Dwight Howard Trade Works Against the Warriors

Obviously, the Los Angeles Lakers adding Dwight Howard makes a Division rival immensely superior than the Warriors. But it wasn’t like the Warriors were going to be better than the Lakers anyway.

But the blockbuster, four-team trade hurts the Warriors in another way. In the trade, Denver acquired swingman Andre Iguodala. Not only was he someone on the Warriors’ wishlist. But a team the Warriors are hoping to be in competition for a playoff spot just got better. The Nuggets were one of five or six teams figured to be competing for the last three or four playoff spots. But the addition of Iguodala (and cutting back the excess of wings Denver had on the roster) at the least seems to vault the Nuggets to the top of that pack.

You can question how much better the Nuggets will be. The Team USA reserve is known for being a Swiss Army knife on the court. But his major shortcoming is that he’s not a take-over kind of guy. He can take over a game, but dominating is not his forte. Iguodala is a great glue guy who can contribute in multiple ways. But what Denver really needs is a beast. They’ve got a lot of glue guys. Though they’re upgrading, you can argue they still didn’t fill their biggest hole.

Still, an important Warriors foe got better. That should make the playoff-hopeful Golden State fans a little nervous.


Marcus Thompson

  • noma_pride

    I am really disappointed that Gasol was not part of the deal. Having him and Bynam out of the division would have been great.

  • Derek

    Iggy is not a difference maker and the Lakers were already far better than the Warriors.

    Pretty lame article !

  • Jack

    Denver and LA both already better than GSW. This is a pointless article. Trying to drum up something as usual. Just stop.

  • Stan

    You explain how Chris Paul who goes to the Lakers is against the good of the NBA..BUT Superstar Howard, is?
    And-how is it is Iguaddoodoo is what Orlando wants..but Monta and change from the Warriors wasn’t as good?
    Is the NBA fixed? You explain JABBAR,SHAQ,and now HOWARD.

  • Stan

    SCARY!..Radnich said the exact same thing I just said three minutes ago!

  • Stan

    We have a guy with a bun arm and a bad ankle. And we were LUCKY to get him.

  • John Starks

    Hold on. The dubs have to give up their best scorer to get a center who was rehabbing an ankle, but the Lakers get close to nabbing CP3 (Stern cockcblocked or the Lakers would have done it), and now they mystically wind up with Dwight Howard? The NBA may not be fixed necessarily (that’s such an ugly word), but it certainly might appear to heavily-favor certain franchises. Wasn’t the new CBA supposed to limit this kind of thing?

    In any case, the Lakers must succeed if the NBA is to achieve maxium profits. David Stern ain’t complaining about earning another million or so viewers in the LA market. Kobe was right when he said they should have contracted the league, though. There is no point in having a team in Milwaukee, Toronto, Golden State, etc if the ultimate goal is to win championships. The NBA could and should be about 6 teams.

  • pick -n- roll

    Stan, You and Radnich? SO IT IS ORDAINED!

  • ArmChair GM

    Be courageous you guys! Remember We Believe! Isn’t that what we are all about???

    In 07 were we actually SUPPOSED to beat the Mavs who had the best record in the league?

    What about the 2011 NBA Finals……Were the Mavs actually SUPPOSED to beat the Heat that year???

    Look at the teams we beat last year….The Heat, The Clippers, etc.

    Games are not won in the media or by a popularity contest. The Lakers look good on paper…FRIGHTFULLY Good! But assembling a MERCENARY team full of All Stars does not guarantee wins!

    Look at the A’s right now. They just SWEPT the mighty Yankees a couple of weeks back! That’s what we are all about here in Oakland, bucking the odds….being the perceived underdog and still finding a way to persevere and defy the odds!

    I’m excited about the upcoming basketball season, and the Warriors like I haven’t been in a long time!

  • ArmChair GM

    -Steph Curry/Jarrett Jack vs Steve Nash

    -Klay Thompson vs Kobe Bryant

    -Brandon Rush/Harrison Barnes vs Metta World Peace(see this matchup right here is an example of why we desperately need to find a way to resign Dominic McGuire)

    -David Lee vs Pau Gasol

    -Andrew Bogut vs Dwight Howard

    We are outmatched at almost every position on paper…..But what we have to our advantage here is youth, LEGIT SIZE and DEPTH at every position now!

