Warriors Get Carl Landry — Two Years, $8 Million

Warriors and free agent power forward Carl Landry have agreed to a two-year deal worth $8 million, according to Landry’s agent, Mark Bartelstein. Landry will get a player option in the second year. Golden State gets the big man it has coveted to play behind starter David Lee.

Next up is restricted free agent swingman Brandon Rush. Bartelstein, who also represents Rush, said the two sides will go to work finalizing Rush’s re-signing. Oddly enough, Bartelstein, who also represents Dominic McGuire, said the two sides are still talking about re-signing the valuable back-up forward.

Marcus Thompson

  • wil

    Shoo! How can I get Mark Bartelstein to represent me and sign me with the Warriors? I could be the the first 5’7 200 pounder Salvadorian guy they can acquire!!! lol

    Great signing, my respect to Bob Myers for acquiring Carl Landry, resigning Brandon Rush and trying to resign McGuire. Mcguire is a stud!

  • Steve

    Where is Landry going to get minutes? He’ll get about 12 a game backing up Lee. If he backs up Bogut too we’ll have not shot blocking with flat footed Lee and Landry holding down the paint like I do the couch after eating at 16 oz. rib-eye.

  • RSRL

    Great signing, only if we can still re-sign Dom. He is such a great unselfish, team, defensive player. The Warriors is a potential team this year, we still lack a Center, unless Beans can go back to his unstoppable left hand bank shot which I highly doubt. I’m saying 42-40 for 2012-2012, injury permitting. I also need a little more from Jackson, still iffy on his coaching.

  • Le

    Well done Meyers and Team. Finally, a FO that makes rationale and smart free agent decisions. OK, in the draft, we were lucky. But to sign Jack, Rush, and Landry (not to mention trading for Bogurt). We now have a quality starter and backup at all 5 positions.

    If Curry and Bogurt can stay healthy, we will be back in the playoffs this year.

  • noah

    @RSRL, what about Bogut? Do you have some inside info that he’s not going to play, despite his saying that he’s nearly back to 100%?

  • Young

    Lets go Myers!

  • KC

    Job well done to Myers and the brass– there’s definitely a lot of anticipation on my part waiting for this season to start. This has to be the deepest team I’ve seen within the last 7 years. Really excited for all the great changes we’ve made. Stay healthy Curry and Bogut!!!

  • thewarriorsrule

    drop bazemore, resign rush and mcguire!

  • windex66

    Great job. Great signing, one after another. Is he a solid person?

  • FloorBurn

    Hm – I think that Jenkins’ contract is not guaranteed – I hope that re-signing Dom (after signing Rush) wouldn’t mean that CJ gets dropped… I LIke all three players.

  • I would be in favor of dropping Tyler for McGuire. Don’t if it can be done contractually but, I would go that way even though neither player is liable to get many minutes – most games none.

  • Roadster

    Send Bazemore and Ezeli to D-league, then sign McGuire. We bring up Bazemore if we have guard injuries. Biedrins and Jefferson are gone next year. Myers said before they can easily be traded next year with only 1 year left in their contract.

    We have lots of assets, I suspect we are going for Dwight Howard now !!!

  • I would rather have McGuire on our roster and drop either Jenkins or Tyler. Defense wins games! We have Jack as a backup point guard so dropping Jenkins and holding on to McGuire makes the roster stronger.
    Sign Rush and figure out how to keep McGuire and I will be a happy Warrior fan. KEEP MCGUIRE!!!!!!!!!

  • rio kid

    This is now a decent team. While not spectacular well balanced and seemingly respectable. I agree that this is a 40 win team but by no means a 55 wins go to the finals type team but I’ll take it. Warriors and warriors like teams need to catch lightning in a bottle and that will require at least one hall of famer. The great Rick Barry was that kind of player. I don’t see that hall of famer on the roster but he may show up and we might be good and then a little lucky and who knows…hope springs eternal. Who knows it could be the kid from North Carolina… Landry is a stud and to have him has a back up is saying a lot for the luckless warriors. I live in Santa Cruz and cannot wait to check some D league ball..ya’ll come down and visit it’ll be tonnes of fun.

  • Niners in 2012

    Best bench we’ve ever had.

  • slamdunk

    Why didn’t Lacob let Myers run the show last year, instead of letting Larry Riley waste a year basically doing very little to make a difference in the roster? Very impressed with the moves so far, and the draft looks promising, finally it looks like the Warriors will not be the laughingstock of the bay area. Still no superstar on the roster, but as long as Bogut and Curry stay healthy, at least the team may not have to tank half the season to keep a draft pick.

  • Moreaufan2

    We keep Ezeli, he will be a good player for us defensively. tyler can go though to the d league.