Warriors Assistant Coach Pete Myers Right at Home with Summer League Squad

If you’ve watched the Warriors’ first three summer league games, you may have noticed Pete Myers bouncing on the sidelines. Like Wednesday, when he ran out near half court to pat rookie Harrison Barnes on the backside for a good defensive play.

Myers is really into his role as head coach of Golden State’s summer league squad.

“I was one of these guys. I played nine years in the league, eight of them I was on a non-guaranteed contract. I know what these guys are going through firsthand. I’ve been there.”

Warriors coach Mark Jackson had very specific reasons for making Myers the head coach. He wanted someone who could drive home the grind mentality Jackson wants to play with this season. He wanted someone with the kind of basketball pedigree the players could feast on. He wanted someone the players could relate to, connect with.

Myers fits all of the above.

“I knew they would be in good hands and it would be a great platform for people to appreciate what he does in a daily basis,” Jackson said. “You won’t find one guy that does not like Pete Myers. They appreciate his honesty. They appreciate how he understands where they are. Whether you play 40 minutes or four, he’s got something for you that’s going to help you.”

It seems Myers is loving his time with the Warriors youngsters. You can hear the excitement when he talks about his team. He all but foams at the mouth when he talks about the passion and energy their playing with in Las Vegas.

The primary goal is to incorporate some of the Warriors defensive concepts into the young guys. Excluding guard Klay Thompson, who returned home to Southern California after playing the first two games, Golden State’s summer league squad has at least five players who figure to be on the 15-man roster. Point guard Charles Jenkins, forwards Jeremy Tyler, Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green, and center Festus Ezili will all be fighting for minutes in the Warriors’ rotation.

The hope is they come to training camp prepared. To that end, Myers is giving them healthy portions of real talk, motivation and basketball wisdom.

“I definitely have a lot of respect for coach Pete,” Jenkins said. “The best thing about Pete is the way he critiques you. He’s tough, no question about it. But how he critiques you is always for the better. You can tell his basketball IQ is very high. He has more of the approach like a high school coach: he really cares about his players, he stresses winning and stresses doing it the right way.”

Jackson’s top assistant, Michael Malone, has interviewed for multiple head coaching jobs this offseason, including Orlando and Charlotte. Jackson said he doesn’t understand why Myers isn’t also drawing interest as a head coach. Jackson said Myers has the qualifications to have his name tossed in the ring with the league’s other future head coaches.

He described Myers as loyal and humble with an uncanny ability to relate to people. No doubt, Myers has the passion for coaching.

“My first year in the league, I played for Doug Collins, one of the most brilliant basketball minds in the game,” said Myers, who was drafted in the sixth round by Chicago out of Arkansas-Little Rock in 1986. “Johnny Bach and Tex Winters were assistants. I had Michael Jordan as the guy I had to go against every day. When you’re kind of born into that environment, it’s like being born into heaven.”

Myers went onto play for seven teams in his nine seasons, not including stints in the old CBA and inItaly. He also played for Phil Jackson, Larry Brown (twice), Pat Riley, George Karl and Jeff Van Gundy.

After his playing career, he spent 12 seasons in the Bulls organization, including nine as an assistant coach where he worked under Scott Skiles and Tom Thibodeau.

All those noted coaches he’s played for and worked under, all those professional he played with and against, has led to a wealth of knowledge. Much of it is being poured onto the Warriors’ youngsters during summer league.

And one of Myers’ favorite methods is story telling.

“The stories he has, you can sit all day long and listen to him telling stories,”Jacksonsaid. “He’s brilliant. He’s not a guy who’s making himself sound like he was Michael Jordan as a player. He’s a realist. He’s telling the story as it is because that’s the kind of guy he is.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Daan

    Warriors please get Blacthe.. he will be a good backup for David Lee!

  • J-Ridah

    What?! Myers has no prior clubbing experience? We should get someone who does to boost our clubbing scene.

  • Pessismistic

    I hope your kidding about Blatche. Put it this way the Washington Wizards are a worse off team than your Golden State Warriors. Why would the Golden State Warriors pick up a player that could not stick with a far worse team? Wizards need help (far more than the Warriors) and figured that Blatche was not their guy. LOL!! And you want him on the squad. Common sense not common in the Bay?