    Kobe and Nash can’t log heavy minutes like they used to. The depth of our bench and having players that can actually defend at every position make this match up closer than it first appears on paper.

    Keep in mind Klay was on the Olympic Practice Squad, and trained and sparred with and against Kobe and Durant, and Lebron for weeks!

    Teamwork and defense win Championships…not simply having All Stars on the roster!

    I Still Believe 2012!!!

  • ACC

    Yes the Lakers got better. Their starting 5 looks very fearsome but remember there’s 82 games in a season and the starting 5 of the Lakers cannot simply play all 48 minutes of every game. The weakness of this Laker team is their bench. This is where the Warriors have an advantage when they play against the Lakers and most teams in the league. Warriors starting 5 isn’t that bad compared to the Lakers. I would give the LA’s 5 a +5 but when the bench comes in and plays LA’s second unit that’s where the difference comes into play.

  • ArmChair GM

    The Warriors will be the best outside shooting team in the league, hands down. Who are you gonna double team on the perimeter? Steph, Klay, Rush and Barnes can all flat out KILL you from the perimeter.

    Bogut is a legit 7 ft, 260 pound Center with post moves and superior passing ability. David Lee is an offensive and passing threat as well.

    The Laker starters will not be able to chase the Warriors starters around and effectively defend the paint and perimeter for 48 minutes. It is going to come down to the BENCH, and that is where we have a HUGE advantage.

    Like I said, think back to the Heat/Mavs final from 2011….It wasn’t Dirk that won them that championship…it was the RESERVES, Deshawn Stevenson, and the little man Jose Barrea!

    It’ not as gloom and doom as some of you guys are trying to make it out to be!

  • Todd

    I posted this at InsideBayArea as well.Talk about hyperbole. The Nuggets were already a solid playoff team and all the trade did was tighten up their rotation. There are not 6 teams fighting for 3-4 slots. The West is about as crystal clear as you can possibly be. Barring significant injury issues, the Lakers, Clippers, Mavericks, Spurs, Nuggets, Grizzlies and Thunder are locks to get in. That leaves everyone else including the Warriors fighting fro the 8th seed.

  • ArmChair GM

    ACC and ArmChair GM = The Voices Of Reason.

  • ArmChair GM

    Howard is currently recovering from Back surgery.

    if Howard isn’t ready until Jan or Feb, who are the starters for the first 5 months of the season??

    Gasol, Bryant, Nash, Artest & Jamison?

    Like I said, basketball is won on the court, no the media.

  • Jai

    Yep the wind has definitely gone from the Warriors sails. But hey, look at it this way, the Warriors will never get by the Lakers anyway. If Lacob really wants to win a championship, he should have bought a team in another division lol

  • Stan

    Arm chair,- If Howard was on a bad team..he would take Freddy Sanchez time to recover..but with the Lakers? Superman time..spit out the bullets and play. Its why he went there.
    I just laugh at how hard the Warriors worked to get Bogut..and how we fans were glad to see a real center in a Warrior uni. Then this.

  • Stan

    We saved and saved for the top of the line pea shooter,the Lakers top that with a AK-47.
    Makes you wonder how big screwups the Knicks must be if the NBA cant help them. They had Lin..

  • Stan

    Jeezuz H.Christ…Iguanaman for Howard. THAT stinks to high heaven.

  • Jaysohn

    Simply amazing that this was the deal that Orlando made. You give up a top 5 player for nada. So the league nixed the CP3 deal to the Lakers in the best interest of the game but then let’s this deal happen where they not only get the best player involved and somehow keep Gasol. I’m a Lakers fan and even I’m shaking my head.

  • Ewok

    Comparing the Lakers with the Warriors~

    PG Stephen Curry vs Steve Nash
    SG Klay Thompson vs. Kobe Bryant
    SF Harrison Barnes vs. Meta World Peace
    David Lee vs. Pau Gasol
    C Andrew Bogut vs. Dwight Howard

    Interesting Matches! In this match up, i think the Lakers have the edge in terms of point production. But if can out-defend them, force them to commit turn overs, and gain their respect, We can turn the favor to our side.

