Could Andrei Kirilenko Be an Option? Warriors Like Him, But It’s Unlikely

The Warriors have been talking with Carl Landry, but he seems to waiting it out to see if the best offer has yet to come (knowing the Warriors’ offer will probably still be there). It wouldn’t be a long shot if he took more money elsewhere. The expectation is that Kenyon Martin, who the Warriors reportedly have interest in, will opt to sign with a contender.

So what about Andrei Kirilenko?

The Warriors, according to league sources, have him on their wishlist. At 6-foot-9, 235 pounds, Kirilenko doesn’t figure to have the bulk the Warriors would want at power forward, but he’d fit well as a PF in a small lineup. Even with that, Kirilenko is a defensive specialist and the Warriors simply just need guys like that on the roster. Kirilenko can also play small forward, which he did for years with Utah. If his game is on point, he could even compete for the starting SF spot. They’ve liked him in the past but his price was way too high. But now Kirilenko, who is preparing to play for Russia in the Olympics, is apparently considering a return to the NBA. At this late a stage in the game, his price figures to be pretty reasonable, perhaps even the veteran’s minimum. The Warriors do have interest in him, but have to be considered a dark horse in the race.

For starters, reports were (before Kirilenko threw a little suspense into the mix with his comments Thursday) that he was staying in his home country to play for CSKA Moscow. Kirilenko is coming off a great year in the Euroleague, winning the 2012 MVP.

If Kirilenko does return to the NBA, the speculation is that the Nets would be the front runners. The former Utah Jazz star is friends with Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who earlier this year lost in his bid to be elected president of Russia. However, Kirilenko can only make the veteran’s minimum (about $1.2 million for him) if he signs with Brooklyn. The Warriors could double that in the first year of a deal.

By most accounts, Warriors general manager Bob Myers has had a successful offseason. He got three relative “steals” in the draft and landed exactly what they needed in veteran PG Jarrett Jack in exchange for Dorell Wright. But so far, Myers hasn’t been able to land a free agent he wants, which was expected to be one of his strengths. Strapped by limited funds and the Warriors’ reputation, it seems he has yet to lure a player of note to Golden State this offseason.

You could definitely argue some of these turned out to be breaks for the Warriors, but Golden State has been spurned by Andre Miller, Kirk Hinrich, Brandon Roy, J.J. Hickson and Antawn Jamison — all reported to be on the Warriors’ list but signed elsewhere. If Myers could pull off a Kirilenko (or even Landry or Martin) it would be a good first step.

Marcus Thompson

  • Pat

    Dibs on Mrs. Kirilenko

  • pick -n- roll

    OMG Masha could be coming to the Warrior’s games!

  • Wil

    I love it, it would be an awesome surprising move, I consider him an upgrade over Kenyon Martin and Carl Landry.
    The reasong being that Kirilenko is a better offensive player than Kenyon martin and has about the same defensive skill sets of K-mart.
    I like him over Carl Landry because of his height advantage, and Kirilenko is an overall around better player than both Landry and K Martin. He has the outside shooting threat of three pointer range.
    Kirilenko’s versatility is an advantage over the other two guys.
    If you can get him, we’ll be great. He also brings toughness.

    p.s. Keep Jordan Hill, Shannon Brown under the radar and of course, let’s get Rush and Mcguire signed on.
    (we’ll worry about who we are getting rid of sooner rather than later to make room for them, perhaps Biedrins)

  • Wil

    I don’t want to hear about rumours of we are potentially drafting anymore, because you guys just tease us for days and weeks on end and they always flake, next time I hear a name on any of these blogs, is to find out that we signed on an awesome player. surprise us Myers.

  • John Stamos

    The Warriors could actually quadruple the veteran’s minimum (and, yes, stay under the luxury tax.)

  • dubs

    Wil- he said its unlikely that we will sign AK47. He’s not trying to get anyones hopes up, just letting us know what the front office is thinking. I don’t blame Myers for not signing any free agents and I think its a huge stretch to say landing free agents was supposed to be one of his strengths.

    Why exactly would this be the case? As noted, the Warriors are strapped for cash and still have the reputation of being a losing team, and rightfully so. Myers being GM doesn’t change any of that, it doesn’t matter if he was an agent. Theres two things that will attract free agents: money and winning. The good players need to be paid or take less to have a shot at a championship. So its really no surprise the Warriors have been striking out in free agency.

    Rush needs to be brought back, McGuire needs to be brought back, and another big man needs to be signed. Myers has limited resources to make this happen but a good GM would find a way. I look forward to seeing how he tackles these tasks.

  • GSW Loco

    This is so not happening, but fun to dream. But if it did, I think we would offer the full MLE of 5M. This would put us in the luxury, but based on Meyers comments on “difference makers” that they would do it for AK47. Reports are that he is playing some of his best ball.

  • Young

    id take him…

  • Niners in 2012

    We need the shotblocking! He’d actually pair well with Draymond at the forward spots off the bench.

  • Amanda hugankiss

    Luckily Baron davis isn’t on the team anymore otherwise he’d posterize AK-47 during practice! I think he’d be a great pickup for the warriors though. They could use the defense.

  • moreaufan2

    Not sure we could afford AK47! he only missed becuz of the lockout!

  • Kirilenko is injury prone but is an intriguing possibility. As a PF he is more of a finesse player & not the “banger” the W’s seek. But he is a defensive player first & is a good passer. For the most part he does fit the W’s approach offensively & defensively. . .but I think it’s a pipe dream. . .

  • Yoda

    Dubs, Myers had a lot of contact with players in his role as an agent and the thinking is those relationships will pan out when it comes to signing FAs. I think even if he had more cap flexibility to work with that he’d have trouble until the Warriors show they are heading toward contention. I’m hoping in two years they can make a big move, but right now no one is signing here for less or the same money if they can get on a better team.