  • Daan

    He did have 16.8 points and 8.2 rebounds in the 2010-2011 season. He only played 26 games last season. For a back-up PF he is better then Carl Landry or Kenyon Martin if healty.

  • Lavin

    Stop acting like J-Ridah and get some pussy and a life.

  • Rawse

    Stop acting like J-Ridah you loser. Your a pathetic piece of ____t.

  • roadster

    I have been watching Blatche for few years now. I love him at times but this guy is hard to coach. He has moments playing good but very inconsistent. He is good if he plays hard but pathetic when he is lazy and disappears for a while.

    No on Blatche…

  • deano

    Pete Myers is doing a great job. I hope we see some of this defensive intensity this Fall.

  • Moreaufan2

    Meyers is doing fine. He is very in touch with the game. I personally dont like Mark Jackson as a coach, he hasn’t paid his dues and sat on any bench to learn to be an ssistant coach and make gametime decisions, and it showed last year! And it often looked like Mike Malone and Meyers were doing all the coaching anyway. Not one time did i ever see Mark pick up a clipboard and draw something up, dont mean he never did, but I am just saying. He has a mouth piece, and thats what he works. Meyers looks very comfortable running the team.

  • Moreaufan2

    Its too late now but jackson needs to look to improve his ability to coach, and become a more humble person. He still seems so full of himself!

  • Moreaufan2

    I wouldnt mind Blatche but I am not sure he would want to be a backup here!

  • Blatche is a cancer. He’s selfish, won’t play defense & has the entitlement mentality.

    Remember when he threatened to hold out a coupla yers ago because he thought he should get paid? if he’s so good, how come it didn’t translate into wins in D.C.?

    Just say no to Blatche. . .

  • PhillyJ

    No Blatche!

  • PhillyJ

    i would put Malone as head coach, Myers as lead assistant coach, and Mark Jackson as the motivation speaker/Tony Robbins figure in the clubhouse.

  • Young

    Two thumbs up for Myers! Love everything about him…

    Might need a lil more seasoning for HC job tho…

  • Yoda

    Blatche would be an awful move. This team is moving towards smart , hard-working basketball and that would be a move in the opposite direction. He’s all about himself despite the fact he really isn’t very good, and the reason he isn’t very good is that he’s lazy and not a very smart basketball player.

  • Stan

    Ya know MT2, Mark Jackson is a looooong way from being good enough himself to pass coaching onto Meyers. If anybody needs to get more games under his belt and learn its Mark Jackson.
    What is in Lacob’s mind to be so cavalier?

  • Absolutely NO BLATCHE!!

    P.S. I wish J Riddah would troll some other teams blogs.

  • moreaufan2

    Blatche would be okay if his Attitude was together. The job of coaches in the NBA is to mesh those egos. So if he was able to come here and just play ball then I would be for it! I thik we all would have had a rought attitude if we were playing in Washington. And you cant just put wins on him. They has other issues thn Blatche.

    Next thing is thatyeah we have to deal with jackson as the coach, but it just shows how without a clue Lacob was. Its hard to bring in a coach with no coahing experience, only seen it work once with Rivers who is one of the best in the business!

  • dew


    Any idea what the warriors might do with Kent Bazemore? He looks like an incredibly active defensive player. Guy had like 8 blocks yesterday and seems to continue to stuff the stat sheet and make differences that don’t show up in the numbers.

  • Stan

    What gets me is- Jackson sat in the stands and took notes!..HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING THE COACHING. His record on all aspects of coaching is very poor..he needs every minute he can get coaching losses that dont count. Great,Meyers proved he can be a pretend head coach. THAT isn’t going to be of any help is it?

  • Moreaufan2

    Stan u are so right, he didnt have as full offseason, this would have been great for him to do, like the new coach of Charlotte. he shoud be out their working on his coaching skills, but he is very cocky and head strong which is too obvious!!! he needs to be much more humble and learn to be a better X’s and O’s coach!