Bazemore, Who Officially Signed with Warriors, Hoping to Become the Warriors’ Defensive Specialist

There is something to be said for familiarity. That’s why Kent Bazemore, this year’s unknown to emerge from Summer League, chose to sign with the Warriors. He made it official on Thursday.

“Being undrafted,” Bazemore said, “you have to prove yourself anyway. I learned a lot here. I didn’t want to go into training camp having to learn a whole new system.”

Bazemore didn’t pursue an opportunity with the Oklahoma City Thunder, whose Orlando Summer League squad he was on. He also passed up a one-year, non-guaranteed deal from Atlanta, which is much closer to his hometown and family. He’d already grown a level comfort with the Warriors. Joining Golden State was a no-brainer.

He worked out twice with the Warriors, each time he said he was impressed with how they operated.

“They were actually helping me during the workouts, giving me pointers,” Bazemore said. “When you go to other workouts, they just want to see what you can do. They aren’t as hands on.”

He also had a connection to the franchise in Charles Jenkins, who Bazemore faced in the CAA Conference. The two have kept in touch and Jenkins has been helping Bazemore along.

During his summer league experience, Bazemore bonded with the Warriors’ youngsters and said he learning a lot from the coaches. He said he and rookie Festus Ezeli developed into an inside out defensive connection. Those two, along with with Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green, set the tone of grit and defense that led the summer league team to go 5-0.

Bazemore said he looks forward to chasing Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson around in training camp. He said he hangs his hat on defensive — giving effort and being active. During his junior year, when he realized the NBA was a possibility, he started paying closer attention to the likes of Thabo Sefalosha and Avery Bradley, energy guys who live on the defensive end.

“Once I get acclimated to the speed of playing in the NBA, I’ll be able to hold my own on defense,” Bazemore said. “Put a few pounds on, add some strength.”

Bazemore said he knows there is one thing he can do well, and you almost have to believe him after he got seven blocks in a summer league game.

“I love running down blocks, chasing someone from behind. You watch LeBron do it and he’s one of the best at it. I consider myself a close second,” he said with a laugh.

Marcus Thompson

  • Real J-Ridah

    Before that Anonymous imposter comes out here trying to steal my shine I figure I better beat him to the punch. Our boy Bazemore is probably going to challenge Steph Curry for a starting guard position. My sources say he is already getting votes for most improved defensive rookie of the month for November. Next time I see him at the Condor Club I’m buying him a drink and getting him his 1st lap dance. Welcome to the bay!

  • Xraided

    a close second indeed.

    go get em kid. thanks for picking our Dubs … they need you and you need them to MAKE THAT MONEY! you play shut down D .. you’re our guy for the foreseeable future!




    I’ll let you in on a little nugget Anonymous sources told me. Bazemore will be starting and the team will be bringing Curry off the bench by Christmas. Don’t flame what you simply can not understand just pay attention. My sources run deep within the organization and I have never been wrong.

  • Ewok

    This is a good catch, a prize catch. And the good thing about him most, is that he is a Warrior fan!

    So he will be playing with a lot of pride not just to win but to improve himself all the more and establish his role in the team for the long run..

    He has a good insight how to build his career and it is a great motivation for him to play for a the team he really likes…. and one more thing!

    He is not about money too. Players who demanded so much money more than their worth, always ended up getting traded. Case in point, Jason Richardson, Arenas,and soon enough, Andris “Bad Contract” Biedrins…..

    Let me also add, It seems to me we are collecting defensive stopppers too! JJack, Brazemore, Rush, Thompson, Bogut and hopefully Mcguire. This team is the most balanced team i have ever seen… I can’t wait to dump Biedrins contract for another marquee player around that time. That! will be the day.

  • EFFORT/smooth ……I saw the kid for 2 days and a joy to watch. Very nice handling of the ball, decent shooter and was defending point gaurds. I liked his
    fearless drives to the rim as well.
    A comparison from the old school….Michael Cooper Lakers

  • holzman

    so much for “the warriors don’t want to sign 4 rookies after signing 3 last year”…

  • Jron

    @#4, Ewok:

    Case in point? None of the guys you mentioned “left” or were traded due to them “demanding more money.” Not one. None did that later in their careers. Arenas got way more money later, and he and his team were all happy…he just got hurt and was always a bit of a character. But none of them…what you said about all of them.

