Despite the Delay, the Likelihood is that Brandon Rush Will Be a Warrior

Still pretty quiet on the Brandon Rush front. Some Warriors fans seem to be aggravated by the lack of news on that end. But, rest assured, lack of action doesn’t mean the Warriors will lose Rush. It probably means they are more likely to keep him.

As @AlexKennedyNBA, Rush worked out today as the Lakers looked on. Los Angeles GM Mitch Kupchak, looking to overhaul his anemic bench, would love to add Rush to the fold. The Warriors need someone who can come in and get buckets, as well as play some defense. But the Lakers only have the mini-midlevel to offer, meaning any offer sheet Rush would sign the Lakers would have to start at $3 million.

Fair to say the Warriors would love for Rush to sign an offer sheet with the Lakers. No doubt, if Rush came to the Warriors right now looking for a deal starting at $3 million, Warriors GM Bob Myers would jump at it.

Golden State isn’t in a rush to sign Rush. It’s not that they don’t want him, but just Myers playing ball. The risk is very low, however, and if everything works out, the Warriors could end up getting a discount.

The Warriors are willing to match Rush to a mid-level offer sheet, which is all any team over the cap can offer. But it seems Rush still has some other players ahead of him in line to eat. Shannon Brown and Courtney Lee, both unrestricted, are easier to sign because teams won’t have to worry about their contract being matched. And don’t forget about Delonte West, a proven veteran who figures to come at a good price.

Only four teams remain that have the cap space to offer Rush anything more than the midlevel:

Cleveland: The Cavs, who according to Larry Coon has more than $17 million in cap space, are reportedly trying to maintain their cap flexibility. They lost out on their bid for Scola, which had to be less than the $13 million over three years Phoenix won with. It stands to reason if they aren’t willing to spend more than $4 million for Scola, they won’t be for Rush.

Phoenix: After their match deal to Eric Gordon was matched by New Orleans, the Suns have gone after O.J. Mayo and reportedly have interest in Brown and Lee. Phoenix has more than $16 million according to Coon, but Rush seems to be pretty far down on their list.

Houston: The Rockets will have quite a bit of space left (more than $15 million) even if the Knicks don’t match for Jeremy Lin and the Bulls don’t match for Omer Asik. But that space, for all intents and purposes, is already reserved. Any chance the Rockets have of getting Dwight Howard is in their ability to absorb the contract of Hedo Turkoglu’s $11 million salary (and maybe Jason Richardon’s $5.8 million salary). It’s probably a safe bet Houston won’t use that space until Dwight Howard is dealt elsewhere.

Minnesota/Portland: Depending on what happens with Nicolas Batum, one of these teams will have some space. The Timberwolves signed Batum to a four-year, $46 million offer sheet. If Portland matches, Minnesota will have cap space. If Portland doesn’t match, the Blazers will have cap space.

The biggest risk for the Warriors is one of these teams missing out on the other options and overpaying. It is possible for one of these teams to do with Rush what the Warriors did with Kwame Brown: give him a one-year deal for for a bloated price to coax the Warriors into not matching (one year, $7 million). Other than that, it just doesn’t seem likely Rush will get an offer higher than what the Warriors are willing to pay. Which means, no matter how long it takes, Rush will be a Warrior.

If Rush comes back to the Warriors with no offer, now Golden State is in the driver seat for negotiations. At that point, Rush’s only leverage is to accept the qualifying offer (one year, $4.4 million) and become an unrestricted free agent next season. Rush said he wants to stay with the Warriors, so unless they really low-ball him on the offer, I doubt he opts for the one year. Especially since the 2013 free agency class will feature multiple shooting guards and small forwards (James Harden, Monta Ellis, Manu Ginobili, Kevin Martin, Shawn Marion and Trevor Ariza.

Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2012

    Jamison choosing LAL, and Humphries back to NJ is bad news on the Carl Landry front. Bobcats still need a PF and can outbid us.

  • Mike

    The Lackers know the Warriors would match their max $3mil offier, so why would L.A. and Rush waste their time on a workout? Sign and trade maybe. World Peace for Rush?

  • J-Ridah

    Being a man of the world, I can truly say this will be a bad signing. Rush comes from KC and they no clubs to speak of there, so Brandon brings very little to our local club scene. I am getting very upset that Lacob and the Logo have whack priorities and can not see that the ability to club and drink to excess is the only reason free agents sign. The more of these so called NICE Guys we sign the less club element we will get and then what will we really have. I am truly getting Pissed off!