  • chris gatling

    I don’t get it, already, Dom McGuire is better than Kenyon Martin anyway, he can board, he plays Defense, and although his offensive game is limited (much like K mart’s) he has been shown to facilitate and he’s a 100% team player. It would be sad if we somehow lost Dom and Rush to other teams and also missed out on Landry, etc.. cause Meyers overplayed his cards.

  • Marion

    What about Stiemsma?

  • warriorsscore110

    Dom is not better than KMart. Not even close. KMart is an established NBA player who can play both the 4 or the 5. Dom is a guy who looked good coming off the bench for one year on a terrable team.

  • chris gatling

    Man, K Mart only really looked good with J Kidd lobbing him passes on the break and in pick & roll situations, and when they were both in their prime. Kenyon isn’t the same player he was. SO this is why I’m saying Dom is the better player now, with a much higher B ball IQ than K Mart can ever have.

    K mart has bulk and knows more tricks as an established Vet with all his years in the League, but as far as more skilled a player, Dom all the way. He’s younger, and he doesnt have that Fail lip tattoo on his neck. Dom went off for over 5 assists a couple of times last year, and he rebounds at a higher rate, off the bench. Just look up last years stats between the both players.

  • theOracle

    I would like AK47 to join the W’s but its not happening. Nets owner would just pay him the difference under the table if he wanted to play in the NBA. W’s have a 0% chance.

    after Hickson passed I knew they were going to get stuck w/ the last guy left. no one wants to join a team who didnt make the playoffs and doesnt have a lot of money to spend. if they had amnestied Biedrins and his $27 mil($18 now) they could have had whatever they wanted.

  • Stan

    How far is that stadium-on-the-bay coming along?. They plugged in the extension cords yet? I thought so.

  • Grey Warden

    Warriors got their championship…..of the summer leagues lol

  • rew

    Krilenko would be a nice addition, no question, he’s got offensive skills. Jordan Hill and K-Mart are pretty limited offensively. Landry appears to be on downhill slide in career, that’s my read on him. NO unloaded him, so did King’s. Nobody has been winning with Landry, that’s another thing about Landry that comes to mind.

  • Why no more coverage of the “Summer (League) Games?” thought there would be a story on how the W’s performed sans Thompson. I know it’s only Vegas (apparently what happens in Vegas stays there. . .) but Barnes developing & Jenkins becoming more assertive, plus defense as a stalwart of the W’s have to be stories. . .especially when the W’s went undefeated. . .

  • Harp’s Dubs

    A few thoughts on summer league, free agency and possible trades:
    1) Ezeli will be our back-up center.
    2) Barnes will be solid, but unspectacular, this year and has lots of room for growth, namely his defense, ballhandling and creating space for a shot against top-level defenders.
    3) Draymond Green will not play much this year, but will be a tremendous practice player. He also is money from the top of the key 3-pointers.
    4) Charles Jenkins is a good basketball player, but was getting picked like a booger by rookie Marquis Teague, so he needs to protect the ball better against quick defenders.
    5) Jeremy Tyler needs to spend more time in the D-League.
    6) Klay Thompson is going to be considered one of the best SGs in the league in two years.
    7) Kent Bazemore would give the Warriors exactly what they’re hoping ot get from Brandon Rush at a fraction of the cost. He’s long, can beautifully defend the 1,2 or 3, can get to spots on the floor offensively, can handle the rock and has a nice looking J.
    8) Kirilenko will sign with the Nets.
    9) Dominic McGuire needs to be re-signed by the Dubs, as we’ll need his toughness, team-first mentality, and his defense at positions 1-4.
    9) Warriors should trade Biedrins to the Hornets for Brad Miller and a signed-and-traded Carl Landry. New Orleans has no center on their roster and most likely won’t have either Miller (possible retirement, team optionon contract) or Landry (will sign elsewhere) on their roster next year anyway.

  • Jack

    Marcus- where do you get your information? Myers and the Warriors are not getting “spurned” by any of these players you listed. They were simply offered more money elsewhere. If Myers offered Roy 1 year at $4M and The idiot Wolves offered 2 years at $10.4M, he isnt rejecting the Warriors he’s just taking more money to play in MN. Its not a popularity contest. Some of the guys you listed werent even players the Ws wanted.

  • KC

    I like the mentality of Myers and the rest of the brass…really making an attempt to put us into playoff contention. Agreed with the above that landing Kirilenko is a pipe dream, but among the names we’ve been hearing lately, I’d like to see Landry play with the Dubs. Although he didn’t come through in Sacramento, I think he’ll gel a lot better in our system. Looking to see how Myers can put this together.

  • Joe Snuffy

    The big blunder was amnestying Charlie Bell in order to go after DeAndre Jordan, who would have been a disaster for the Warriors had they landed him. They should have amnestied Biedrens. Then they would have had cap room to really go after someone right now and may have been able to put together a real team. Now they are crippled by cap space and will again end up in the 9th or 10th spot, stuck in mediocrity as they have been for the past 20 years. It’s just another bonehead move among many for the Warriors. Different clowns, same circus.

  • Moreaufan2

    Man i think some people are kissing what Barnes brings to this team. he is smooth, nothing fancy, just a smooth player. nothing wrong with that. i thought defensively he was ok, but of course needs improvement in multiplt areas as do all players

  • Young

    In summer league…

    Lillard > Barnes = MKG > Austin Rivers > Waiters

  • thewarriorsrule

    at #27, if they amnestied biedrins, then they would have given jordan an even more monster contract and would have been stuck with him long-term, so it is actually a blessing in disguise. what do you think?