    As for their time here, Beans we know. Arenas has a special contractual clause named after him for why/how the W’s lost him. JRich was traded a year early but it wasn’t at all because he was demanding a lot. He loved it here, and said so, a rare thing with a contract coming soon.

    I always love it when someone explicitly says “case in point,” or some such, and they’re straight up wrong.

    Well played sir. (I know, nobody likes a mr smartypants, i know, but…)

  • sco_lo_fan

    to the person posing as J-Ridah. Just stop.

  • Grey Warden

    #3, what, no mention of clubbing and the Soma nightlife? I’m disappointed in you lol


    As for Bazemore, good signing though I don’t think he’s going to get much playing time if Rush is back. Only time I see him getting good minutes is during garbage time. There’s just too many players ahead of him on the Warriors lineup, just like there’s too many ahead of Jenkins in the PG position (this is assuming players stay healthy).

  • Oaklandsfinest

    If anything Bazemore adds depth and that is something we are definitely lacking.

  • impurviousshort

    Bazemore was awesome in summer league. If you add him to our draft class it’s a nice influx of talent for the Warriors. Add last years haul and the Warriors are stocked with fresh legs.

    I love all the length the Warriors are accumulating, depth, defense and rebounding are going to be much improved.

    I’d like to see Justin Burrell get a shot to compete with Green and Tyler for the back up PF position. That guy is explosive, high motor and could develop into a contributor. I’d love to see Landry added but we can’t Burrell wouldn’t be a bad plan b with some upside.

    if Landry is out of the budget I think the Warriors could do worse.

  • Moreaufan2

    I really just hope that Coach Jackson has learned how to coach a little better this year, and that he stays humble!!!! He really got on my nerves last year sounding like he was just too head strong! He showed how unexperienced he was last season over and over! He needs to coach this team, and teach these young guys! We have made some good moves even though there havent been many, but it come down to the players wanting to play for Mark, and him kowing how to work these guys together!

  • Young

    Gotta love this kids defense…He’s super long, active and quick

    Burrell is so raw on offense I couldnt take him this year…He looked like PF version of Adonal Foyle..lol

    @#10 Agreed, I wanna see Mark learn/improve or be replaced

  • rew

    Looks like a s-l-e-e-p-e-r to me! Very nice signing for Warriors, he was the nations best college defender. To get back in the thick of things in the Western Division playoff hunt we need “D”, not once and awhile, but every night, especially on the road. Go Kent Bazemore!

  • Roadster

    This guy can jump like a young Dwayne Wade. He time the ball well on defense. Develop his ball handling and shooting a little bit and this guy is a monster. Great pick. He said to put in few pounds of weight then strengthen.

    I think we can withdraw our qualifying offer to Rush and focus on getting a power forward. Except for last year, Rush is not that good. I think his performance with the warriors is a fluke that’s why nobody is giving him an offer except from the Warriors.

  • Stan

    I applaud you good bloggy’s. Not one whine about the Monta Ellis trade. Ellis you remember was trade to a team that was one game from the playoffs…and despite Monta’s 40 point games where the team still loses,they faded from the race.
    Krueger and Fitz are still heartbroken.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    So far, our moves have been solid. If Myers finds a way to sign Rush, then trade him and Biedrins for something, he’s GM of the year. I suggest those two to Detroit for Corey Maggette and his expiring contract. Corey will be instant offense on the second team for us, with Bazemore, Jack and Ezeli playing stout defense. This move would allow us to sign Carl Landry for a bit more than we currently can and would also allow us to re-sign Dominic McGuire. Our Dubs next year:
    PG – Curry, Jack, Jenkins
    SG – Thompson, Bazemore
    SF – Barnes, Jefferson, Maggette
    PF – Lee, Landry, McGuire, Green
    C – Bogut, Ezeli, Tyler
    Give Jenkins, Green and Tyler time down in Santa Cruz in the D-League to better develop, so that our 12-man roster is Curry, Jack, Thompson, Bazemore, Barnes, Jefferson, Maggette, Lee, Landry, McGuire, Bogut and Ezeli.

  • G

    Good kid. Good signing. Watched him during summer league and was very impressed.