Warriors Eyeing Carl Landry … Can Bob Myers Pull it Off?

Golden State, still on the market for a power forward, are looking to put a cherry on top of a nice offseason by signing free agent Carl Landry.

According to league sources, the Warriors’ talks with Landry are progressing. But the Warriors have limited funds to offer, so signing Landry is going to take a rabbit-out-of-a-hat move by Warriors general manager Bob Myers.

The Warriors have liked Landry for a while now. Myers, it seems, is also a fan. The Warriors need to someone to play behind David Lee next season and Landry would seem to be the perfect fit. A reputed hustle guy who plays defense and rebounds, Landry would bring an element the Warriors desperately need.

But Golden State, after acquiring PG Jarrett Jack from New Orleans, don’t have much money to spend. If they renounced their rights to guard Nate Robinson and forward Dominic McGuire, the Warriors could offer somewhere around $3.5 million in the first year of a deal. That would be on the low end of what you’d expect for Landry, who made $8.5 million last season.

The Warriors have a few options for getting Landry. They could sign him to the mid-level and go over the tax threshhold, and work like crazy to dump salary by season’s end or eat the penalty. They could try for another sign-and-trade with New Orleans, which would likely require sending Jeremy Tyler to offset some of the Landry’s salary.  They could convince Brandon Rush to take a small raise next season, signing him for $4 million in the first year (which is still a raise), which would free up a little bit extra for Landry.

Getting Landry would definitely take some creativity from Myers. But if he pulls it off, that’d be something.



Marcus Thompson

  • J-Ridah

    I am disturbed by the trend of bringing all these non clubbing players to the Bay. We need to bring in afew more partiers to balance the roster and help keep our clubs in business. Cause we all know its all about making it rain at the VIP tables with mega bottle service.

  • Niners in 2012

    Go ahead and let Rush go, and sign Landry! Finding a backup 2-guard is the easiest thing to do.

  • Yoda

    That joke is older than Steve Nash at this point.

  • PhillyJ

    against trading Tyler. He is still young and has potential. See what he is like after another year.

  • Pick -n- roll!

    Git er done!

  • Skabz03

    @niners in 2012

    Rush is more than likely going to be the starting 3. Jarrett Jack is the back up 2 guard ( and point) They need to dump Biedrins like yesterday. Then they could sign Landry AND keep McGuire.

  • BillyTheKidd

    I would absolutely LOVE it if they signed us a little Carl Landry. The dude is the perfect fit and would round out an already excellent roster. IF he wants to win, this is the team to come to. He’d put them over the EDGE next year and make this team SUPER WICKED AWESOME!!!!!!

    golden state OUT!

  • J-Ridah

    Ya I agree 100% with Philly J. we have keep Tyler. Plus Jeremy is a regular on the SOMA cicuit and a well respected clubber. The team needs some cred with the street and what better way than to order bottle service at the VIP table.

  • Ewok

    I just don’t understand why reach out to these guys when you have proven guys already on your door (Mcguire and Robinson)for a cheaper price?

    Mcguire is a stopper, Robinson is a bonafide energizer! Both can be packaged for a better price!

  • Dao

    anthony randolph might be a better choice than carl landry. he has more potential and might be the next jj hickson (in term of getting better and more playing time). mcguire would be fine with me.

  • slamdunk

    This would be an awesome move if Myers can pull this off. Landry is the kind of player that always abuses the Warriors because he does the dirty work stuff that the Dubs always have a problem stopping. A good rebounder,defender and spurt scorer, I would have no problem giving up a Tyler or a Jenkins promise for this veteran grinder. He will make the team tougher, and what a change from soft power forwards like Brandon Wright and Anthony Randolph.

  • quackenboss

    Landry doesn’t play much defense and he isn’t a good rebounder. Similar player to Maggette, really.

  • Dan

    If they want hustle, rebound and D, why wouldn’t they go with McGuire? The guy can stick 1-4, just ask Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, both of whom he had success guarding last year. Everyone’s saying he’s a 3, but he can rebound and defend better than any 4 the Warriors have or will get.

