Jarrett Jack on Warriors: “I’m Happy to Be Part of That Situation”

The Warriors are close to acquiring point guard Jarrett Jack from the New Orleans Hornets, league sources confirm. The deal is not official, one source warns, but Jack has already Tweeted his goodbye to Hornets fans.

Late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, the reported trade that sent small forward Dorell Wright to Philadelphia morphed into a three-team trade withNew Orleans. Wright still goes to the 76ers. But the Hornets get the rights to Bosnian power forward Edin Bavcic and a $5.5 million trade exception. And the Warriors get one of the most-respected, little-known guards in the league.

“I’m happy to be part of that situation,” Jack, 28, said in a phone interview. “They traded for Andrew (Bogut). They drafted Harrison Barnes. Klay Thompson was the second-best rookie last year. It definitely looks like they’re serious about winning. I think we can make some noise.”

Jack has one year left on his deal, paying him about $5.5 million. The trade it seems leaves Golden State with about $3 million left to spend before reaching luxury tax zone. The Warriors are likely to look for front court help.

In many ways, Jack is exactly what Golden State needs. Last season with New Orleans, Jack averaged 15.6 points with 6.3 assists and 3.9 rebounds in 34 minutes — all career-highs.

He’s experienced, having started nearly half of his 532 career games over seven seasons with Portland, Indiana, Toronto and New Orleans. He can play both guard positions, so he can feasibly fill holes behind point guard Stephen Curry and shooting guard Klay Thompson.

He’s 6-foot-3, 202 pounds and reputed for being tough and playing hard. Most important, he’ll be able to defend both positions.

“I didn’t know I was a combo guard until I came into this league,” Jack said. “I just play hard. People know my M.O. As long as I’m on the court, I’m cool. I’m going to do whatever it takes.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Timdiz

    Perfect trade!

  • Todd Fuller

    This is fantastic, let’s keep er rolling

  • John Starks

    “I’m happy to be part of that situation,” Jack, 28, said in a phone interview. “They traded for Andrew (Bogut). They drafted Harrison Barnes. Klay Thompson was the second-best rookie last year. It definitely looks like they’re serious about winning. I think we can make some noise.”

    Hell to the yes!! Warms my heart to hear when players say they want to be here. That will always earn love from GSW fans, somewhat regardless of their actual performance.

    Welcome aboard, Mr. Jack.

  • roadster

    Good trade. He is a good reserve for both PG & SG. Very experienced.

  • wg

    good move! will his addition take the warriors deep into the playoffs? maybe not. but he’s a solid piece in an area of particular need. and insurance in case curry goes down again.

  • Niners in 2012

    Myers is the man!

  • WIL


  • johnyy

    so only 3mil to spend?

    Isay lets bring Lou Amundson back or try to get Jamison/Landry or J.Hill for Cheap..
    i think Jenkins can play 2 guard, Curry as well at times.. we dont have money for Rush anyways, sad to see him go but JJack gives us a better need imo.


  • DW

    Do they still have to sign Brandon Rush with that 3mil??

  • WaterSnake

    GS will have to let all their FAs go to fit Jack into the roster. GS got a good set of starters, so, it really don’t matter if Jack is in the roster or not.

  • JDub

    DW, I believe the 3 mil is assuming Rush gets close to his qualifying offer. So we would keep Rush AND get a front court player for around 3 mil. Staying under the luxury tax means the dub’s get to keep their full exemptions in the future.

  • noah

    Great move. He’s a big guard who can back up Steph and Thompson, and is good enough to start if Steph can’t play. Assuming nobody goes nuts and way overpays Rush, I think the Ws have Steph, Thompson, Rush, Lee and Bogut s the starters and Barnes, Jefferson, Jack and whomever they sign to play PF/C rounding out a 9-man rotation.

  • Bobby G


    Bring Lou Amundsen back? *AND* go after Jamison? What the… no way.

    We do have money for Rush. With Rush we will probably have about 2-3 mil left over.

    JJ Hickson anyone? Solid, hard working tough young backup 4.

