Warriors’ Andrew Bogut Determined to be Ready for Season Opener, Even If It Means Missing Some Training Camp

Warriors center Andrew Bogut said his surgically repaired left ankle will be ready for the Oct. 31 season opener at Phoenix. But he acknowledged that may mean sacrificing some of training camp, or even some preseason games.

“It’s about being smart with my ankle,” Bogut said via a conference call with local media. “There’s no point in trying to get ready for October 1st, when another week could significantly help. I’m trying to get ready for camp, but my main goal is for the first game of the season to be 110 percent.”

Bogut said based on the timeline given by the surgeons, he might be a bit ahead of schedule. He has already been shooting and lifting weights. He was recently cleared to start light jogging on the treadmill. Plus Warriors head athletic trainer JoHan Wang spent last in Australia working out Bogut: “He pretty much smashed me in the gym.” Bogut said his ankle has responded well to the increased activity, with little to no swelling or soreness.

While with the Milwaukee Bucks, Bogut fractured his left ankle on Jan. 25 and missed the last 54 games. Still, the Warriors traded for Bogut on March 13, giving up guard Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh. On April 27, Bogut had arthroscopic surgery on April 27 in Van Nuys to clean out loose particles and bone spurs.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers said previously the team is happy with Bogut’s progress. But the veteran center has some time before he can run fully on a court, let alone fully compete in a game setting.

Bogut said he wants to be ready for training camp, which begins Oct. 3, but said it will be close. The two-a-day practices at first might be too much to jump into. So Bogut may be limited even if he is in camp.

“The immediate goal with all of this is to be ready for the first game,” Bogut said, “whether that means only playing in only half the preseason games or whatever.”


Marcus Thompson

  • The Warriors should not rush playing Bogut unless he is declared right by the physicians. Steph, too should be cautiously put into the game. Let the relievers handle the job for now. I think they are just as capable to win games for us. Another idea is to hire Mickell Gladness again. He should be better this year as he has shown promise last year. What do you guys think?

  • The Real Sleepy

    Sigh. If he’s that iffy about training camp, he can’t be 100% confident about the season opener. Unless people are comfortable with Biedrins, Ezeli, or a defensively grotesque Lee/Landry tandem at starting C, I think it may be time to look for a veteran center, at least a short term stopgap. Chris Andersen, anyone?

    Godspeed, Andrew!

  • wil

    We the fans should not be in any rush for Bogut to return ASAP, the last thing we want to do, is to mistakenly rush Andrew’s recovery only to have him reinjured again, because we prematurely rushed him, I wouldn’t mind to wait even if he missed the first couple of weeks of the regular season until we make sure he is 110 percent.

  • oaktownlar

    Please! For all Dubs–go old school and wear real high-tops. Non of these in-style mid or even low-tops that offer zero ankle support.

  • arrow

    Sounds really suspect…

  • Martin

    i cant wait to go to a game to boo lacob again, moving the warriors to sf without seriously trying to keep them in oakland and talking about loyalty…

  • rick

    I wouldn’t mind Bogut be limited to even 25 minutes a game for maybe the 1st month. It would give him the proper time on the court while competing w/ his teamates. He doesn’t need to play 35-40 off the bat and have another setback. At least he would give the team helpful minutes even though its in limited time…Fans are only thinking playoffs but are doing it at the player’s health cost

  • Stan

    ISN’T THE SEASON EVER GOING TO START?..Said in a Charlie Brown angst voice.

  • Melly

    Dubs still not a playoff team in west

  • supernashwan

    It has been a slow month for Warriors news since this article.

  • Dave

    Where is the inside the Warriors news???

  • young

    I’m itching for a new post marcus..

    Can you let me know if you think there is any chance steph becomes are real point guard this year? (7+ assists per game)