Warriors Re-Sign Brandon Rush — Finally — 2 Years, $8 Million

It’s been as long and drawn out as it was inevitable. The Warriors finally reached a deal with swingman Brandon Rush on Monday night, who general manager Bob Myers identified as the top priority.

The delay paid off as the Warriors get to retain their free agent at a discount price. Rush’s deal is for two years, $8 million. He has a player option for the second year. So next season, Rush will make less than the $4.4 million qualifying offer he signed, and less than the $5 mid-level exception he was hoping to land.

However, Rush immediately becomes the top candidate to be the Warriors’ sixth man and may have a shot at earning the starting small forward job. If he has another big year, he stands to get a nice payday next season in free agency.

Rush, who spent his first three seasons with Indiana before being traded to the Warriors, had a breakout season under coach Mark Jackson. In his 26.4 minutes, he averaged 9.8 points on 50.1 percent shooting (both career-highs). He shot 45.2 percent from 3-point range (sixth in the NBA) while proving to be a reliable defender, leading the Warriors with 58 blocks last season.

Rush’s signing likely concludes the Warriors’ offseason movement. The Warriors have reshaped their roster by added six players this offseason: veteran guard Jarrett Jack, veteran power forward Carl Landry (who also agreed to a two-year, $8 million deal on Monday), rookie forwards Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green, rookie big man Festus Ezeli, and rookie guard Kent Bazemore. The additions make Golden State bigger, stronger and more defensive.

On the flip side, the Warriors are likely going to let Dominic McGuire walk. McGuire, who Myers said he would like to keep, became a favorite of coach Mark Jackson and many Warriors fans with his defense and versatility. But after the signings of Brandon Rush, Carl Landry and Green (who signed a three-year, $2.6 million contract) the Warriors have a maximum 15 players under contract and no room under the luxury tax threshold. Keeping McGuire would require dumping salary (Myers said the Warriors would not go over the $70.3 million luxury tax threshold) and opening up a roster spot.

Golden State does have two non-guaranteed contracts, Bazemore and second-year guard Charles Jenkins. Plus, second-year forward Jeremy Tyler seems expendable with the addition of Ezeli and Landry.

The Warriors are definitely parting ways with guard Nate Robinson, who became a fan favorite with his electric style of play off the bench. According to Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick, Robinson is expected to sign with Chicago on Tuesday.

Marcus Thompson


    Great signing. All my predictions have come true and my wealth of inside sources has been spot on once again. All you need to do is follow me and I will tell you the real story behind the Golden State Warriors. While there are anonymous copy cats, there is still only one original J-RIDAH!

  • matt

    Correction: Charles Jenkins 2nd year guard, not Nate Robinson as a non-guaranteed contract.

    Happy for the Warriors and this off season!

  • wil

    I would Cut Biedrins and count the lost and sign McGuire. Simple!

    And if we need to make more room, send Tyler to the D-league or count the lost on him too, It would be good to keep him around though, good prospect.

    But with McGuire on the fold, look out!!!

    A thicked out Roster from A to Z!

  • wil

    Awesome, finally we got Rush, couldn’t be happier.

  • noah


    There are no roster spots – the 15 man roster is full. Sending a guy to the d-league doesn’t help with that. Dominic McGuire’s going to cost something like $2 million. That means, with the luxury tax, the Ws would effectively have to pay $4 million/year for him. I just don’t see how he’s worth that much — he probably wouldn’t even play.

  • noma_pride

    If I understand correctly, the Warriors would also lose out on luxury tax payments from the taxed teams…so the ‘bill’ would actually be much much higher than simply the extra salary and the tax amount.

  • Young

    this guy wont win us a single game this year…

    Mcguire might have won 3-6 close games with great d on other teams best scorer in crunch minutes

  • grkstyles

    There are only 4-5 guys in the league that will catch up to and block break away layups from behind… and Rush is one of them. Glad to have him back… 6th man of the year 12-13?!!

  • Ken

    Young: “Mcguire might have won 3-6 close games with great d on other teams best scorer in crunch minutes”
    Okay, so you think that 30 NBA teams are not interested in winning 6 more games by signing a player for $854,000 ??
    If not, then why does McGuire have no offers?
    Bazemore already has similar defensive skills, but as a rookie, he far more upside potential than McGuire. That is why he has replaced McGuire (although a case could be made that Green replaced McGuire).

  • marko

    I like Dominick McGuire – a really fine gentleman.

    Saying that he was a better or more versatile defender than Gladness, Nate, Tyler, Klay, Chris Wright, or David Lee is not, however, high praise. Kinda like saying he has more upside than Mikki Moore (a true but not useful observation).

    And the fact that he was healthier than Kwame Brown, Bogut, and Steph Curry has no bearing on any roster spot, does it?

    Also, you know, we weren’t offered a choice between McGuire and Jefferson (or Biedrins). So there isn’t an empty spot.