  • ap

    Lmao MWP for Rush??? Cuz the lakers would do that

  • roadster

    We do not need Rush. He has a great year with the Ws but I think it is a fluke. His previous 3 years are below average that’s why he is hopping around the league.

    Anyway we can re-track our offer and sign Landry or McGuire? And for our guard backup, how about Pietrus? I think he is still available. He has good defense and rebounding with lots of playoff experience…


    I never said we needed more clubbing players, but that players wouldn’t like signing with us because we have no good clubs. We only need to relocate to Miami and rename the team Miami Warriors before we become a free-agent destination!

  • The real J-RIDAH

    I have grown tired of the J-RIDAH imposter who is trying to steal my shine. I have spent months creating my impeccable reputation at GSoM. I have proven beyond a doubt free agents sign to teams that have the best bars and clubs. You impersonating me and stealing my message is cheapening my brand. I can no longer just sit and be quiet. While I agree with most of your prose, it is my message and I deserve full credit for it!

  • j-walk


    Look man. You write and spell well so I know you’re not an idiot. So why the same old lame joke? It was amusing once. You’re like on 20 something. Comedy is not your forte.


    Come on, I’m the real fake J-Ridah. You’re fake fake J-Ridah.

  • Dai

    Pietrus is probably in the lowest 1st percentile when it comes to basketball IQ. He’s a foul machine and all he does on offense is jack up 3s. His defense is way overrated.

  • Gummy

    J-Ridah is monta ellis

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I like Rush as much as the next guy, but here’s something that would make more sense for us:
    Trade Biedrins to New Orleans for recently acquired (and most likely will retire) Brad Miller and Xavier Henry. The Hornets would be getting a center (if you could call Biedrins a real center) as they don’t have one on their roster at all right now. Jason Smith and Anthony Davis are not centers.
    We get rid of Biedrins and his contract, taking a SG/SF with the same size as Brandon Rush for two years at around $3 mil/year. If Miller retires, his salary’s off our books now. If he decided to stay for this year (he has the option), he lends a tough guy mentality, is a rugged big and has a contract that comes off the books at the end of this upcoming season.
    This would allow us to re-sign McGuire, who was more valuable to our team last year than Rush. We still need to sign Carl Landry.
    Next year, hopefully, our roster looks like this:
    PG – Curry/Jack/Jenkins
    SG – Thompson/Henry
    SF – Barnes/McGuire/Jefferson
    PF – Lee/Landry
    C – Bogut/Ezeli/Miller?

  • deano

    Harp: That would be a great trade for GSW, but I doubt NO bites. Beans has so litle value on the court, and an albatross of a contract: $9MM contract for two more aeasons. Also, on your roster, did you mean to list Green instead of McGuire?

  • JG

    I was just about to ask what the deal was with J-Ridah. I knew it had to be a joke, but I’ve seen it a million times now.

  • moreaufan2

    Yeah we will keep Rush and he adds what we need off the bench. But I agree we have to find a way to deal Biedrins and get something for him, but who will chance to take him????

  • moreaufan2

    I see that the Clippers just amnestied Ryan Gomes. WHat do you think about him coming to the Dubs. Most people don’t know but Gomes was a big time scorer at Providence and played power forward there, may be undersized for that and thats why he has worked to covert to a Wing, but he can play and knows how to use his body to create space.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Deano – The Hornets might do it because they need a center. Not much out there, unless they can convince Milicic to sign with them, now that he’s been amnestied. Pyrzbilla?
    Maybe Biedrins can bounce back??? I’d love him to have a change of scenery. Aside from his recent legal issues, he’s always been a good guy and a good teammate. He’s young still and the Hornets might be willing to give him a shot.
    And yes, I forgot about Green.. I would like McGuire on our roster for a three year, $6 million deal, so I did include him intentionally.

  • Young

    i’d give rush 2 years $7M…

  • Dubfan1

    We need a backup PF more than SF, so the first order of business is to spend what it takes to get a reasonable backup PF, someone who can start w/o much fall-off in production if Lee goes down next season. That plus Rush and we are done.

  • Daan

    Andrey Blatche is free to sign with any team! What about him?