    The good news however, is our bench. The Warriors are much deeper than the Lakers on bench, We have Jack, Bazemore, Jefferson, Landry, Rush, Landry and Ezelli… while the Lakers will have to rely with Troy Murphy, Duhon, Jamison, Earl Clark… The Warriors have proven stoppers and steady streakers…

    so these two team matching up will be very intresting to watch. Coaching wise, i think Mark Jackson is still learning a few more ropes. He is a Players coach but he is yet to develop fully into a big time coach. So the Lakers have their edge in coaching…

    For now, the overall edge will go to the Lakers. However, as soon as we dump the salaries of Biederins and Jefferson, we can make a crack at the market for another marketable-marquee player which may spell out a championship for the Warriors…. So i really like the way the front office has positioned the organization for the future.. This will be a wonderful time for the Warriors. I project an exciting season for a three year progression.

  • Ewok

    For one, this Laker development is a good two-proposition at best because these guys are aging… With injuries, this stint could be a lot shorter. This is nothing new. Teams have tried to build all star line ups before.. and failed.

    This reminds me of the Lakers vs Bulls of 1989 where the Showtime Lakers where heavily favored because of their experience and star-talent roster, and the Bulls where simply up and coming with Michael Jordan and a very young squad. We all know what happened here.

    This also reminds me of the Shaq, Malone, Kobe, Fisher and Payton line up. What happened there?

  • Ewok

    Please do not overlook the fact that the Lakers have become an old-aging team…

    Look at the wear and tear of this team. You can’t cheat Mother Nature for long… Look at these glaring facts..

    24 Kobe Bryant G 6-6 205 08/23/1978 Lower Merion HS (PA)/USA /16 years
    16 Pau Gasol F-C 7-0 250 07/06/1980 FC Barcelona/Spain 11years
    Dwight Howard C 6-11 265 12/08/1985 SW Atlanta Christian Academy (GA)/USA 8 years
    4 Antawn Jamison F 6-9 235 06/12/1976 North Carolina/USA 14 years
    14 Troy Murphy (FA) F-C 6-11 245 05/02/1980 Notre Dame/USA 11
    10 Steve Nash G 6-3 178 02/07/1974 Santa Clara/Canada 16
    Robert Sacre C 7-0 260 06/06/1989 Gonzaga/Canada R
    15 Metta World Peace F 6-7 260 11/13/1979 St. John’s/USA 13

  • Beyond the Lakers starting 5 (which is impressive) they got nuthin. They better hope those starters stay healthy and can play more minutes then they ever had to before.

  • BTW -Marcus whoever writes your headlines doesn’t know the NBA very well. Not this blog headline but the other article says the W’s playoff hopes took a “Monstrous” hit with Iggy going to the Nugggets. “Monstrous” – are you kidding? He is a good player but a significant difference maker? – probably not.

  • Thunder
    Mavericks (yes they’re still a playoff team)

    Definitely looking like the Warriors, Nuggets, and Timberwolves are competing for those last two playoff spots. I think the team is better than the Blazers/Rockets/Suns.

    Hornets, Jazz,and Kings can enjoy life at the bottom.

  • Niners in 2012

    we’ll see if the Nuggets are improved. They lose a really good shooter in Afflalo, a stretch 4 in Al Harrington. Iggy, Miller, Faried, McGee are 4 non shooters. That’s easy to guard. Even if Lawson starts over Miller, that’s still only two shooters.

  • Ben Brung

    Despite the team’s improvement, the Warriors were never going to move directly from lottery team to top of the League. They first needed to lift themselves up to the status of “reasonable free-agent destination.” Time will tell if they are there yet but expectations much beyond that seem a bit unreasonable for now.