    Maybe he’ll get a chance to be Matt Barnes somewhere (if he can develop some nasty, whiney attitude); the Lakers, Clippers, Mavs, Knicks and Heat all need somebody in his price-range with that skill-set.

  • thewarriorsrule

    great news.. so since we are getting rush back, can that make bazemore expendable? i would rather have mcguire than bazemore. can we cut bazemore and give the vet min ($1.2mil?) to mcguire and still remain under the luxury tax threshold?

  • Young


    I post a lot, kinda gotta read other posts to make it make sense.

    Not saying he wins 3-6 for anyone but GSW. We have bad defense at 3 spot and most scorers play the 3 now…

    Bazemore is listed at 6-5 195. IMHO doubt he even tries to guard most good SF…too small

    I agree Green made Dom expendable (and is better long term option, so too is Bazemore), but from watching summer league, green isnt close to ready now so still need Dom…

  • Young

    just my 2 cents…

  • Harp’s Dubs

    For those of you saying we should release Bazemore, you did not watch summer league. He has the defensive will and skill to be elite as a shut-down defender. When was the last time a shooting guard was college basketball’s defensive player of the year?
    We need Bazemore to shut down the best SGs and McGuire to shut down the best SFs. We need to re-sign McGuire after we move Rush. I love Rush, but his skills are matched by guys on our current roster. Now that he’s signed, package him with one of the undesirable contracts to get expiring contracts.
    What about Biedrins and Rush to Charlotte for DeSagana Diop and Matt Carroll? Salaries work and Charlotte would be getting Rush and a back-up center. We get a third center and a shooter who are in the last years of their contracts.

  • Oaklandsfinest

    When was the last time a shooting guard was college basketball’s defensive player of the year?


    Kent Bazemore was College basketball’s defensive player of the year??? Last I checked Anthony Davis won that award and went on to become the #1 pick in the draft.

    What did I miss??

  • RamboDave

    I watched all the summer League games. Kent Bazemore is going to be another Latrell Spreewell. He has a 7 ft. wingspan. Did you see the way he penetrated down the lane, dribbling with either hand and finishing with either hand? He can also drive and dish back out, just like Spreewell used to do, and exactly what we need now. Note, Harrison Barns cannot dribble and penetrate very well. Bazemore is a real find.

    Tyler will eventually develop, but it might take 2 years. We need to unload Tyler for a second round draft choice and then sign McGuire. Or do a sing and trade to get McGuire back in exchange for Tyler.

  • RamboDave

    Bazemore was the Colonial Athletic Association League defensive player of the year at Old Dominion.

    During summer League, the guy was glued to his man, with the use of tremendous footwork. And then when his man tried to shoot, he blocked 7 shots in one game with his 7 ft. wingspan.

    Please Warriors, do not cut this guy.

  • rew

    Bobby Meyer gets an “A” for his off season moves. Six months ago it looked like Warriors were not going to get a first round draft pick. After the dust settled we ended up with 2, maybe three first rounders – Draymond Green looks like a steal in round two. And we may have gotten another steal in Brazemore. The two free agent signings – while not earth shattering, are solid guys, Warriors bench is way, way better now. Given how little cap space Meyer and to work with he actually got two nice pieces in Landry, and Jack, without paying a ton of money. But the best is yet to come. When Biedren’s and Jefferson’s bloated contract come off books in 24 months, then we will be able to sign big name free agents, agents who amiable to coming to Warriors becasue we will likely be playoff contender, this coming season, and next. Go Warriors!

  • Ron

    Agree with #2. Biedrens is a dead weight anchor. Swollow the money and sign McGuire.

  • Gunner


    – Dolan & Grunwald

  • PhillyJ

    seems that Justin Burrell has a training camp invitation by the Ws. He should beat out Tyler easily if he accepts that invitation. He would be a much better and active 3rd PF with toughness.


  • nodeR

    YES we finally got a strong roster! Probably the first since 2008…

    But why on earth did they waste the amnesty on the expiring contract of Charlie Bell when six months later they go and trade for Richard Jefferson who doesn’t care for coming off the bench at this point in his career? Dude was with the Spurs because he wanted a championship…should have used a trade exception or amnesty on him.

    Personally, I understand the disinterest in Andris, but I love Biedrins. He’s been here since We Believe 2007 and due to fallings out with Cohan, Nelson, Rowell, Mullin the guy has lost confidence in the front office. I’d say give him his chance this season backing up Bogut, and he’ll return to his double-double form of 2008…

    I mean, how can you not love him – the guy’s dunks, hook shot, put backs, pick-n-rolls, post ups, and rebounds. He’s as good as half the centers or backup centers in the league…it’s just he needs to Rick Barry those free throws LOL JK you’re doing fine AB, keep doing what you do best and don’t worry about them foul shots, even Dwight Howard can’t make his LOL