  • haastheman

    I agree with Noah. I’d like to see Rush start the season as the starter at the three. He earned it last year, and it would be nice to ease barnes into the flow. Jack is a great experienced back up who can start if need be at the point. Not a big fan of bringing Jamison back, but not totally against it either. It would be nice to add another experienced big man for off the bench, but isn’t that what Biedrens is? The four question marks coming into the season are what will you get from Curry, Bogut, Biedrens and Jefferson. Strangely enough, if all four have sub par seasons we may be deep enough to still compete for the playoffs. Now just imagine if two or three have above average to great seasons.

  • noder

    welcome my man. We hope you like it here and get some good nights on a winning team ! We’ll show you hella love and all the best go WARRIORS!!!!!!!!

  • Oh, this is great news. I really like Jack’s game. He has been underappreciated & underrated for many years. I love his attitude!

    His toughness & attitude should mesh well with the new additions I become the basis for a foundation for leadership & guidance for the rest of the Warriors. . .love players that play with his kind of ‘tude! He’ll love the fan support & exuberance the rest of the ream offer.

    He, McGuire (if he stays; don’t see why not!), Ezeli & Brandon Rush will really add their brand of toughnes from the bench. Add Jenkins to that group!

  • Deskpilot

    The dubs turned Dorell Wright into Jarret Jack?! That’s highway robbery – nice job “rookie” GM Myers.

  • Samrodin

    Would love to see Mcguire get signed and stay. He seems to be under appreciated, but remember he was our best defender last year, really good rebounder, tough son of a gun and his mid-range was starting to show up. I think he actually could have been our starting 3. We have 4 other guys who can score on the court, he would do the dirty work. bring Barnes off the bench for a change of pace, a Harden kinda sixth man who can heat it up.

  • roadster

    I think now we can sign McGuire to add inside toughness.
    Assuming all is healthy… this is the deepest Warrior team for a while. Let’s see how they gel.

  • Good move.

    Too bad we have two players who are financial burdens: Beans and Jefferson.

  • Sammaghett

    I too hope the W’s complete the roster by signing McGuire, assuming the remaining money will do it. McGuire personifies the Jerry West mantra of getting guys who are bangers: tough with a “blue collar” mindset. That is what McGuire brings in spades.
    With that signing, I agree that this would be as deep a W roster as I can remember since RunTMC.

  • Tdubb

    I applaud Meyers, I’ve always loved Jack’s game even at Georgia Tech. He’s a pro and somebody I believe Charles Jenkins can be. I’m not sure what the money looks like after this but I think we get Rush and McGuire back in the fold and this roster is set.

    This bunch should be able to defend pretty well. Training camp should be fun to watch.




  • J Fish

    If Elton Brand is amnestied, when would teams have to bid on him? Not sure which teams are under the cap, as players are being signed daily. I’m sure some of those teams are set at Power Forward, he can run/rebound. P.S. – W’s did try to sign him at same price, he just preferred Philly.

    “The designated player goes through a waiver process in which teams under the salary cap bid for him. His salary will be divided between his new team and old team, with the former likely picking up a substantial portion.
    The highest bidder acquires the player”


  • Ewok


    We are going to lose Brandon Rush. He is worth way more than what remains in our moneychest and a lot of teams are after him.

    I can see us however, retaining Mcguire. He really likes to be a Warrior, He seems to be a mission to fight for his role in the starting line up, and he seems ammenable to what the Warriors can offer…

    However, i really like the idea of Antawn Jamison rejoing the team but its also a bit far-fetched and unrealistic.

    This team is solid. I think we have what it takes to compete and stay competitive. We are deep. We are going to make noise this year for sure. Going to the playoffs is very achievable.

    The Warriors however will not win a championship just yet. Their chances of winnning a title will finally happen upon Biedrin’s and Jefferson’s departure with their ridiculous price tags. From there we can entice a quality player to join us. These two combined spells a big amount of money on the payroll.

  • J-Ridah

    I’m concerned about one thing. What does all this mean for our club scene? Its the number one question on eveyrones minds. Is this good for SOMA? I have osme concerns.

  • Dave Nish

    They’re keeping Rush and probably dumping McGuire. Rush is a restricted free-agent. They’ll just match whatever another team will offer and retain him. This doesn’t go against the salary cap.

  • Bobby G


    We have a $7M cap hold for rush and we have his Bird rights. I don’t think we’ll lose him.