Warrior Out of Roster Spots, Out of Salary Cap Space (Below Tax); So How Can They Keep McGuire?

With the signing of Carl Landry and the expected re-signing of Brandon Rush, the Warriors have 15 guys under contract. Perhaps more important, they;ll have little-to-no money left under the $70.3M luxury tax threshold.

Does that spell the end of Dominic McGuire’s tenure with the Warriors?

If so, many Golden State fans who came to love his defensive intensity and versatility will not be happy. McGuire rose from last-ditch free agent signing a year ago to beloved glue guy who many feel is a must-keep. Golden State has been on a kick to add size, defense and rebounding. Well, they’ve added some size. They drafted a big perimeter guy in Harrison Barnes and legit big man in Festus Ezeli. Rookie forward Draymond Green figures to help out on the boards since he was a noted rebounder in college. The Warriors also signed rookie guard Kent Bazemore, who has the tools to be a great perimeter defender.

Still, McGuire would probably be the best defender on the Warriors’ current roster. His ability to play both forward positions and defend even guards won over head coach Mark Jackson last season. But the Warriors’ moves this offseason indicates they aren’t as high on McGuire as many of their fans. They’ve taken a wait-and-see approach with McGuire, chasing other priorities first. Well, now that the Warriors have checked off their wishlist items (presuming they sign Rush), they can re-visit McGuire.

So, what would it take to keep him?

First off, my numbers crunching has the Warriors’ salary at about $67.15 million. That’s with Carl Landry having a first-year salary of $4 million and rookie Draymond Green, who also signed Monday, with a first-year salary of $850,000 (that’s an estimation). That leaves the Warriors with about $3.15 million below the luxury tax to sign Brandon Rush. So at the very least, Golden State will be right at the tax threshold after they sign Rush. So it would take some work to keep McGuire.

* The Warriors could sign Dominic McGuire and go over the luxury tax threshold. At this point, McGuire (who clearly hasn’t gotten any big offers) would probably take a deal for about a million in the first year. Golden State would then have until the trade deadline to get under the tax and avoid the penalty (which is applied based on end of year salary cap numbers). That would give the Warriors a few months to figure out how to get below the tax line.

* The Warriors could sign McGuire to a non-guaranteed contract (if he’s willing to take one). That would delay the decision until the start of the season. If it turns out the Warriors don’t need McGuire because rookie Draymond Green fills that role, the Warriors can waive McGuire in time for him to sign with another team. If the Warriors wind up deciding they need McGuire, they could then make a few other moves, such as waive Kent Bazemore, who has a non-guaranteed contract, and trade Jeremy Tyler for a traded player exception.

* The Warriors could trade Tyler now to create room under the tax to keep McGuire. Tyler is promising young talent. But with David Lee, Andrew Bogut, Festus Ezeli, Carl Landry and Draymond Green, he’s probably bound for Santa Cruz. He hasn’t developed as well as the Warriors would like and it would take a huge camp for him to earn some minutes in the rotation

* Buyout Andris Biedrins or Richard Jefferson. Combined, they will make more than $19 million next season. Biedrins is due $9 million each of the next two seasons. Jefferson is due $10.16M this season and $11.05 million next season. The Warriors would have to get either one of them to take less money for their freedom. Biedrins might do it because he sees limited playing time with the Warriors. Jefferson might do it so he can go sign with a contender. The Warriors would have to get Biedrins to take about $7 million or less to make it worth their while (Biedrins would make some of that back if he signs for vet minimum). Jefferson is a little trickier since he could potentially be the starter and Jackson seems to like what Jefferson brings to the table. But he doesn’t seem to be overjoyed with playing for the Warriors. It would only make sense for the Warriors if he’s willing to take a $17 million buyout on the $21 million he’s owed. Either one would free up a at least couple million in cap space (and maybe get fans off the Warriors back for completely blowing the amnesty, using it on Charlie Bell’s one-year, $4 million contract). However, if you’re Biedrins or Jefferson, you’re never getting this kind of money again.


Marcus Thompson

  • EvanZ

    This is just not relevant. McGuire is gone.

  • wfan

    Still hope they go for it — either trading Tyler or (better) buying out Beidrins.


    I really don’t think we should be getting rid of Tyler. He has a ton of talent and could turn out to be the best big man on the team. Plus he represents the team well in SOMA and his VIP tables are legendary. That on its own makes it worth keeping him. The team at needs at least one good qulaity clubber or it will lose credibilty with the best free agents.

  • Niners in 2012

    I’d drop JTyler and Jenkins so we can keep Bazemore and Dom. I’m all about winning.

  • Just

    Drop Jenkins? LOL. Is your TV broken?

    I hope we trade Tyler or buy out Beans…both moves make sense.

  • Wilson

    Marcus, how about finding a team who likes Tyler’s potential. They sign and trade McGuire to the Warriors for Tyler. Legal?

  • PhillyJ

    What is the point of signing Bazemore over McGuire? McGuire can guard more positions and give size. Jack can be out defensive guard out there already.

  • Rasputin10

    I’m pretty sure Bogut is the best defensive player on our roster.

  • unoit

    trade jtyler. i stopped reading after that. he”s gonna be good……just not with the warriors. typical

  • J-walk

    evanz is right. This is irrelevant. McQuire is gone and if signed wouldn’t get off the bench. I’ll stick to the plan of developing Tyler who has more potential.

  • Jeremy Tyler

    I agree with J-RIDAH… I’m the only legit clubber on the team.

  • OldMan

    J-RIDAH, how do you do all this typing with one hand?

  • No way Tyler is more valuable to Ws than McGuire. But Beans is even less valuable. One of those 2 should be dealt with creatively to get McGuire as cheap as last year. A no brainer.

