not talking about a stop-gap starter…we’re talking about a 500 minute/year player here.

    No to Brooks, Watson, Robinson, Delonte, etc…Let Jenkins get the backup minutes and sign a 15th man @ PG and develop him on the cheap.

  • reppinwarriors

    i liked CJ Watson while he was here but this is the guy who convinced the warriors to not match his contract so he can play with the Bulls..id look at Sessions or Brooks if he didnt cost too much. Sessions did suck in the playoffs but he was a starter for a Lakers team and would be a solid backup for us. Not many good PGs out there left that fits what we need.

  • John Starks

    I liked CJ but what’s wrong with Nate? He’s earned some Bay Area love, especially because he’s 1/1000th Filipino or whatever. Warrior fans are fascinated by over-achieving small guys – even my sister wanted a Nate jersey last season.

  • Xraided


    that leaves our bench very thin and uncertain. besides, you need a proven player behind you injury prone starters. you want to count on Jenkins and a D-league player? no thanks.

  • Xraided


    Sessions wants to be a starter first and foremost. i would love him as a backup, but it seems highly improbable at this point.

    although i’m sure Curry will be hurt at some point, and either Sessions or Brooks would outplay the man IMO.

  • cadan

    i like jarrett jack better than nate or CJ

  • cadan

    he put up 20 and 9 in one game and a triple double in the other against the warriors this year

  • DubsFan

    No point in thinking about this anymore. The Warriors are getting Jarrett Jack now for Dorrell Wright.

  • manhttanproj

    one way or another, they need to resolve the brandon rush contract situation. otherwise they won’t know how much they can spend on FAs.

    bayless for $3M a year would have been a good and cheap option. but w’s can’t decide whether to spend that kind of money knowing a team can offer rush $6M per and can’t match.

    rush contract will really slow things down

  • AQ

    I don’t think Watson even knows how to spell DEFENSE!!!!!