Warriors PG Stephen Curry Says He’s “85 to 90” Percent Healthy; Welcomes Addition of Jarrett Jack

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry said his surgically repaired right ankle is at “about 85 to 90 percent.” He said he is expecting to be 100 percent by training camp.

Curry had arthroscopic surgery on his right ankle on April 25, performed by Dr. Richard Ferkel inSouthern California. The surgery revealed Curry’s ankle, which caused him to miss 40 games last season, had no structural damage. Dr. Ferkel cleaned out scar tissue and a few bone spurs.

Since then, Curry has gotten good news in two check-ups and has a meeting set for the first week of August with Dr. Ferkel.

“I still have a little work to do with range of motion,” Curry said in a phone interview fromCharlotte. “But everything is right on schedule, even a bit ahead of schedule.”

Of course, his best news is expected to come any day now. His wife, Ayesha, is due to have the couple’s first child, a girl, this week.

“I can’t wait,” he said. “My main priority is supporting my wife through her pregnancy. I’m so glad I’m able to be here.”

Curry spends two hours a day rehabbing his ankle. Then he spends another two to three hours lifting weights, improving his conditioning and honing his basketball skills (some of that can be seen here). The process has been methodical and patient. He said he’s been gradually increasing activity, challenging his ankle but not overdoing it.

Save for some pick-up games in September, Curry said his first full-on basketball activity will be when training camp starts in October.

“I’ve been going through this enough to know that I don’t have to rush it,” Curry said. “I’m going to make sure it’s healthy. We’ve got plenty time to get it right.”

Curry said he was excited about the news Golden State acquired point guard Jarrett Jack from New Orleans. Jack is expected to back-up Curry, but the two figure to spend some time in the back court together since Jack can also play the shooting guard and is known as a good defender.

“Obviously, he’s a great veteran point guard,” Curry said. “I’m looking forward to adding him to our backcourt depth and adding his talent and leadership to our team.”

Marcus Thompson

  • PhillyJ

    ” Jack is expected to back-up Curry, but the two figure to spend some time in the back court together since Jack can also play the shooting guard and is known as a good defender.”

    I think everyone would be best off if Jack plays the PG and Curry be the SG in the same backcourt

  • Xraided


    Curry’s career is up in the air

    Jack is a good insurance policy … he has yet to play his best ball, and is about to with this solid core we have here, unlike what’s been going on in N.O. as of late.

  • Xraided

    Curry is a good decision maker as well… but guess which one wasn’t injured all year last season?

  • TownBiz

    Congratulations Curry!

  • csagustin

    trades official! lets get a pf now!

  • WaterSnake

    Do GS have enough money to get Antawn Jamison? He’s the guy I want GS to sign. He can fill it up in a hurry and beat a team by himself. He can play both forward positons. GS can play Barnes and AJ together, that’s a good above the rim frontline. I put Ezeli at center, GS gets athletic in scoring plus rebounding.

  • CFL

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  • Young

    Rockets amnesty scola?!?!

    For the millionth time, please let rush walk and pick up a true baller like Scola!

  • Young

    There’s a fire sale on great NBA talent this year…

  • Ran

    We have to sign Mcguire!!! He’s a cheap and new age Bruce Bowen or Shane Battier without their 3point shooting.. He has gave Great scorers problems when hes defending and he rebounds good for his size… Every Greatteam has a Defensive specialist at the 2 or 3 position