  • Dubfan

    This trade was a joke. The nba lost all my respect and I will never watch a game again. They expect us warrior fans to always be here so they can collect are money and split the revenues with the rest of the league owners. So they throw us a bone and happen to let us keep are 1st round pick. They wanna act like the league isn’t fixed then why is it that they try to make controversy so everyone will talk about the league. They allow Howard to go to the lakers and gasol never had to leave. They happen to acquire Nash. All the league is trying to do is make wanna be mike aka Kobe try to get his 6th title so everyone will talk about is Kobe better then Jordan the leagues just doesn’t like the fact that since mj left its been a garbage league looking to try and make a icon. It just so happens that the league only hypes up the teams that they feel will bring them the most revenue world wide. They wanna make stars by just talking 24/7 about who they feel they wanna make a star and try and brain wash the common fan not the hardcore like us Dubfans they already know their getting are money so they can give a rats a$$ about the warriors or any other so called small market team. Also the sport is so jacked up because of gambling it is no wonder why they try to fix everything. They can try to say whatever that it’s not fixed or say well everyone wants to live in la and blah blah blah but your telling me people
    Would rather live in Dallas or San Antonio rather then the bay area give me a break. The fakers get all these players for nothing and all the rest of the teams are so called fine with it. They must be gettin their cut also. If the league wasn’t fixed then why is it I’m sitting 15 rows up and 3 officials miss all of these calls and make bad calls. This is the reason the league doesn’t like Rick Barry because he even knows its a joke when your trying to watch fundamental basketball and you see players get away with all these calls such as traveling or flopping or who gets fouled or what’s a foul. Sorry Gary radnich but your garbage argument about why you watch the game is for the stars is a joke they must be paying you.

  • river’s edge

    This article is incorrect. The Warriors as currently constructed are a 50 win team if Bogut regains his old form and recovers from ankle surgery. They would have actually competed with the Lakers for playoff seating, but now the Lakers are a vastly superior team with Howard, and if healthy can now challenge the Heat for the title.

    Again, if Bogut is healthy, the Dubs should be a playoff lock and even be in the middle of the pack for playoff seating. The Warriors are superior to the nuggets in almost every way and only be fighting for playoff seating, not just to get in the playoffs.

  • river’s edge

    The move that I would have liked to see however, was to trade the 7 pick for Iggy, as that move would have ensured the Dubs with a top 4 seed in the playoffs.

  • Mike

    Why are people calling the league fixed?

    This is good GM work by LA. Bynum was #2 center in league, we passed on him for Ike Diougu!

    Our playoff hopes continue to ride on

    1. Boguts health / dominate defensive play
    2. Curry being effective
    3. Mark Jackson learning in game management
    4. Better than expected play from Klay or SF

    We need 4 of these 4 in my opinion. If we get them, we are in

  • Mitch

    That’s the beautiful thing about sports ! Blockbuster moves sometimes don’t work and teams expected to underachieve, don’t ! Sucky article because it’s obvious ! But, the W’s may surprise everyone and not only make the playoffs but do well ! Time will tell…

  • Iggy is definitely going to help Denver, but they were going to finish ahead of the Warriors anyway.


    Those 5 are pretty much locks. The Warriors are competing with DAL, MIN, and UTA for the other 3 slots.

  • Whoops, should have had Clippers in there as a lock to make the playoffs. So GSW is competing with DAL, MIN, and UTA for the other 2 spots.

  • Stan

    Whats a lock id the NBA finals next year of LA and Miami..and THAT cant be good for the sport. One sided games,50 point losses..no competition. The NBA will find that most of the country isnt sou cal or fl. And the rest of the country will be turned off by instant super teams.

  • haastheman

    Shouldn’t we be comparing ourselves to the Nuggets, more than comparing ourselves to the Lakers? And as the lakers are concerned Howard is not healthy now, more than likely will not be ready to open the season, and is not locked in past this year as a laker. As the Nuggets are concerned we are still better than they are. We have great depth, great positional size, and a young talented team who loves playing for their coach.

  • moderate voter

    The Lakers are now Dwight Howard and the Geezers, the Laker’s are still way, way too old to win NBA title. Kobe, Gasol, and Nash are all on downhill side of career. Meta Peace stinks now, Lakers can’t even trade him. They have no young up and comers on this team, it’s still the over-the-hill gang. You can expect injuries with a team this old, so it’s not clear you can keep all these old geezers on floor at same time. Phil Jackson, the Laker’s old hall-of-fame coach is long gone, his replacement can’t even hold Jackson jock. Finally, it’s not clear this team will even mesh, I think this is a poor mix of players. Lakers = barf.