  • All about the dub clubz

    J-ridah makes a brilliant point once again. It’s all about the street cred and tylers VIP table reputation attracts free agents…. One of the essential intangibles not listed under his development. Keep it comin ridah!

  • Young

    Sign dom

    Keep Tyler

    let Rush walk

    Sounds silly, but its the less of all evils in this bad situation. Rush is only good for his trade value. He’s not much better than jefferson and Barnes deserves / needs minutes. McGuire is the only player on the team that can guard the 3 position. Defense on a hot lebron / Durant / Dirk / Gay / Melo / Pierce / Joe Johnson is worth more than B. Rush’s trade value.

    I’m assuming, now we are a good team. And we play a lower scoring game. Runs are less prevalent and situation basketball becomes important. After a timeout in the 4th quarter when you need a stop who checks the other teams dominant SF? Harrison Barnes? Brandon Rush?

  • jay

    Trade Tyler? What are you guys kidding? What Tyler ever get you? He’s not even worth a second-round pick right now.

  • Do what it takes to keep McGuire. Defense is valuable in the NBA, without it, you fail.
    There is no doubt Jenkins has potential, however, he is another scoring combo guard that is available every year early in round 2 of the draft.
    Currently, he is our 3rd string point guard.
    Keeping McGuire and trying to move Jenkins for a future 2nd round pick will make the team stronger.
    Keep McGuire!

  • DW

    If DMac is the best defender on the team, why are we even having this discussion? Get rid of Tyler if you have to.

  • DJP

    I like McGuire. I would have been happy if he ended up staying here. But if people look at an offseason where we added Jack, Ezeli, Barnes, Green, and Landry, and retained Rush, and they say, “I’m still not happy because we didn’t keep Dom McGuire”, then they just aren’t going to be happy. Get over it.

  • Ron

    Getting rid of Biedrens would be a big step in the right direction. He will be just an expensive bench warmer.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    As I’ve said before, sign and trade Rush with Biedrins for an expiring contract (Maggette?). I like Rush, but Bazemore will be a better defensive player at the wing position. If we get Maggette, that takes the place of Rush’s scoring off the bench. We should be looking for all ways to get rid of Biedrins and this would be the way. Re-sign McGuire to be the defensive stopper for the tough SFs in the league and for some help defensively at the 4.
    Doing this would give us offense and defense at each of the positions on the floor:
    Offense: PG – Curry, SG – Thompson, SF – Barnes, Maggette, PF – Lee, Landry, C – Bogut/Tyler
    Defense: PG – Jack, SG – Bazemore, SF – McGuire, Jefferson, PF – Green, McGuire, C – Ezeli

  • fotd

    Keep Mac, buy out Jefferson

    Wow. Now THAT would cap a great off season.

  • petaluman

    1) Most likely move Warriors would make to keep McGuire = waive Bazemore
    2) Most important piece for salary-matching purposes in the Pau Gasol trade = Kwame Brown. There’s no hurry to dump Biedrins.
    3) Think MT’s salary figures may be off. The 67M figure probably included Rush’s 4.4M QO.

  • thewarriorsrule

    its so simple, with rush resigned, we can now drop bazemore. rush’s defense is solid, i don’t get it. we need jefferson just in case he is rejuvenated and plays outside his mold of poppovich’s system. he’s also the mentor to harrison barnes. watching summer league, i still think barnes has a long way to go. we need biedrins to backup bogut just in case he gets injured. ezeli will get in foul trouble and not ready to be a backup yet. tyler should be sent to the dleague to be developed and called up in the 2nd half.

    bazemore is the only redundant guy i see on the roster and he was supposed to be signed as a backup plan if rush didn’t resign.

    mcguire can do everything bazemore does but more and better. he’s a proven vet. bazemore is still young and had one good summer league game; he’s not a proven commodity yet

    drop bazemore, keep mcguire!

  • NOder

    can somebody tell me honestly why they took a chance on kent bazemore? No dis to him, man must have talent to make the NBA team’s roster, but I don’t get what they signed him for? Was it because they might not have gotten Rush? I feel like if they see potential talent down the road developing Tyler and also favor McGuire, then they should waive the non-guaranteed contract of Bazemore.

    I mean how many of these guys do we see in the summer, but not in December? You could name Cartier Martin, Reggie Evans, etc a host of SF that come and go, but McGuire can play both 3,4 and is a good defender already familiar with the team.

    It is my opinion that you go with the experienced and familiarity of a player with the team for a year, than an undrafted talent who isn’t familiar with the team yet and still has to build up that chemistry and fight for his playing time.

    If Bazemore does end up being a solid 2nd tier player on the court with Jenkins, Barnes, Thompson, and Tyler, then mad love to him. Good Luck fellow, I just hope whoever is the 15th player is the most helpful to the Warriors as a team.

    Team wins Go GSW (or is it SFW?)

  • Esquire415

    I really didn’t see the point of signing Bazemore unless it was a buffer in case Rush didn’t sign with the Warriors. Because his contract is non-guaranteed, then it’s easier to just waive him and re-sign McGuire. Like some has said, McGuire is proven to work well with the Warriors system. Bazemore on the other hand has nothing to prove except for summer league games which are not even close to NBA quality games. I think Warriors would be wise to have McGuire over Bazemore if they want more NBA experience going into the playoffs. Other options are to buy out Biedrins (unlikely that he would agree) or shipped out Tyler (was disappointing at Summer league) for a trade exception.

  • Trade Jefferson for World Peace or Luke Walton. Buy either of them out and use cap savings to grab sign McGuire (Cleveland is way under the cap and they can use a seasoned veteran SF). Roster will be as follows:


    Pretty solid and pretty deep.