  • WIL

    I’m not sold out about Landry, particular his size, he is a tweener. I do have to respect his hustle, intensity and defense. But to give too much or take away from what we already have, not buying it. I still think we should wait on what unfolds with other bigs that are been waived right now. we got it keep Mcguire, I like Robinson, but we can get somebody better. I like Maalik Wayns.
    I like the possibilities of signing Luis Scola, Elton Brand, etc. I wouldn’t mind Jordan Hill. Add but don’t take away.

  • Ben Brung

    How about limiting the clubbing comments to one per article? That way we will all have time to catch our breath from the side-splitting laughter. If it’s every comment on the page, I’m going to hyperventilate from all the hilarity & surprise.

    It would be nice to see how the Jeremy Tyler experiment pans out but, if the Warriors are not awed by his off-season improvement and are willing to let him go, I would give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

  • All about the dub clubz

    Yo I love J-ridahz comments! Keepin me lmao each time. Gotta balance the roster w some cats that slap that bay sh&! at the clubs. I did, however, see Currys photo at daly city hooters. He needs to man up and kick it in Oakland. Meanwhile, that Steve Nash comeback was hilarious

  • Timdiz

    Are some of you guys living under a rock? Nate Robinson???We already got JARRET JACK who is 10 times better than Nate…

  • TownBiz

    I like Landry. If they land him we will have a descent team next year. I like what we are building.

  • Xraided

    yes Robinson is as good as gone.. especially being cap strapped… BOOK IT!

    with that said, having Rush take a smallish paycut, while sending away Tyler to creat cap space, would definitely be the best way to sign Landry and resign McGuire! DO IT FO!

  • Xraided

    smallish salary this year with a backloaded deal sounds better than a paycut … Rush should do that. the man wants to stay a W … as he should. he’s going to be a beast off the bench like he was all year last year.

  • Xraided

    Landry would be a defensive presence along with McGuire … sign them both and convince Rush to take a back loaded deal, and this team will be the best it’s been since the We Believe team.

  • johnyy

    JUST RESIGN RUSH AND THEN BRING BACK Lou Amundson(yes that garbage man(we need defence and rebounding,right?)) FOR CHEAP PRICE, AND ILL BE HAPPY. give him 2yr 4mil(2nd year not guaranteed) deal then Tyler will be ready when his deal expires.. or hopefully even faster.


  • Xraided

    replace Lou and Tyler with McGuire and Landry… and you got a playoff team there Johnyy

  • Young

    I thought Draymond Green was supposed to bring the same undersized hustle points?

    Scola > Landry

    But I liiike Landry! He’s a winner…

  • johnyy

    replace Curry and Lee with Rondo and KG and we are contenders.

  • johnyy

    Scola = > Lee, to be honest

  • johnyy

    Landry is a winner? what excatly u smoke? i want some?

  • Steve

    From ESPN’s “5-on-5”:

    Who’s the best under-the-radar free agent on the market?

    Zach Harper: I’ll say Carl Landry. Landry can be a fantastic weapon as a sixth man. He can score, brings good energy and throws his body around. A lot of contenders could do worse than having Landry as their first big off the bench, and I’m curious to see who scoops him up. I think he still has a lot more to offer than what he showed in Sacramento and New Orleans.”

  • dc

    can someone explain me whats up with Rush? and when he will be offic. ours?

  • joel

    i like landry, he’s actually got a post game that we can use off the bench, plays decent D. Those of you that want Nate are of course looking for the “show” of the NBA..want a show? go to LA, the “show” doesn’t work in the Bay anymore, after the We Believe years it went downhill. Sure Monta was flashy and can score, but he never led us to the playoffs. We needed a change in scenery and hopefully these off season moves will finally steer us in the right direction.

  • Ben

    Who here wishes Monta was still on the team??? =)

  • roadster

    Carl Landry didn’t do much in Sacramento.

    McGuire is much quicker that’s why he can handle Chris Paul and Griffin. His hustle is contagious. He is a good chemistry and he loves playing for the Warriors. Sign McGuire now. Great value and fans love him… Please stop over analyzing, unless we are using these “wheel and deal” to leverage signing Rush.

  • Xraided

    Rush, Landry, and McGuire can be signed… it will take some finess.