  • dubfan

    What if…Stephen Curry is healthy the whole year, shoots the lights out (like he can), sets up the plethora of 3 point shooters that the Warriors have (Thompson, Rush, Barnes, Green) and the mid-range/inside game withe Lee and Bogut? What if…Klay Thompson continues his rise into a possibly elite off guard? Remember, he could not hit the ocean the first third of the season last year, but averaged almost 20 points a game the last third after Monte left. What if…Harrison Barnes is every bit as good as he was once thought to be? What if…Bogut is healthy and controls the paint, both offensively and defensively? What if the apparent signficant depth of this team proves to be as solid as they apprear to be?

    What if…Kobe and Nash play like 34 and 38 year olds…like they are? Talented, of course, but lot of miles on both of those legs. What if…Dwight Howard is not recovered from his injury and unable to impact the Lakers like everyone thinks? What if…the Lakers mediocre bench plays just like they appear to be…a mediocre bench?

    Lots of what ifs…to be sure…but I do not think either the middle of the road/bottom of the playoff rung for the Warriors nor the assumed ascension to the championship series for the Lakers is as much as a given as many think at this point. We shall see…that’s why they play the games!

  • OALfan2

    This is sor Stan=
    The Chris Paul thing didnt have anything to do with what was best for the NBA. It had everything to do with the NBA owning the team and not wanting that deal for their team. Thats why the deal didnt go through! Simply because Stern had the power to overturn it, he cant overturn basic trades such as this if I am correct. When they say waiting approval for trades, it is to make sure the trade deal is solid and legally done right.

  • Dave

    This trade should HELP the Warriors because it will be harder for other teams to beat the Lakers and Nuggets now.

    Less wins against Nuggests/Lakers for other teams means Warriors increase their playoff hopes.

  • Patrick

    Stop worrying about everyone else. Stop speculating about how good one team is going to be because of what it appears on paper. It doesn’t matter. Mark Jackson and the coaching staff are the people that have all of the pressure. As Bob Myers says, “It is not unreasonable to expect Mark Jackson to win with this group of guys”. AGREED! It doesn’t matter what the rest of the league has. The Warriors have an explosive backcourt on the court and on the bench (Curry, Thompson, Jack, & Rush). The Warriors have a big front court on and court and on the bench who can score, rebound, and defend (Lee, Bogut, Landry, Ezeli… and even Beidrins for 6 fouls). The Warriors have talented youth (Barnes, Green, Thompson, Tyler and Ezeli). The Warriors have savvy vets (Bogut, Lee, Jefferson, & Jack). The Warriors have 2 legit 6th Man of the Year candidates (Jack & Landry) and throw in a 3rd if Rush doesn’t start. The Warriors can go big or small. They can shoot, they can rebound, and they can defend. Guys know their roles and have accepted them. It is up to Jackson to put this thing together. Warriors fans & sports analysts have a “Glass Half Empty” feeling towards the Warriors because of the last 20 years. I understand that, but this is by far the best collection of talent the Warriors have had one through 10 on this team in a long long time. They should be able to compete with anyone. It doesn’t mean they will, but they should be able to win a lot of games. If they don’t, then it is because of coaching.

  • Stan

    Did I hear right? Radnich says Fitzgerald’s contract is up with the Warriors. Just like Raddy..blab about Bobs contract..

  • Young

    If the warriors are all healthy and Mark Jackson can coach, (Steph has to be in all star consideration this year), they will be a VERY consistent team and find the 8th seed. No point in saying who’s better, injuries and trades will happen. Chemistry matters…What we have can be very solid…

  • Stan

    DON’T forget to email Lacob..we want a new TV PBP. Enough of smug Bob. He could use a good humbling.

  • probiotic

    The Lakers had bunch of all stars (gp, mailman, kobe, shaq, etc) in 04 and couldn’t get it done. This time kobe and Nash are in the twilight of their careers.

  • Rumoured that Nets are exploring a 3-way trade:
    Lopez to Wolves
    Love to Lakers
    Howard to Nets