Carl Landry, Brandon Rush Signings Imminent; Draymond Green Locked Up; Dominic McGuire Out?

The Warriors are close to signing free agent power forward Carl Landry and re-signing swingman Brandon Rush. The agent for both players, Mark Bartelstein, said the deal could go be done by the end of the day.

A source confirmed Yahoo! Sports report that Warriors and  rookie forward Draymond Green agreed to a three-year, $2.6 million deal. The Warriors were waiting to lock up Green, the No. 35 overall pick, after they signed a power forward in free agency. So the agreement with Green suggests the Landry signing is indeed imminent.

Landry would fill the Warriors’ hole behind David Lee. However, he is known more for his offense than his defense. The Warriors were looking for a defensive-minded rebounder to support Lee and center Andrew Bogut. But the Warriors have also been focused on adding talent, and Landry is arguably the best player available in free agency.

The question is how much will Landry get? Anything over $4 million in the first year would probably put the Warriors into luxury tax territory.

The Warriors don’t have to worry much about Rush’s salary, which was already reserved as a salary cap hold. Since Rush, a restricted free agent, wasn’t able to get an offer sheet from another team (forcing the Warriors to match), Golden State may get Rush at a good price. The Warriors were willing to spend up to the mid-level exception ($5 million) in the first year of a deal to keep Rush.

The signing of Rush and Landry could mean the departure of beloved reserve Dominic McGuire, a defensive specialist. Golden State not only will have little to no funds under the luxury tax, they also may not have a roster spot.

With the Green signing, and the pending signing of Landry and Rush, ¬†the Warriors would have 15 players under contract. However, two of those — second-year point guard Charles Jenkins and rookie shooting guard Kent Bazemore — are non-guaranteed contracts.

Marcus Thompson

  • GSW Loco

    Loved Dom last year. But his days were numbered with the drafting of Green and the signing of Bazemore. Kent can be the defensive specialist for PG, SG, and many SF’s. While Dom could guard some bigger players than Kent, we would only have minutes if we struck out on backup PF signing.

  • Samrodin

    I certainly will miss DM but gotta go with the FO on this one. Having Landry come off the bench makes us stronger and deeper albeit maybe a bit less defensive minded. wonder how Biedrins feels going form starting C to 12th man, (or is it 15th man?)

  • DW

    I still don’t see the use for Landry over McGuire. We need a defense first guy, I mean a backup PF that needs the ball? McGuire could give us better minutes IMO.

  • Ewok

    DMcguire was effective because he took over the defensive chores of Stephen Jackson as a stopper. For this reason, i feel bad if he ends up leaving.

    We don’t have a big stopper now. We have a lot scorers, but a big player assigned to stop or check a Nowitski, LJames or KDurant, I am afraid we don’t have one.

    However, this team has gotten bigger with size… if that means anything at this point. With Landry around, we can maintain clogging the middle.

  • Young

    I’m just shocked at the effectiveness/organization/clear game plan from this new front office. Love or hate the decision making, its now obvious someone has a plan and is executing with clear focus. A real executive has arrived and that is extremely new to GSW….

    Dom was my favorite player but I agree with management. draymond green + Bazemore (theoretically) = Dom.

    Green and Bazemore both have much more upside than dom (assets, assets, assets). Until dom perfects the corner 3 pt shot like Bruce Bowen, his overall value isnt very good…

  • NSD

    seriously?? nitpicking over dominic mcguire?!?! he was ok at best, but they needed a front line backup who can play 20+ effective minutes. this was a very solid pickup. as if mcguire actually played D like bruce bowen. he’s the 11th man off the bench at best.

  • thewarriorsrule

    drop bazemore, resign mcguire!

    we don’t need bazemore if we resign rush

  • Niners in 2012

    Bazemore > Tyler, and maybe even Jenkins. I love this dude.

  • rew

    I’d like to see Warriors sign McGuire and keep Bazemore, we need defenders. Tyler should go to “D” league, he needs playing time, he will get no playing time now that we have signed Landry. Jackson is really going to have to substitute creatively to find the minutes for the guys we got now, it looks like Brazemore and Green are NBA ready to me. Jenkin’s – in my mind – is poised to have breakout year, so this idea of sending him to Santa Cruz is ridiculous. Jenkin’s mid-range is money in bank, he just need to shoot it more.

  • Moreaufan2

    jenks can score and is becoming a better guard. here is what he does better than Curry, penetrate to the basket and get to foul line, he is a keeper. curry still cant, too slow footed