  • windex66

    I think we should let Andris Biedrins serve as our number one backup power forward and center. *chuckle*

    Actually, it will be interesting to see what happens with AB. If Mark Jackson rebuilt his free throw mechanics, and could get him to 65-70%, would that give him the confidence to be aggressive on offense? Did MJ also teach him 3-4 post moves? My guess is no and no. But an active AB at 20 minutes a game would be a great addition.

    Option 2 is to find a blind GM to swallow him, and 75% of his contract.

    Two major problems with the GSW – AB and Curry’s ankle.

  • Gandrew

    So frustrated with Beans, the basketball equivalent to the million dollar arm with the ten cent head. Their only free-throws man. You would think that anyone (if properly motivated) could work until you could hit 50%. If we could only rehabilitate him enough to trade him.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    What about signing Rush for 4 mil, then sending him and Biedrins to the Pistons for Corey Maggette? Why?
    #1 – Gets rid of Biedrins and his two years left with us at $9 mil/year to be a third string center.
    #2 – Brings in a proven scorer (Maggette) who is on the last year of his stupid contract that Mully signed him to after losing out on Brand.
    #3 – Frees us up a little bit more in salary (about $2 mil more) that we could combine with our other funds to potentially sign Luis Scola, assuming he gets amnestied.
    #4 – Allows us to re-sign McGuire.

    If all that miraculously played out, we’d have:
    PG – Curry/Jack/Jenkins
    SG – Thompson/Maggette
    SF – Barnes/Jefferson/Green
    PF – Lee/Scola/McGuire
    C – Bogut/Ezeli/Tyler

    That’s a DAMN good team!!!

  • moreaufan2

    I say if we can get scola get him, he is a player, but so is landry, wich mean they will end up getting rid of Tyler cuz for some reason they feel he cant get any betteer after half a off season so far, I say give the guy time, he is long and athletic, he just plays a little wild, but u can still get decent minutes out of him. But what do I know!

  • rio kid

    Did someone say Magette? Good Lord man, Cory Magette brings back very bad memories of the ” black hole ” offense. Give it to Cory and he is going to shoot or drive and get to the line.Period. He is a talented guy but his game his really horrible to watch and this is definitely not what the Warriors need. Also he is a small forward not a two. The only day better than the day he left was the day the self described 2nd best center in the NBA Mr. I have hands of concrete Eric Dampier still to this day the most horrendous player I have had the horror of having to watch. Robinson – Gone. Tyler I believe is a stiff. AB is a darn shame; who would a thunk I think he may be able to resurrect his career – somewhere else. Jack is a great addition and as a guy who can guard twos may render the issue of signing Rush mute. It seems to me a pf is more of a priority especially if Jenkins can play. You’d have Jack backing up both Klay and Curry and play 10 15 min at each spot. Don’t get me wrong I like Rush a bunch; he is a real player but Jack does change things and I think he will be pushing Klay and Curry for pt.

  • c.tobar

    What are the odds they put a bid in for scola?
    Dallas won Brand for just a Lil over 2 mil. That sounds in the warriors price range

  • roadster

    Landry or Scola would be great!!!

    As far as Tyler’s development…none. Looks funny against the Lakers summer league team. He is doing fade aways, and plays very small. He should attack with authority and plays big. Looks hopeless to me. He was benched after few minutes of the first quarter. Coach looks frustrated on him… Let’s see what he’ll do today…I think he needs a personal trainer…

  • roadster

    Forgot to mention, Thompson and Barnes look great. Draymond Green is very good too and rebounds well.

  • petaluman

    Would love getting Scola, but we don’t even have a chance. Any team under the cap can claim him before he hits the open market (high bid wins). You can be certain some team will.

  • Fraudy Tom

    get rid of tyler, use the money on McGuire!

  • Fraudy Tom

    we still have Jefferson?

  • Fraudy Tom

    Barnes, Lee, Bogut, Curry, Thompson is our starting five

    (6th) Jack or (7th) Draymond Green should be our sixth man
    (8th) Ezeli is our backup center/pf
    (9th) Jenkins is our 4th guard

    AB and Jefferson are our dead weights (10th and 11th)
    so we only got 1 more spot, i would just go with McGuire or Brandon Rush. no need to sign a PF since today’s nba is all about defending the parameter. there’s no more true post-up players anymore.